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Golden Globes expand animation race to five nominees

November 17, 2009 | 10:52 am

Up pixar golden globes

The Golden Globe for best animated feature is so new that it's only been bestowed three times ("Wall-E," "Ratatouille," "Cars"). Each time there were only three nominees, just like at the Oscars during the last three derbies. But now that it looks like the Oscar category will expand to five slots this year, so will the Globes.

At the Oscars, the size of the category is determined by the number of contenders in the mix. The category expands to five nominees if more than 16 animated features qualify per year. Here's the new rule from the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.:

"Eligible films must be feature length (70 minutes or longer) with no more than 25% live action. If less than eight animated films qualify, the award will not be given, in which case the films would be eligible for Best Picture. If less than twelve animated films qualify, the category will be limited to three nominations per year."

Photo: Walt Disney

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