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Gold Derby nuggets: 'Star Trek' best cast movie | 'Doctor Who' tries legal series | 'An Education' from director Lone Scherfig

November 3, 2009 | 10:04 am

Star Trek • The Casting Society of America held the silver-anniversary edition of the Artios Awards on Monday night in both Gotham and LA. The CSA kudos -- saluting the best in casting -- went to "Star Trek" (drama feature), "Tropic Thunder" (comedy feature), "Milk" (independent feature), and "Up" (animated feature). On the TV front, the winners were "Mad Men" (drama series), "Flight of the Conchords" (comedy series), "Grey Gardens" (TV movie), and "Glee" (pilot). Producer and studio chief Laura Ziskin was feted with the lifetime achievement award, writer-director Nora Ephron and her sister, writer-producer Delia Ephron, took the New York Apple award, and four-time Emmy winner and five-time Artios honoree John Frank Levey received the Hoyt Bowers award. THE CIRCUIT

• Two-time Oscar champ Kevin Spacey says his pal Dame Judi Dench would make a good match for Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat and Bruno). They both served on the judging committee for the Stella Artois short-film kudos organized by Spacey's production company. "I get this image that if they'd met, they'd be wrestling each other, rolling around naked on a bed," says Spacey. "One just has to remove the ‘Dame' from Judi's name, and you'll realize that she's hilarious and nothing close to the characters she plays," he adds. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

David Tennant Doctor Who • It has been a good week for "Doctor Who" star David Tennant and it's only Tuesday. Monday, he landed on the long list of the Evening Standard theater awards for his West End performance in the title role of "Hamlet." Today comes word that Tennant is headlining NBC's hourlong pilot "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer." He will play a top Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves in court. David Semel -- helmer for the pilots of both "Heroes" and "Life" -- directs this comedy drama for Universal. Tennant -- the most popular Doctor in the franchise's nearly 50-year history and winner of three National TV awards -- wraps up his run with a two-part Christmas special. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Mariah Carey is relishing in the rave reviews and Oscar buzz surrounding her new drama, “Precious." However, Hollie McKay reports that Carey's 2001 film disaster, “Glitter,” still brings some painful memories to the surface. "Being here is definitely a milestone. But I had one milestone that almost had me under this stone,” Carey told Hollie at the AFI screening of "Precious" on Sunday night. “I didn’t realize you really have to be selective with the people that you work with and you have to have that support system and you have to work with people that you feel are geniuses." FOX 411

Carey Mulligan • If she makes it into the Oscar race with "An Education," Danish director Lone Scherfig would be only the fourth woman to do so. In this Q&A, she shares her philosophy of directing with Rebecca Milzoff: "A lot of my work is trying to make a light film out of deeper subjects instead of the other way around: keeping a light touch and a certain integrity so the film has some authority, that you trust it’s a world you want to enter and these are people you want to be with, as if you were almost reading a book." And she reveals she almost didn't cast sure-fire best actress nominee Carey Mulligan: "There were concerns as to whether she was too young, because initially we did not know her true age. But she wasn't, she was just doing a really good acting job, such that she seemed like a schoolgirl, and everyone bought it." NEW YORK

Jeff Wells says that of the four breakout performances profiled by New York Times writer Karen Durbin, "there's no question who makes the most robust impression and who seems (to me anyway) the most talented, personable and charming -- 'A Single Man's' Nicholas Hoult, who's not yet 20." For Jeff, "the other three -- 'Up in the Air's' Anna Kendrick, 'The Road's' Kodi Smit-Mcphee and 'Fish Tank's' Katie Jarvis -- strike me as less formidable, presence-wise, and probably less talented (or certainly less developed) than Hoult." HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE


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