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Tina Fey outs herself as an awards nut like us on '30 Rock'

December 6, 2009 |  2:59 pm

Don't miss last week's episode of "30 Rock" titled "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001" (still posted at the show's website here and Hulu here) in which this show's creator-producer-star-writer Tina Fey shares the height (depth?) of her awards mania. She gives the subplot to Tracy, actually, but, of course, we assume that it springs from her own private trophy obsession that she's shared with us sympathetic Derbyites in the past.(Thank you, Tina -- we do understand and cheer you on.)

In this episode, Tracy (Tracy Jordan) buys an old piece of jewelry allegedly once created by Philip Michael Thomas when he was still a hot star on TV's "Miami Vice" (1984-89) and dreamed of winning the showbiz grand slam someday – what this episode calls the "EGOT" (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). Tracy hopes to hit the showbiz grand slam himself and thus prove to his wife that he's responsible enough to be dad to a future baby girl. He seeks advice from one of the 10 people who've achieved the EGOT: Whoopi Goldberg.

This episode is filled with awards esoterica known only to kudos nuts like us (and Tina). For example, the names of some of the other grand slammers like music talents Marvin Hamlisch, Richard Rodgers and Jonathan Tunick. Not mentioned are the others: Mel Brooks, John Gielgud, Helen Hayes, Audrey Hepburn, Mike Nichols and Rita Moreno. (Attention, Barbra Streisand fans: Honorary awards don't count.)

The scene with Whoopi is priceless as she chats with Tracy while sitting on a sofa with her statuettes proudly displayed behind her. Tracey gasps, pointing to a TV award, "Wait! Is that a Daytime Emmy?" Whoopi harrumphs, "It still counts! A girl's gotta eat!"

(Whoopi's actually won two Daytime Emmys: best TV host for "The View" last August and for producing a 2001 TV special on Hattie McDaniel, the "Gone with the Wind" star who was first African American to win an Oscar.)

This "30 Rock" episode is also worth seeing now because it might be Tina's submission to Emmy judges in the race for best comedy actress next year. It includes a big, showy acting scene in which a responsible version of her character talks to her crazy secret (performer) self in the mirror. Hilarious! She won best actress in 2008 plus six more prime-time Emmys for "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live."

Tina's also won three Golden Globes, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and four Writers Guild of America trophies. Memo to Tina: Hey, where's your Oscar, Tony and Grammy, eh? 

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