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Taylor Swift sweeps CMAs and makes history

November 12, 2009 |  7:08 am

Taylor Swift CMAs Taylor Swift made history at Wednesday night's Country Music Assn. Awards by becoming the youngest person, at only 19, to win the coveted entertainer of the year title. Only five women --  Loretta Lynn (1972), Dolly Parton (1978), Barbara Mandrell (1980, 1981), Reba McEntire (1986) and Shania Twain (1999) -- as well as one female group, the Dixie Chicks (2000), have received this honor in the 43-year history of the CMAs.

Swift -- who just two years ago was named best new artist by the CMA -- also won album of the year for her top-selling disc "Fearless," video of the year for "Love Story" and female vocalist. Among those she edged out for that last award was show co-host Carrie Underwood, who had taken this prize the last three years running.

Her co-host on the ABC kudocast, Brad Paisley -- who led with half a dozen nominations -- was just one of three of last year's champs to repeat with his third-in-a-row male vocalist win. Paisley also shared the trophy for musical event with Keith Urban for their duet "Start a Band."

Sugarland won its third consecutive duo award despite the impending breakup of sentimental favorites Brooks & Dunn, who dominated this category every year but one from 1992 to 2006 (Montgomery Gentry bested them in 2000). Musician of the year was once again all-rounder Mac McAnally.

Before Darius Tucker, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish, won the new artist award for his million-selling disc "I Want to Live," the only African American to be honored with a major CMA award was Charley Pride, who won entertainer of the year back in 1971 as well as male vocalist that year and the next.

With their win for vocal group, last year's best new artists Lady Antebellum ended a six-year run by Rascal Flatts. The group also won for its top-selling single "I Run to You." Singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson, along with James Otto and Lee Thomas Miller, won song of the year for "In Color."


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Photo: Taylor Swift backstage at the CMAs (Getty Images)

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Oh Wy,, lets see , Taylor hasn't been arrested for drunk driving yet, knocked up by a guy she met on an airplane, tried to lie about her preganacy being "back problems", went on Oprah and Larry King about 10 times hawking her latest so called weight loss program, fighting with her mother and sister on Oprah and on and on and on.
If you google "wynonna judd" on google images , the first thing to pop up is her mug shot.
So, I think moms are a lot more comfortable taking their daughters to Taylors entertainment than yours , Wynonna.

Taylor Swift performance was honestly the worst of the CMA'S, grammy voters will be smart to shut her out! What a waste that she won over way much better artist and singers. Thank god grammy voters are smarter.

I think people are taking their criticism of Taylor too far. Even though she has the weakest voice of the nominees for best female vocalist, she is not a terrible singer. She is an adequate singer who writes songs that are a stretch for her vocal ability. If she concentrates on writing songs that are more friendly to her voice her live performances will improve.

Taylor Swift killed her grammy hopes with those dreadful performances last night. She better pray grammy voters were not watching. Just cross her off your list for a possible AOTY. I think George Strait will get nominated for Album of the year with Whitney Houston.

love taylor swift!<333
she is amazing!
check this site out:

i am sorry but am i the only one listening to this girl sing. While she is as cute as she can be and her music is great on the radio, her voice is NOT so great live. This was not the first time i have heard her sing on tv and everytime it sounds like she is forcing her voice out of her nose.

I think Taylor Swift is a great young woman who will be in country for a long long time. You don't compare two artists. Even when they are up for an award. More acceptance of what she has done, and less hating.

I absolutely love the internet. You can say what you want, without consequences.

It never matters if someone is a better singer than the other. Just look at Brittney Spears VS Jewel.

End of.

Country singers are not entertainers. They are pests.

Judd bitter over Swift's CMA sweep

Wynonna: "Too Soon" For Taylor's Win
Posted Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:49am PST by Wendy Geller in Viva NashVegas
At last night's CMA Awards show, host Brad Paisley likened the country community to one big family--"George Strait plus eight," he joked..

And, truth be told, he's not too far off the mark. Nashville is an insular and protective community--sure, it's full of gossip and pettiness and all the other things you find in any tight-knit group. But, as Paisley humorously noted, most of the time everyone gets along pretty well. .

Most of the time. .

What's up now, you ask? Well, country legend Wynonna Judd (a presenter at last night's show) has declared that Taylor Swift--who won the CMA's top honor, Entertainer of the Year--is nowhere near ready for so much success. .

The country legend, one-half of famed mother-daughter duo the Judds, spoke to USA Today before the awards show, commenting in regards to Swift's extraordinary sweep of 2009: "You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon." .

"Mom [Naomi Judd] and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations," Judd continued. "There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us..

"Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost. It's like the girl who wins an Oscar and she's under 20. What do you do from here?".

Well, well. Truth be told, many music fans out there--rightly or wrongly--are saying basically the same thing. However, this sort of commentary tends to not go over very well in the country world. .

Remember back in 2006, when Faith Hill gasped a theatrical "WHAT?" on camera in response to Carrie Underwood's CMA Female Vocalist of the Year win? Hill claimed to be just joking around, but the validity of her humor came under scrutiny and the incident made out-of-proportion national waves. (It blew through the roof on Yahoo!'s Buzz Index, which tracks hotly searched stories on the web--and even national broadcaster Don Imus talked about it on his show.).

Carrie Underwood, now Taylor Swift. .

For what it's worth, Hill presented Swift with her Entertainer of the Year award, and did so most graciously. (Swift, who has cited Hill as her childhood idol, was incandescent at the moment.).

Also, just as an aside--what is it with the Judds and rising young talent? Naomi Judd recently put twin-sister duo Kate & Kacey (who, incidentally, are on Swift's record label) through the wringer during their stint on CMT's reality series Can You Duet. According to the twins, Judd, a judge on the program, was so hard on the pair that they ended up writing a song about the incident titled "You're Not My Judge." .

Kacey Coppola termed the experience with Naomi to be "disappointing.".

"Kate and I have looked up to the Judds for as long as I can remember," she told Yahoo! Music. .

No need for the sour grapes, Judds. If anyone's proven their mettle in the entertainment industry, and can afford to be benevolent to the newcomers--it's you guys. .

And, take a lesson from Faith Hill (and, hey, George Jones--who got skewered last week for his comments about "new country"). Watch it. .

There's no problem with stating an honest opinion, but like I said, this sort of thing just tends not to float too smoothly with the country fans at large.

Congrats to Taylor Swift! She's a great girl with an amazing head on her shoulders who give young people a positive message all over the world... keep it going!! Yay Taylor!!

I love me some Taylor Swift as much as the next person and thought she was deserving of her awards....well, except for one. I'm sorry, VOCALIST??? Sure, Album, Video, Entertainer (reflective of sales, concerts, etc.) but Vocalist? Has anyone heard this girl sing live? Did anyone hear her TWO songs last night? I'm not just saying this because Carrie didn't win (she had an off year, her last CD came out two years ago, and didn't have any real major songs this voting season) but Taylor was the weakest of any of the nominees in that category. Let's be honest...

Taylor was really bad last night now the world can see the truth of what she really is a BAD SINGER!
That was the worst win in female vocal, Carrie Underwood should have won. That was so undeserved. I hope grammy voters shut her out.

Remember when Kanye torpedoed Taylor? Funny story @

Can we finally start talking about how Taylor Swift has two songs in contention at the oscars this year?

Miranda Lambert should have won female country vocal but will get her win on grammy night. I am still shocked at last night's win of Taylor Swift. I think Kanye was stupid to bother Taylor. But "Fearsless" is a dreadful CD.
Swift really did not deserve or definitely the female vocal award at the CMA'S, the voters are fools.
Carrie Underwood or Lambert really deserved it.
I still think the grammy voters are smarter than that and they can careless about sales.
Last year Carrie Underwood swept the CMA's and she recieved no general field grammy nomination and she is a BETTER singer than Taylor.
Taylor performances last night at the CMA'S proved how bad her vocals are.

George Strait, Paisley and Urban will fight it out in the male categories. But i think Strait will take the grammy for male vocal, country song and Album. If Strait gets into AOTY in the General Field then i think Paisley or Urban could win the grammy for best country Album.



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