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Sorry, George Clooney, but experts say Jeff Bridges leads the Oscars' best-actor race

December 19, 2009 |  1:34 pm
Crazy heart jeff bridges oscars news

According to most of these six Oscar pundits, the race for best actor isn't, well, up in the air. George Clooney is running behind Jeff Bridges ("Crazy Heart"). Below, the rankings of Pete Hammond (Notes on a Season, The Envelope), Dave Karger (Entertainment Weekly), Steve Pond (The Wrap), Anne Thompson (IndieWire), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and me. See experts' predictions of the best actress race here and best picture here. Contenders are ranked according to their likelihood of winning.

BEST ACTOR Hammond Karger O'Neil Pond Thompson Travers
Jeff Bridges, 'Crazy Heart'






George Clooney, 'Up in the Air'


Colin Firth, 'A Single Man' 





Morgan Freeman, 'Invictus'






Jeremy Renner, 'The Hurt Locker' 




Viggo Mortensen, 'The Road'





Photo: Fox Searchlight


Experts predict Oscar's best actress race

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Come on guys. Michael Stuhlbarg in 'A Serious Man'. Also, would like to see Sam Rockwell get a nod for 'Moon'.

I can't help but feel that an outstanding performance by Viggo Mortensen is lightly being ignored.
To me this is a backlash at the Weinstein Bores, who when the movie the Road came to my theater. (1) there was not a poster on the outside or inside the theater. Not one word in the local papers and it only opened originally in 111 theaters, finally widened to about 300, but too
late. How can a movie draw an audience when no one knows it's there.
And Mortensen lives and is the Man. A shameful way to treat such talent.
I like Jeff Bridges, but this movie was made years back, as the Electric Horseman with Redford and Fonda. Same story.
Clooney plays himself. How much talent does that take.?
I have been a movie goer for 80 years and am sick to death of the politics involved in this fiasco called awards time.

The problem for Bridges is that the movie itself isn't headed for a Best Picture nod. Over the course of recent years, the performance Oscars (esp leading actor and actress) have ordinarily gone to movies that have received BP nominations. Doesn't seem like a good enough reason (and Bridges- a quintessential "nice guy" who, unlike Mickey Rourke, has been nominated in the past and is considered "overdue" for an Oscar- may well prove to be an exception), but AMPAS members seem to prefer parcelling out the big awards to a handful of BP contenders.

I, for one, am sick of the alcoholic country singer role. It's a stock role. And so full of cliches by now.
BUT, Jeff Bridges is way overdue for the oscar. So, as long as he gets one it will be just fine, imo.

Seems this will be the time that oldtimers get the career oscar; (instead of wristwatches.) Meryl Streep for the lightweight film; and Jeff Bridges as the alcoholic country singer.

Bridges may be able to overcome the sheer idea of Freeman as Mandela (the only reason he's being nommed), but will enough voters actually see "Crazy Heart" to keep him ahead of Clooney? I doubt it; if washed-up-actor comebacks really worked, Mickey Rourke would have won last year. And sorry, Sean Penn last year took all the gay-sympathy votes Firth needed to win this year. Renner might have a shot if "The Hurt Locker" gets more noms, especially for director.

I'd be delighted to see Jeff get this award. I love his laid-back, genuine attitude, and he's a hard-working man who should be rewarded for many years of hard work.

George Clooney. In another suit. Smiling, and drawing attention to his signature charm. How is that even an artistic stretch that deserves to be rewarded?

I hope this one goes to Jeff. The dude abides.

This will be a career award for Jeff Bridges.

Very common every few years and now deserved.

It's absurd to report that any "experts" have any insight into the frontruners for an Oscar nomination. Academy members (thankfully) are not polled, very few make a point of publicising their own choices, and until nominations are announced, no one "knows" anything. To suggest otherwise is an attempt by publicity agents - some in cahoots with journalists (blu-ray anyone?) - to place their clients in an illusory "race."

Morgan Freeman really is an amazing actor! Jeff Bridges is a very good actor too. But this time, all my cheers go to Colin Firth. He's one of my favorites actors and he's brilliant! He deserves to be recognized!

Sam Rockwell's absence is very disheartening.

Colin Firth has been unappreciated for years and deserves an Oscar for his performance in A Single Man.

As well Bridges should be in the lead. I have seen both "Crazy Heart" and "Up in the Air" and the response to Bridges from the audience to his perforance was far stronger. I overheard a number of people chatting about Bridge's stellar performance after the show in NYC. One woman announced out loud in the rest room "If Bridges doesn't get the Oscar for this" and we all agreed.

Clooney on the other hand, in my opinion, just walked through his role. I have seen him do the same thing many times in other movies. Don't think he prepped much and he certainly did not get under the character's skin, as Bridges did.

I was fascinated by how Bridges can convey his character by the smallest of gestures, such as placing a glass of whiskey on the top of his truck. Bridges is a detailed oriented actor and the sum of these parts is a magnificent performance.

Go, Jeff- you deserve it.

The problem is that George Clooney is more likely to win the Golden Globe, because the HFPA loves him and his film is likely to win their best drama award. Bridges needs the SAG Award to have a shot at the Oscar and I think he will get it.

Jeff Bridges is very talented. Morgan Freeman is an amazing actor.



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