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Will 'This Is It' win Michael Jackson another Grammy?

October 12, 2009 |  8:06 am

Michael Jackson Grammy Awards This Is It Entertainment News 1357908 Michael Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards, including the top prizes of best album ("Thriller"), record ("Beat It") and song ("We Are the World"). With today's release of the new single "This Is It", Michael Jackson could be in contention for more awards at the Grammys in 2011 (Aug. 31 was the eligibility cutoff for the 2010 awards).

"This Is It" is only available at the late singer's website until the two-disc soundtrack for the documentary of the same name is released internationally on Oct. 26 and in North America the next day, in anticipation of the film's worldwide debut on Oct. 28.

Sony has announced that the "This Is It" soundtrack will feature two versions of the new song as well as both released and unreleased versions of Michael Jackson's greatest hits. "This Is It" features backing vocals by the rest of the Jackson brothers.

The Jackson 5 earned two Grammy nominations in their career, and they lost both bids. In 1970, the boys were bested for their contemporary group vocal performance of "ABC" by the Carpenters ("Close to You"). And in 1974 they lost the R&B race with "Dancing Machine" to Rufus ("Tell Me Something Good").

After striking out on his own, Michael Jackson won his first Grammy in 1980 for best R&B male vocal performance ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"). That track from his chart-topping "Off the Wall" album also contended for best disco recording.

"Thriller" -- his second solo effort as an adult -- was released in November 1982 and spent a record 37 weeks at No. 1, producing an unparalleled seven top 10 singles. In March 1983, Jackson debuted his moonwalk dance to "Billie Jean" on the TV special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." Michael Jackson earned an Emmy nod for best performance in a variety or music program. He lost to opera diva Leontyne Price for her concert with the New York Philharmonic on "Live From Lincoln Center." 

At the Grammys in February 1984, Jackson shared in seven of the eight awards won by the album (the exception was for best engineered recording). Michael Jackson shared the wins for album of the year and producer of the year (non-classical) with "Thriller" collaborator Quincy Jones, who also produced his Grammy-winning children's recording "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial."

For the three chart-topping singles off the album, Jackson won Grammy Awards for male vocal performance in an unprecedented three genres -- R&B ("Billie Jean"), rock ("Beat It") and pop ("Thriller"). He shared in the record of the year win for "Beat It" with the production team. And as the songwriter, he picked up a Grammy for penning the best R&B tune ("Billie Jean"). However, Sting's "Every Breath You Take" edged out two Jackson compositions -- "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" -- for song of the year.

Jackson's total of eight Grammy wins in one night broke the record set in 1965 by Roger Miller, who'd won six awards, most for the country hit "King of the Road."  And the eight Grammys awarded to "Thriller" was another record haul as well. Both of these achievements were tied by Santana and the album "Supernatural" in 1999.

Michael Jackson won another Grammy the following year in the category of best video album for the film that documented the making of the landmark "Thriller" video. That $500,000, 14-minute video, directed by John Landis, told the story of a boy (Jackson) and girl enjoying a date until he turned into a singing, dancing zombie. 

In 1986, Jackson and Lionel Richie won the song of the year Grammy for the charity single "We Are the World," which also took home record of the year. As Jackson was one of the pioneers of the music video, it seems appropriate that the last two Grammys he won were for that medium. In 1989, he and his team won the short-form video award for "Leave Me Alone" off his follow-up album, "Bad." And in 1995, he and his sister Janet Jackson shared in the short-form winning "Scream," from his double album "HIStory."

Photo: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times

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Michael Jackson should be Honored at the 2009 Grammy Awards,, He Was Only The Worlds Greatest Entertainer Period ,,,It would be a Shame Not To. RIP MJ!

I suggest a new category be established within the Oscar/Emmy/Grammy awards, whichever is most applicable. The new category should be BEST THEATRICAL INSTRUCTIONAL FILM/VIDEO. This is necessary in order to bring appropriate honor and recognition to THIS IS IT. Michael's work in this film, I predict, will be used for years to come as an instructional film for those being trained in theatrics. His work in the film not only provides how to visuals and commentary in multiple art forms, but he demonstrates for the audience/students how genuine emotion is imperative in the performing arts. I hope this message is received by those who are in a position to formally nominate Michael's work for the award(s) it so very much deserves.

DC Few

This song has good lyrics and sounds good but not really that great. It just might win Grammy anyways though

I'm predicting another lame-brain country music album to win the Grammy.


Not a chance.

But if Sony and the estate had released something the fans have been begging for for years (The Bad Tour recordings), then it might have been different

What a shame that everyone is recognizing his talent now, after it is too late.
It is also a shame and suspect that "This is It" was released before the grammy deadline.
Everyone but Michael will make millions after his death.
He will win every award available. his cd and film/dvd all released in a calculate fashion will make millions for others.

I know He will win a Grammy He was the Greatest when He was alive and still the greatest in death , No one will ever be greater than Michael , we love you Michael with all our hearts , love the new song !

It doesn't matter what people think of this song, it's going to win a Grammy because it's Michael effing Jackson.

Well I guess the fact that the vocals were taken from sneakily-copied sample tapes belonging to Paul Anka in the '80s explains why the mixing sounds so bad.

awwh Sandy jealous

Sandy must not have any friends (lol). Not to mention, she has no taste.
Personally, I'd love to see the song win a Grammy but I think the timing of its release will not work in its favor. It has already missed the 2010 cut-off by having an October release, which means it won't be eligible until 2011. However, by that time, as someone said, it will be ancient history, attention spans being what they are nowadays. It's a shame. However, maybe they will at least have a nice tribute for him this year.

If they want to make it a sure thing, they should include a Michael Jackson duet with Barry Obama.

why would michael use the title of an old jim reeves song titled this is it?

Yes, "This is It" could conceivably win a grammy--if every other song made in the last year suddenly vaporized. It's drivel.

Every Breath You Take was The Police, not Sting

I love the song so much!!!! I think it's absolutely beautiful, especially the lyrics!
Sony confused us though by saying it was brand new. I'm not sure Michael would have released this since it wasn't new, he probably has brand new songs he was going to do for his concerts. And I think the sound could be a bit better, but overall it's a great song. I love Michael sooooooooooooooo much LONG LIVE THE KING OF MUSIC!!!!

No chance. By the time 2011 rolls around this song will be ancient history. I don't get why the Grammy cutoff date is so early.

he is just going stay at number one forever. more and more people are like discovering michael jackson now..the young once especially! he deserves to be on top anyways. i heard the new song and i thought it was beautiful and it was great listening to his voice again !! rest in peace MJ we love you and miss you deeply. wish you could come back.

Absolutely he will win a Grammy.

"This Is It" could be the crappiest song he's ever put out, and it's going to win a Grammy(s).

I'll bet my house on it...

Michael ;s voice is always a pleasure to listen to,no matter what song he sings,anyone who disagrees in my apinion is jealous,so there. love u mikey.xx

Ahhh nobody sandy knows likes him. That is one reclusive, lonely cow.

Got to win a grammy. This is an unfinished demo from about 20 years ago and look how good it sounds.


Will the new single "This Is It" net a 14th posthumous Grammy for MJ?

I doubt it.

This "new" single is at LEAST 30 years old (my guesstimate would be around 1975-1976 at the latest) and, frankly, sounds like a reject from a mid-'70's Jacksons album.

Obviously, it was chosen for release because of the happy coincidence of its title.

MJ and his fans deserve WAY better than this.

If he wins, Yay!! if he doesn't win, it will probably be by a "nose".

why not? even though the mixing quality is not up to MJ standards from his previous single releases, since the mix is from an unfinished recording, this is a very well-written song. I hope MJ will win another Grammy because he deserves it and because we owe him more than just a Grammy award.




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