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Not so complicated: Meryl Streep wasn't asked to join costars as Oscars co-hosts

November 6, 2009 | 12:07 pm

Its Complicated Poster Following Tuesday's announcement of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts of the Oscars, Gold Derby noted that when the academy used multiple hosts most recently, there was at least one woman in the mix. So, we wondered, why aren't these two male costars of the upcoming "It's Complicated" going to be joined by their leading lady -- Meryl Streep -- in emceeing the awards?

Turns out that the all-time leader in acting nominations (15) was not invited to join in the fun, her PR rep Leslee Dart tells Gold Derby. Why wouldn't the academy have at least asked one of their favorites for a dance? After all, we know Streep can kick up her heels -- she certainly shimmied and shook in last years' box office smash "Mamma Mia!" -- and she can belt out a tune with the best -- she earned a 1990 best actress Oscar nod for her warbling in "Postcards From the Edge."

Twice in the recent past, Streep has shown herself to be quite adept at playing herself at the Oscar podium. At the 2005 awards, she and Lily Tomlin spoofed the trademark overlapping dialogue perfected by director Robert Altman when presenting him with an honorary Oscar. And three years earlier, she was charming as she feted Peter O'Toole with his honorary award.

And for those worried about mixing business with pleasure should Streep land her 16th Oscar nod this year for either "Julie & Julia" or "It's Complicated," remember that the last time the academy used multiple hosts -- in 1986 -- one of the trio of emcees was "Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan, who was also a nominee that year. Hogan had earned an original screenplay nod for the hit comedy. When he and his co-writers were bested by Woody Allen for "Hannah and Her Sisters," Hogan made losing into a winning Oscar moment. Hogan's co-hosts were a pair of one-time costars --  from "Foul Play" Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn.

Of the 16 Oscar ceremonies from 1971 to 1986, nine of them had at least three co-hosts, if not four or five. And all of those teams included at least one woman onstage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Oscar went solo throughout the 1960s, perhaps recovering from the 1959 Oscars that boasted a half-dozen hosts: Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, David Niven, Laurence Olivier, Tony Randall and Mort Sahl.

In all likelihood, Streep couldn't be invited to join Martin and Baldwin on the Oscars' stage because of conflict-of-interest issues. Nominated films aren't permitted to advertise on the telecast. It's already dubious having two-thirds of the cast of "It's Complicated" co-hosting. Adding a third would make the trio appear as an outright plug for the pic.


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That has to be the WORST photograph ever of her on the poster. I hope they have the good sense to change the poster design before they start promoting this movie. That poster is a turnoff. My mind immediately went to "She Devil" - remember that awful movie. Nancy Meyers listen up here: change the poster!

They didn't ask Meryl to join because it feels like it's her year to win an oscar. I mean they've used every excuse to give it to someone else, but I really think this year they will finally give it to her. People are getting sick of their crap. Who they going to give it to—Precious? I mean come on now!

hey, all i can say is she's the best actress of all time! mwaaahhh meryl!..u deserve to receive awards not only in oscars but around the globe!..that"s all!

It's really not Meryl's thing... anyone with even a passing interest in her career would know she's barely ever presented at Awards shows... she didn't even present the two years after she actually won.

On a sidenote... my dear wish for the 2011 Oscars is an honourary Award for Angela Lansbury. After 60 something years in film she's way overdue! Come on Academy she's 85... give it to her while she can still get up and accept!!!!

Meryl is the greatest actress ever, and she's my favorite holywood personality but we Streepsters know that the last thing Meryl needs on Oscar night is to be a part of the glamor.

She's a real as they come. Good luck guys and I'm sure Meryl was happy not to be asked...besides, I get the feeling about #16 carrying home that naked man. I just do!

Streep has turned down many presenting gigs at the Oscars. She's never opened an envelope; her only two times on stage were for Honorary Awards (O'Toole and Altman). She's quite well-known for her stage fright and probably prefers to attend.

Second, WHY do people keep referring to Paul Hogan as a co-host of the 1986 ceremony? Goldie and Chevy were the hosts; Hogan came out early on and did a comedy monologue about what would happen if he didn't win, and never appeared on the telecast again. I know the Academy "officially" lists him as a co-host, but to me, a host appears more than once during the show.

maybe the producers don't bother to ask La Streep because they might feel humiliated if the queen replying "no thanks" !

Nobody gives a flying cuss if she was asked or not. :|



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