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Tom O'Neil has the inside track on Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and all the award shows.

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Tom O'Neil's bio

November 19, 2009 |  5:04 pm

Tom O'Neil is the author of "Movie Awards," "The Emmys" and "The Grammys" (Penguin Putnam Books) and has reported on showbiz awards for the L.A. Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Variety, TV Guide, Reader's Digest and other major media. In 1999, he launched, the first website devoted to predicting all top showbiz awards. It was acquired by the Los Angeles Times in November 2005 and folded into the launch of

O'Neil's special interest is how the awards affect each other, particularly the top film prizes that can be viewed as one single gold derby with the Oscars as the finish line. Consider what happened to "Chariots of Fire," for example. In 1981, it emerged from obscurity to win awards at the Cannes Film Festival and the National Board of Review, then fell behind "Reds" and "Atlantic City" at the film critics' awards and Golden Globes, then trotted ahead as best-picture champ at the Oscars. Contact O'Neil:

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Unfortunately & despite the *AMPAS' attempt to spice things up with the ten BP contenders, it looks like it may be a very predicatble year

"H. Locker"-(likely sweeping the majors & "Avatar" taking home a few tech ones)

Jeff Bridges-(& again to Tom you were on this picture before anyone)

Bullock-(due to it's off the wall BP nod.)

Waltz-(for my $ the performance of the year)


& Bigalow

& again, please help soon as you get a second


Hey Tom - Another interesting tidbit: With Maggie’s nomination, she joins her brother with the “sibling” nomination for acting. Got me to thinking about the others: the Redgraves, the Barrymoores, the Fondas, Beatty/Maclaine, the Robertses, the Tillys, DeHavilland/Fontaine…Are there others?

As entertaining as Oscar handicapping is, please ask your "experts" if there is "a great film" this year worthy of being considered Best and that we'll remember and still respect the choice years from now.



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