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Maybe Oprah can do for 'Precious' what she did for 'Crash'?

October 22, 2009 |  6:40 am

Oprah Winfrey Crash entertainment news

Over the past few days we've spilled lots of nonexistent cyber-ink over possible future backlash against Oprah Winfrey trying to push "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" into the Oscars derby. (See posts here and here.) Mostly, views have been negative while we've recalled her failures to launch "The Great Debaters" or "Beloved" toward golden glory. But, hey, lets give the former supporting-actress nominee ("The Color Purple") her due for the key role she played tub-thumping for "Crash," which went on to topple "Brokeback Mountain" for best picture of 2005. Photo above is from the special show she devoted to chatting with the cast.

Photo: Harpo Productions

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