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Scariest thought for Halloween: Who'll win the Razzies?

October 31, 2009 |  4:50 pm

Beyonce Knowles Razzies

Happy Halloween, Derbyites! Today is the perfect time to probe this cliffhanger: Who'll "win" the next Razzies? Below, predix from posters in our forums. Read more here.

Criss808 — "Worst actress will will be battle between Beyonce ('Obsessed') and Megan Fox 'Transformers 2' & 'Jennifer's Body')." WATCH!

Kams — "Worst performance by an actor in a leading role: Nicolas Cage, 'Knowing' and Matthew McConaughey, 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.'"

Puxzkkx — "I predict an 'Obsessed' sweep."

Photo: Beyonce Knowles in "Obsessed" Credit: Screen Gems

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Beyonce of course!! This over-hyped "singer" has been hogging all the awards shows ALL THE TIME (!) so why not the Razzies too?! And do a Halle Berry and attend and perform that atrocious unmelodic and repetitive single of yours... SL!

Beyonce hands down!!! for

Jennifer Aniston is a sho-in for worst actress for Management and Love Happens....when a forlorn hasbeen is so overbearing in the comic love department, and still makes big money, injustice reigns!

Odd, how the most mediocre actress in Hollywood can turn out sh*tty rom-com after sh*tty rom-com and not com in for a razzie - Jen Aniston and her Sh*t Happens movie should be a LOCK on this. But look at you, going after Beyonce - hell, at least she should get a break since she's a pop singer. I guess it's all about who your PR flack is, and Huvane would never let his boring cash cow who regularly assaults s with her movies, wary monosyllabic interviews and staged faux mances come in for such humiliation. That's it. Attack the black girl.

Don't forget Land of the Lost

BRIDE WARS. I wish they had tv categories.



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