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69 foreign films enter Golden Globes derby

December 9, 2009 |  7:56 am

A record number of submissions has been made to the Golden Globes' race for best foreign-language film -- 69. Most interesting are the movies excluded from the Oscars' list because they weren't submitted by the home nations like "Broken Embraces" (Spain), "Coco Before Chanel" (France), "Lebanon" (Israel), "The Maid" (Chile) and "Thirst" (Korea) and "Vincere" (Italy). In the case of "The Maid," for example, it won kudos at the Sundance Film Festival and Gotham Awards and is nominated for best foreign film at the Indie Spirits. Globe nominations will be announced Tuesday morning.

Golden Globes The Maid

"About Elly," Iran
"Ajami," Israel
"Baaria," Italy
"Backyard," Mexico
"Broken Embraces," Spain
"Broken Promise," Slovak Republic
"I Cannot Live Without You," Taiwan
"Cell 211," Spain
"Chameleon," Hungary
"Chandni Chowk To China," India
"Chilango Chronicles," Mexico
"City of Life and Death," China
"Coco Before Chanel," France
"The Dancer and the Thief," Spain
"Dawson, Island 10," Chile
"A Day at the Museum," France
"Delhi-6," India
"Donkey," Croatia
"Eden Is West," France
"For a Moment, Freedom," Austria / France
"I Galantuomini," Italy
"The Girl on the Train," France
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," Sweden

"God's Offices," France/Belgium
"Grandpa is Dead," Philippines
"Grown Ups," France/Sweden
"Harishchandrachi Factory," India
"Hello Goodbye," France/Israel/Italy
"Hipsters," Russia
"I Killed My Mother," Canada
"I Saw the Sun," Turkey
"Il Grande Sogno," Italy
"John Rabe," Germany
"Lebanon," Israel
"Letters to Father Jacob," Finland
"London River," Algeria
"Louise-Michel," France/Belgium/Luxembourg
"Made in Hungaria," Hungary
"The Maid," Chile
"Max Manus," Norway
"Micmacs," France
"The Misfortunates," Belgium
"Mother," Korea
"My Queen Karo," Belgium
"Nobody to Watch Over Me," Japan
"Police, Adjective," Romania
"Prank," Hungary
"Prince of Tears," Hong Kong/Taiwan
"A Prophet," France
"Protektor," Czech Republic
"Queen to Play," France/Germany
"Refractaire (Draft Dodgers)," Luxembourg
"The Reverse," Poland
"The Road From Elephant Pass," Sri Lanka
"Rudo and Cursi," Mexico
"Samson and Delilah," Australia
"The Secret of Her Eyes," Argentina
"Secrets of State," France
"Someone I Loved," France/Belgium/Italy
"Southern District," Bolivia
"Terribly Happy," Denmark
"Thirst," South Korea
"Vincere," Italy
"The Waltz," Italy
"Ward No. 6," Russia
"Welcome," France
"The White Ribbon," Germany
"Winter in Wartime," The Netherlands
"With a Little Help From Myself," France

Photo credit: Elephant Eye Films


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