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Meryl Streep reaches 25 Golden Globe nominations

December 15, 2009 | 10:40 am

With her double bids for lead actress in a comedy/musical ("It's Complicated," "Julie & Julia"), Meryl Streep solidified the record she set last year as all-time Golden Globe nominations champ. Beginning with a supporting nod in 1978 for "The Deer Hunter," Streep has amassed a staggering 25 Golden Globe bids over the years.


Going into last year's Golden Globe race, Streep sat one nom behind Jack Lemmon who racked up 22 lead nods and 4 wins (movie drama — 0/6; movie comedy — 3/10; and TV movie/mini — 1/6) over 40 years beginning in 1960. Streep earned nods no. 22 and 23 for lead actress in a drama ("Doubt") and comedy/musical ("Mamma Mia!"). She lost both those races — drama to Kate Winslet ("Revolutionary Road") and comedy/musical to Sally Hawkins ("Happy-Go-Lucky").

In her three decades plus of collecting awards hardware, Streep has won six Globes out of her 23 previous bids. That winning record ties her with her pal Jack Nicholson. While all of Nicholson's Globes are for movies (3 drama actor, 2 comedy actor, and 1 supporting actor), one of Streep's wins was for a small screen role — lead actress in a TV movie or mini ("Angels in America," 2004).

From her 21 previous movie nods, Streep has won five Golden Globes — for her Oscar-winning roles in "Kramer vs. Kramer" (supporting, 1979) and "Sophie's Choice" (lead drama, 1982) as well as "The French Lieutenant's Woman" (lead drama, 1981), "Adaptation" (supporting, 2002), and "The Devil Wears Prada" (lead comedy/musical, 2006).

Streep is also the all-time Oscar nominee champ with 15 bids beginning back in 1978 for "The Deer Hunter." Her Oscar nominations parallel those of her Globe nods with the exception of her lead actress Oscar nod in 1987 for "Ironweed." It is more than a quarter century since Streep won the second of her two Oscars. However, Streep should take heart in the Oscar history of four-time winner Katharine Hepburn.

Last year — with her nod for "Doubt" — Streep tied Hepburn with an even dozen lead actress nominations (three of Streep's Oscar nominations were in the supporting category). Hepburn won her first Oscar race — for "Morning Glory" in 1933 — and then lost her next eight bids. It was not until she was 60 — the age Streep is now — that Hepburn won her second Academy Award ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," 1967). She won again the following year ("The Lion in Winter") and capped off her movie career with a win in 1981 for "On Golden Pond." Not surprisingly, the press-averse Hepburn lost all seven of her movie Golden Globe nods as well as her one TV bid.

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