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Gold Derby nuggets: Globe nominees not always Oscar-worthy | Sasha Stone's SAG kudos preview | Does 'Avatar' tune hit right notes?

December 16, 2009 |  3:15 pm

Golden-globesErik Childress crunches the numbers to find the correlation between being nominated for a Golden Globe and landing an Oscar nod. As Erik discovers, "In the last decade of the 54 films nominated for Best Drama, only 32 have received a Best Picture nomination. That's only 59%. Not even a 'fresh' at Rotten Tomatoes. As for the comedies, well we know how Oscar feels about comedies and only 9 of the 50 nominees in the Globes second category have been tapped by the Academy." CINEMATICAL

Nikki Finke admits, "I love awards season because my email and voicemail get filled with negative campaigning about all the Academy Awards hopefuls. (Such holiday cheer is out here!) Over the years, I've reported on the studio badmouthing of heavyweight 'Saving Private Ryan' to better the Oscar chances of lightweight 'Shakespeare In Love.' And the planting of 'He's an anti-Semite and adulterer' allegations against the schizophrenic Princeton professor who was the sympathetic subject of biopic 'A Beautiful Mind.' And more recently, the efforts to scuttle 'Blood Diamond' and 'Slumdog Millionaire's chances because of unfounded charges the filmmakers callously exploited locals. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that this race is already turning nasty, nasty, nasty." Nikki then recounts various badmouthing against "Brothers" (gift giving to the HFPA); "The Hurt Locker" and "Invictus" (low box office); and "Avatar" (high production costs). DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD

Screen-actors-guild-awardsSasha Stone previews Thursday's SAG awards nominations, noting that they "are the first major guild award -- they are a gigantic union but they only use a small portion to vote on the nominations. This helps them stay more in line with Oscar somehow. The entire guild then votes on the winners. There are usually a few mismatches with Oscar here or there but nonetheless, like the Globes and the Critics Choice, they are televised and those speeches and appearances are like auditions for the Big Show in March." As Sasha cautions, "Don’t let anyone fool you; unlike last year, this race is wide open. And it is wide open for several competing reasons. One is the opening up of ten slots for Best Picture. The other is the wide array of voices chiming in on the race, coupled with the access to this news. That makes it possible for any name to sneak in at this juncture. Names that fly under the radar right now could pop up at the SAGs for sure -- like Maya Rudolph, for instance, or Emily Blunt, etc." AWARDS DAILY

Gary David Goldberg will be feted by the WGA with the Herb Sargent Award for Comedy Excellence at the 62nd annual edition of the kudofest on Feb. 20. As per the announcement, "Goldberg is the recipient of numerous awards, including an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award as producer of 'Lou Grant,' an Emmy Award as writer of 'Family Ties,' two Writers Guild Awards, a Peabody Award, and five Humanitas Awards." WGAE

Patrick Healy reports that Broadway powerhouse producers Jeffrey Richards and Daryl Roth are considering transferring the off-Broadway hit production of "The Orphans' Home Cycle," the final work by the late Horton Foote, to the rialto in time for next June's Tony Awards. Foote, who never won a Tony, drew on the lives of his family in turn-of-the-20th-century Texas to create this epic nine-hour, three-part play. NEW YORK TIMES

Leona-lewis-avatar-theme-so_article_story_mainMelinda Newman reviews the video version of Leona Lewis singing "I See You" from the "Avatar" soundtrack. Says Melinda, "To the video's credit, the movie footage looks phenomenal and does a pretty good job of conveying the love story aspect of the film, which is all it really needs to accomplish since this is a love song." However, she adds, "Lewis doesn’t have a lot to do other than stand there, lip sync (which she’s very good at) and look emotional without ever moving her feet -- it’s as if she’s glued to the floor by James Cameron himself. A hurricane could have blown through and those feet weren’t about to stray. There are a few attempts to throw in some atmospheric shots of Pandora and a few winged creatures go by as Lewis warbles, but that’s about it." HIT FIX

Todd Martens considers the merits of "I See You" as well as the other four Golden Globe nominees. As Todd writes, "The Globes, when it came to best original song, largely stayed mainstream, passing up selections from Mary J. Blige ('Precious') and newcomer Sad Brad Smith ('Up in the Air'), two songs considered favorites for scoring nominations in the like-minded category for the Oscars, to instead recognize the likes of U2 and Paul McCartney. Rounding out the best original song category for the Globes is a film-only cut from the cinematic interpretation of the musical 'Nine,' a traditional ballad from 'Avatar,' and 'The Weary Kind' from the music-centered 'Crazy Heart.'" POP & HISS

• While Edward Douglas was chatting with Rob Marshall about directing "Nine," the talk turned to Marshall's next project: the fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean." Admitted Marshall, "I was so surprised they called me. It was Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer. Jerry called me, but Johnny was interested in working with me. It's a wonderful thing when something like that happens, so we sat and met and he could not have been more lovely. He's the nicest man. I've been very lucky to work with some great people and he's one of them. So I could tell that we could maybe do this, and then they offered it to me. We're still trying to figure out if it's going to all happen. If it happens -- I think Johnny's doing a movie with Angelina Jolie in the spring (that's 'The Tourist') -- so if it happens, we'll start in the summer, and we'll see. I'm excited. If it happens, it happens. I'd be thrilled. I just love Johnny and I'm excited about the genre." COMING SOON

Top photo: Golden Globes awards. Credit: HFPA

Center photo: Screen Actors Guild award. Credit: SAG

Bottom photo: Leona Lewis. Credit: Sony Music 

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