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Join our live webcam chat with 'Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons today

December 3, 2009 | 11:08 am

Have you got a pressing question you're eager to ask "The Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons? Or do you just want to share thoughts? You can dish with Parsons personally during our live webcam chat on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. PT/ 6:30 p.m. ET. CLICK HERE to join the chat. Parsons will appear via webcam and respond to your questions and comments that you type into the chatroom area that appears below the screen.

Parsons is currently in the kudos running for the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Earlier this year he was nominated for best comedy actor at the Emmys and he received the Television Critics' Assn. Award for best comedic performance of the year.

Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons

Photo: CBS

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Hey Jim can you email me maybe? You're the best player of The Big Bang Theory. Thanks. Many greetings Sharon. p.s "I live in the Netherlands.

Hey Jim Parsons, I was just gonna ask you when you guys start filming the big bang theory again cause im coming down to L.A. and I was wondering if I could meet you. Your the most insane actor ever, I watch the big bang theory probably 4 hours a day. I love the show, keep up the Epic work =P

Jim Parsons
your such a doll to watch on tv. I would one day love to meet you and maybe be on your show it's great.Xoxoxoxoxo
I would love to chat with you on webchat It would be so great!!! Such an Cute person

Hello,I saw your webchat on my netbook and it was great to see you there.Your such a sweet wonderful actor.I would love to meet you one day and to talk with you on webchat.

What a lovely person Mr. Parson is. Just adorable.

Well, I was there last night! Jim is so sweet and humble, and has a great sense of humor - he was extremely nice, answered as many questions as he could (and it wasn't easy, everyone was typing at once and it was really hard to follow), and coped with the general crazyness amazingly well.

Thanks for giving us the chance to meet him, it was a fantastic experience. And Jim, if you ever read this, thanks so much for spending some time with us - you really made everyone's night <3

Will there be a way we can download the chat now that it's over?

What do you to in between scenes on set? Read, listen to music, check email?

There are already more than 70 people in the chat room- honestly have not used these rooms in a Long Time!! And embarrassed to say I am the oldest one in there (in 30's)! HA HA--Just could not miss it, BBT is my favorite show and I think you are an amazing actor!
** staying late at work to be on this cause my home PC crashed
**tell Bill Prady to clean his desk-- saw pic on Twitte... :P

DOES Bill Prady And Chuck Lori Accept Spec Scripts-- i have a few Crazy Ideas they might like to hear! Not that they need my creative input but it does not hurt to ask...

CONGRATS ON YOUR People's Choice Awards Nomination! I voted for you an TBBT a bunch of times and retweeted and retweeted.... :)

What is the happiest memory in your life? and did you have any favourite toy? if yes what was it? Thanks :)

Hello Jim! :)
I have some question for you :)
Have you really watched all parts of Startrek? :)
What role would you like to play?

Dear Jim,
you are fantastic actor!!! :)
We have some questions for you:
1) do you watch the Big Bang Theory?
2) and do you have any bad habit?

Jim, congrats on your nominations! A couple random questions for you -
1) During weekly tapings, what's on the covers of the folder you keep your script in? My friends and I have been trying to figure it out for a couple weeks now.
2) How do you stay so focused during tapings? Do you ever get distracted by what's happening in the studio audience?

I think that the show is absolutely the greatest, and Mr, Parson's character "Sheldon" is just the best.. Mr. Parsons has a calmness about him reminiscent of Andy Griffith that is so calming every time I see him on a show out of character. When he transforms himself into Sheldon who is so sweetly wound up is so amazing! I just think he's the best! I wish him the best and can't wait to see what he will do next in his career choices..I am sure he will be phenomenal in whatever he does.
Best of luck to you Mr. Parsons and God Bless you.

Is this chat open to Canadian viewers? Hope so... :(

Dear, J.P.
I was wondering if you would consider being in more independent films during TBBT's down time? Or are you going to shoot more for the mainstream films?
Just curious, since I'm a filmmaker.

Jim ,
Would you ever consider doing a dramatic role such as a love story?

Will we be allowed to use a webcam too? Or only text?

Will we be able to join the webchat earlier than that? Because I'd like to make sure everything is working right before we start. I don't see any links here, so I assume we won't get to see the webchat room until the day of.

OMG.. I have that day off work! I'm so happy!!!



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