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Oscar voter: Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' will be nominated for best picture

November 1, 2009 |  6:28 pm

Michael Jackson This Is It 18369452 news

A veteran Oscar voter predicts Michael Jackson's "This Is It" will be nominated for best picture based upon its reception at today's academy screening. He e-mails Gold Derby this report, "Just attended Sunday afternoon screening of 'This Is It' at AMPAS in Goldwyn Theater before a capacity audience (1,000 seats) to experience the most enthusiastic response I've every witnessed in 40 years of academy screenings. Similar to but better than the reaction given to 'Chicago' a few years ago  Audience broke into applause at least 10 times. They were 'mesmerized' and gave film an enormous reception as credits rolled. The editing is brilliant. I predict it will be the first doc to ever make the best picture nomination list, especially now that there are 10 best pic noms. I also consider the work 'a gift to the world.' "

What do other people think? We asked Gold Derby readers in a poll that received more than 1,300 responses. See results here.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" is not eligible in all races at the Oscars. Read details here.


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Yes,yes,yes I have already written my thoughts on this elsewhere so all I am going to say is MJ has been supported by millions of hardcore fans since the beginning of time. He is amazing. No one can compare to his fancy footwork.
Way to go MJ

They didn't even nominate it for 'editing' which was brilliantly done. What a snub. They did include him in the "in Memorium" though, thank God. R.I.P.

If the academy does not recognize This Is It as the beautiful and amazing art that it is, I will lose all respect for the academy.
I recently viewed it for the third time and felt the entire range of emotions again that I felt the first time. If that isn't excellent art, then I will steer clear of excellent art.
Michael Jackson's work changed the world and continues to do so. Regardless of the academy, the world has spoken.
This is it for us. Either Michael gets the vindication he so rightly deserves from the entertainment industry or we ditch the entertainment industry and follow Michael's vision for him.

God Bless Michael Jackson.

In your song, "Heaven Can Wait" you said you would tell the angels no when they came for you. But, you didn't. Now we are all broken hearted. This was supposed to be your year to shine, and you are, but it wasn't supposed to be this way. I loved This Is It, but I will be forever sad that you are not here. I saw your movie three times so far. My son too...he is only six, and he loves you. My daughter loves you too...she is four and can sing Ben. You were truly a star....a shiny beutiful star. Love and Peace forever Michael xx
Michael Jackson

People, let's vote for "THIS IS IT".

Just love the film and MJ...still crying...

I have seen the movie twice now, and I cried hard at the end...The song 'This is it' broke my was that good. I hope this movie gets at least a nod at the awards. Kenny Ortega et al. did a wonderful job. I could tell it came from the heart.
For those of you who have yet to see it,,,,please stay till the very end and after all of the credits. You will see something that is pretty cool.
I love you MJ, you have transcended time, race, gender and cultures!

If you knew anything about Michael, you'd know he never really cared about awards. They were never on display in his house. So who cares? MJ sure doesn't and Sony's laughing all the way to the bank.
Moving on.

This Is It !

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer who ever lived....

I havent seen it yet but i cant wait!! I heard that they were extending its run in theaters but i'm gonna go ahead and get my ticket now...they are selling quickly!

i don't want to be nominated for best picture because i know that a lot of people would critiziced this and would say it's just becuse mj is in it and is a sort of homage or something. but i would like to be nominated as a documentary and win.

I seriously hope that there is some way Rushka Bergman can be nominated for her dazzling styling of MJ in the film because her vision was nothing short of genius.

For the first time in a decade, Michael looked like the icon that he is.

Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It" deserves to be nominated for the Oscar. It was just great. . I loved every minute if it.

The picture was mezmorizing! Michael was stunning. What are the chances that he would be recorded performing just prior to his death. It was like a gift that there was this much footage. There was no cover-up, no pretense, just him, on stage. He was pure magic.

I was mesmerized by the movie. It was fun and inventive, yet peaceful. The true genius of MJ shines through. Kenny O did a great job of editing. A wonderful homage to an outstanding singer, songwriter, muscian, dancer, choreographer, producer, author, artist, film-maker, story-teller, humanitarian, father, son, and friend. God Bless you , MJ. RIP.

The change audio visual history of pop music. The short films made in the work of significant value. This Is It is a gem of a creative genius who robbed us unfairly. The movie is so broad in its value that has made new records worldwide.

the movie is amazing it deserve an Oscar indeed.

Mr. Ortega did an amazing job with the editing; he gave fans enough information to envision Michael's final plan. This concert would have been an experience like nothing ever witnessed before! Even though Michael didn't live to fulfill his dream we can see what he had planned, and it was genius (for lack of a better word). Michael was in amazing form: his dancing, his singing. I didn't know what to expect from the revues I had read, but they seriously underrated this MASTERPIECE. Some people tried to make deragotory comments about Liz Taylor's review, but she was right on target. This Is It is, as Michael would say: MAGICAL!

It was a stunningly brilliant film-peace tranquility and genius. the world is a sadder place by academy award will contribute to an apology for the poor treatment handed to this musical and iconic star. MJ deserves the recognition.

I've never been to a theater where there was applause at the end of the movie with the people weren't willing to leave until the end of the whole credits shown. It was mesmerising! I couldn't take my eyes off Michael. He was gentle, soft-spoken, mature, manly and what a genius in artistry he was. I want to see the film again and can't wait to buy the dvd. What a loss for this world and I feel sad that he's no longer with us. RIP Michael although we miss you so very much.
And thanks to leave it in English language as here in Italy, most films are dubbed in Italian. Thank you Kenny Ortega.

I love you michael!
I've never cried this much in my life over anything.
Please come back. We're lost without you :(

Totally capitvating ... I hope "This Is It" will be nominated for best picture and win!

"This Is It" does, indeed,
deserve an Oscar nomination for "Best Picture".
God Bless Michael Jackson, and keep his
children safe and well.

It's a serious artistic breakthrough not just on Jackson's part, but also for Kenny Ortega.



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