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Forum commenters divided over Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as Oscars hosts

November 4, 2009 |  3:59 pm

Steve Martin Alec Baldwin It's Complicated Our forum commenters have been reacting to Tuesday's news that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are to host next year's Oscars. Unlike the Oscar bloggers -- who generally endorsed the academy's decision -- the commenters are more evenly divided as to the merits of these two men as co-hosts. We will get a sneak peek at how well Martin and Baldwin work together in the Christmas release "It's Complicated." They play rivals for the affections of Meryl Streep. While they might win over that Oscar darling, some of our commenters remain unconvinced.

seanflynn was the first to voice an opinion: Martin is a perfect choice, and Baldwin we'll see, but I have an open mind about him.

OnMyBirthday: the more I let it sink in, the more I can them having a nice rapport together. I just don't see how this gets Oscar those younger viewers it's after.

oscarnutlen: What a pleasant surprise to have steve and alec host the oscars..Doesnt that bode well for Meryl Streep...since her 2 co-stars of "It's Complicated" are hosting the oscars..wouldnt it be nice if she won her 3rd oscar...while steve and alec were praising her from the stage.

rl:emmy lover: i am very excited for this. i loved steve as host in the past and i think these two will be great playing against each other. it will be funny to see steve talk about not hosting alone this time.

LKMOscar: wouldn't be surprised if this was a very funny ceremony. Alec has been great on SNL, so we know he can do live. I am just nervous that this won't excite younger viewers.

puxzkkx: I loved Martin's hosting of the 75th ceremony. Hopefully this will be more fun than the last 6 years' shows.

awardshq: I don't like the idea of the two hosts and after Hugh Jackman did an amazing job, I think that having a great showman host. Neil Patrick Harris has been amazing the past 2 shows he has hosted and this should have been his job, I guess I can take some comfort in knowing that Tina Fey isn't hosting.

caresa: As much as I want this to work out, methinks this is going to be very bad. Yes, they've both been really successful at hosting duties at SNL but this is entirely an different animal. This is the Oscars! I don't know it this A & B combo will work out. They both have big egos and would want to have lots of air time. I know that at the end of the day, they'll probably share equal time, but I can easily see trouble arising ahead.

atypical: Steve Martin could have handled hosting duties alone. Don't like the 2 hosts idea at all.

Jassan: Steve Martin was on my list of possibilities. I figured with his album out and his current press tour, he wouldn't be opposed to getting back 'out there'. Glad to see him in the mix. Baldwin is hit and miss for me. Always has been. I hope Martin is the clear lead in the hosting duties. But I imagine they'll break it up pretty evenly.

outsider: I am disappointed with these choices. Alec Baldwin is often insufferable. His presence will probably diminish my enjoyment of the show. Of course my opinion doesn't mean anything. He is beloved in Hollywood and people here really like him. I just wonder why Adam Shankman thinks he has "such a young following". I was excited when I read they were going for a two-host format, but I never expected they would choose two white men over 50.

Bondzz: It will be interesting to see how these two will work together. I'm delighted that Steve Martin is taking up hosting duties again. Pairing with Baldwin might either be good or not. I'm sure that they will pair off well, if they have a healthy relationship off-screen. We have people like Billy Crystal/Robin Williams who could be a riot when paired up.

Photo: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Lake Bell in "It's Complicated." Credit: Universal


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