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Emmys move back to August

November 18, 2009 |  2:29 pm
Emmy White Bar 2

Usually, the Emmy ceremony occurs in mid-September so that the TV industry can salute the best of last season's programs on the eve of new TV season launch. However, telecaster NBC plans to move the date back to Sunday, Aug. 29 to get out of the way of its Sunday football programming in September.

TV viewership is usually low in late August, but the peacock web drew surprisingly decent viewership — 16.2 million — when it last aired the Emmycast in 2006 and pushed it back to August.

The awardcast was also aired in August in these years, drawing good Nielsens: 1992 (20 million viewers), 1991 (18.5 million) and 1988 (15 million).

Photo: ATAS

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Good move! First half of August would be even better. The quicker they do it the better. There's nothing to watch on Summer, so give me some Emmys then anyday.



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