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Gold Derby nuggets: Oscar odds on 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' | Award shows shun Jon Gosselin | Easy Oscar crash courses

October 20, 2009 |  7:50 am

Where the Wild Things Are movie entertainment news

Dave Karger is more optimistic than most pundits about the Oscar odds of "Where the Wild Things Are" sneaking into the best-picture race, saying, "It may not be a complete lock like 'Precious' or 'Up in the Air,' but with 10 slots, I'm liking its chances." EW OSCAR WATCH

Steve Pond isn't so wild about "Wild's" Oscar odds: "At the moment I'd say it’s a best-pic longshot that could be a player in art direction and effects categories; if it continues a strong run at the box office, the higher profile and prestige reviews could boost those chances."

Eye-balling the odds of rival "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," Pond observes, "Clearly, its best bet is in the animated feature category, but it’ll likely be a longshot unless the category expands from three to five nominees." THE ODDS

Jon gosselin news 2

Kate Gosselin isn't the only one who spurns Jon, according to Courtney Hazlett, who reports,"The reality-show dad reportedly has approached awards shows with requests to appear as a presenter, and has been turned down by at least two productions, according to producers. And while Gosselin was asking for appearance fees in the $30,000 range as recently as September, he’s now offering to present for free, asking only to have travel and accommodations covered.

"'There was absolutely no interest in having him be a part of our show, no matter how much it was not going to cost us,' said one producer. 'He thinks he can attach himself to any project that has cameras. I guess he doesn’t realize that the world is not his personal reality show.'" MSNBC

Psssst ... wanna quick crash course to prep for the new Oscars derby? Check out the excellent, info-packed photo galleries at HitFix, written by Greg Ellwood. Here are the links for the rundowns on best picture, lead actor and lead actress.

Alfred Hitchock news

• In honor of Hollyween, Paul Gaita hails the first of his special series focusing on award-winning and nominated horror and suspense films and television programs, starting with "The Jar" episode of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour." THE CIRCUIT

Pete Hammond dissects the Oscars' race for best foreign-language film, 'splaining how the process works (that wacky breakdown of four color-coded viewing groups, etc.) NOTES ON A SEASON

Anne Thompson is "surprised by the film industry and the media’s continued willingness to give a free pass to entrepreneur Carlos de Abreu’s Hollywood Film Festival, a cannily constructed facade that honors stars, filmmakers and craftspeople and lines the pockets of de Abreu." THOMPSON ON HOLLYWOOD

Photo credits: Warner Bros., WireImage, CBS

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