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Poll: Will 'Avatar' win best drama picture at the Golden Globes?

December 29, 2009 |  6:45 pm


"Avatar" may be beloved by film critics (83 score at Metacritic) and moviegoers ($232 million at box office), but what about voters at Hollywood awards?

At the Golden Globes, "Avatar" is nominated for best drama picture against "The Hurt Locker," "Inglourious Basterds," "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" and "Up in the Air." Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association love it, but it's not their typical choice for winner. Usually, they prefer more snooty stuff like recent champs "Slumdog Millionaire," "Atonement," "Babel," "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Aviator."

However, Golden Globes voters did choose a box office fantasy six years ago — "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" — so they're not above doing so again. What do you think they'll do? Give us your vote below, then check out our poll asking how many Oscars you think "Avatar" can win. We say it can reap up to nine nominations, including best picture.

Photo from "Avatar": 20th Century Fox


Poll: How many Oscars nominations will 'Avatar' get?

It's really complicated: Can Meryl Streep beat herself at the Golden Globes?

Poll: Who will win the SAG Award for best actress?

Poll: Which Golden Globe nominee will win best comedy/musical picture?

Poll: Who'll win the Golden Globe for best drama actor? George Clooney? Jeff Bridges?

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Gone with the wind has haters, no movie can please everyone. Yes the plot is not new but what plot is. Even the Matrix people thought was so original was a rip off from a Japanese anime named Ghost in the shell.

Leonardo and Michael Angelo were not doing abstract painting in their time. They were doing generic portraiture, but they put their own spin on it. Lack of originality is not a barrier to Oscar as we know from all these Holocuast movies winning Oscars. If the Academy members don't vote for Avatar because the story is not original than they are a bunch of hypocrites. Everybody knows the fastest way to an Oscar is to make a holocaust movie. the Oscars nominates ones every year. I am confident that this year won't be different. There will be a movie or a documentary about the holocaust or about holocaust survivors nominated and it will win. I don't know if one was made this year, but I trust that if it was made it will be nominated.

So to all Oscar voters that may stumble on my humble post, please pretend that the bad guy in the movie Avatar is Hilter and the Navi are Jews and nominate and reward this movie with an Oscar.

And also Zoe Saldana a nod for best Actress. The girl made me cry for a CGI, she is good. I fet that Andy Serkis should have been nominated for best supporting actor for LOTR, but they were too much prejudice against CGI actors back in the days. Hopefully we have progress enough to be more inclusive this year.

I just have to remark on Cisco's comment about Inglorious being too talky, yes, but so was Up in the Air--jeez--that movie was all dialogue. Avatar was an incredibly well-directed movie. It had vision, but it was too long, the script was so so, and frankly, it's pocahontas with blue people. I think Avatar is absolutely worth seeing because James Cameron is a great director but I don't believe it is the best picture of the year. I know the critics seemed to be revolted by Nine, but the second half of that movie (from the be italian number on) is a great movie. Yes, the first half was slow and pondering, but there was something special in that movie and it had some incredible performances by the actresses who should be nominated for supporting, but probably won't.

I have to with Up In the Air over Avatar. Up In the Air deals with a reality of today..unemployment. Avatar is all dazzling effects and no substance (once one starts picking the movie apart). Inglorious Basterds was too talky, quite dull until the grand finale in the theater...besides I think we all have Nazi/Holocaust fatigue, don't we? Haven't we seen enough movies about Nazi Germany?? Precious is good drama but not a strong contender (a story really overplayed and over-done too many times, yyyyaaawwwnnn). The Hurt Locker has a chance but GG would rather award a popular hit over an artsy, thought-provoking, indie film. If George Clooney has schmoozed the HFPA enough, then Up in the Air will win big.

Kim, who was it that said "the exception proves the rule"?

Only twice in the last decade has a Best Picture - Drama nominee failed to win while having the most nominations from the Globes - Cold Mountain in 2003 and Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon last year.

Those two winners (Return of the King and Slumdog) are two of the only three films since 1961 to win Best Picture - Drama without any acting nominations (E.T. was the other).

In all of these cases, the winning films had won major critics groups before winning the Globe while Cold Mountain, Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon didn't win Best Picture at any major critics group.

So while it would not be unheard of for Avatar to win, given its lack of major critics group wins, the NBR win for Up in the Air and the lack of acting nominations for Avatar and Up in the Air's leading 6 nominations, odds would have to be on Up in the Air.

god, i hope not, but i know i'm in the minority. as far as i know, i may be a minority of one -- but i HATED it. absolutely hated it. from the black-and-white characters to the by-the-numbers "plot" to the sanctimonious preaching, UGH. i felt the hand of the filmmaker in every scene, trying to manipulate my emotions as cheaply as possible while wringing as much box office "score!" as he could from each development, and, worst of all ... i was BORED. i couldn't WAIT for it to be over, and if i hadn't had my kids with me (who loved it, of course), i would have walked out. AND i'm a science fiction fan from way back, so that's not it. maybe that's WHY i hated it -- i know how challenging good science fiction can be, and this wasn't challenging. or good.



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