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Poll: How many Oscars will 'Avatar' win? (OMG, all nine?)

December 28, 2009 |  7:42 am


"Avatar" can score up to nine Academy Award nominations: best picture, director, art direction, film editing, music score, song, sound editing, sound mixing and visual effects.

"Avatar" probably won't be nominated for best screenplay. James Cameron didn't reap a script bid for "Titanic" even though it sailed off into Oscar history as biggest champ, tying "Ben-Hur's" record (11). Also, don't expect "Avatar" to make the list for best makeup. Sure, the "blue monkeys" (Na'vi) are nifty and such fantastical creatures usually score makeup recognition for their films, but their look is the result of digital effects, not wizardry by makeup artists. Ditto costumes, so don't expect "Avatar" to pop up in that Oscar category.

Check out this post to read our detailed analysis of the competition that "Avatar" faces in all remaining nine Oscar races, then cast your vote below.

Photo: 20th Century Fox


'Avatar' can win up to nine Academy Awards

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