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Screeners update: When Oscar voters received DVDs

December 6, 2009 | 10:59 am

Over the next two weeks, Oscar voters will receive the last key DVD screeners in the mail. This Tuesday, Paramount will ship discs of "Up in the Air," "Star Trek" and "The Lovely Bones." Between Monday and Dec. 14, Weinstein Co. will send out "Nine," "The Road," "A Single Man" and "Inglourious Basterds." We don't know when 20th Century Fox will ship "Avatar," but it will probably be after it opens in theaters on Dec. 18. Fox Searchlight plans to send "Crazy Heart" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" out this Friday.

DVD screeners for Oscars

In the case of Warner Bros., a rep says the studio's policy is not to discuss when it will ship screeners. Oscar voters have not yet received "Invictus," "Sherlock Holmes," "Where the Wild Things Are," "The Hangover," "The Blind Side," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" or "The Informant," but they'll arrive soon. Voters of the Critics' Choice Awards have received most Warner Bros. titles, including "Invictus," but not "Sherlock" or "The Hangover."

Academy members received these DVDs around these dates:

DEC. 5: "Brothers"

DEC. 4: "Capitalism: A Love Story," "The Men Who Stare at Goats"

DEC. 3: "The Hurt Locker"

DEC. 1: "Precious," "Bruno"

NOV. 27: "Where the Wild Things Are," "The Informant!," "Two Lovers," "Funny People"

NOV. 25: "District 9," "Julie & Julia," "Pirate Radio," "Away We Go," "Taking Woodstock," "A Serious Man," "Coraline," "Up," the animated feature "9"

NOV. 17:  "(500) Days of Summer," "Bright Star," "Young Victoria"

NOV. 16: "An Education," "The Messenger"

NOV. 6: "The Stoning of Soraya M."

OCT. 26: "Coco Before Chanel," "Whatever Works," "The Damned United"

OCT. 8: "Anvil!"


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