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Woody Harrelson drops back down to supporting race at Golden Globes

December 8, 2009 |  7:42 am
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The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has flip-flopped on its classification of Woody Harrelson as a lead star of "The Messenger."  Initially, he asked to be placed in the supporting race at the Golden Globes, but the eligibility committee bumped him up to lead alongside costar Ben Foster.

A HFPA spokesman tells Gold Derby: "Originally, it was a very close vote and almost evenly split between lead and supporting category.  When Harrelson’s management asked the eligibility committee to reconsider the decision, the committee members agreed to make the change to place Harrelson in the supporting category."

Nominations will be announced on Dec. 15.

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This is great news to read. I was afraid that bumping him to lead would cost him all the momentum that he's picked up.

He's definitely going to be nominated now for a Globe and probably all the other precursors too. I would say that he and Waltz are now the only two locks of the supporting category.

Tom, I'd like you to check out what's going up in HFPA. Why there are no ties anymore there. Are the results already decided? It's strange for a group of 80 people voting for winners and there are no ties anymore. For almost ten years there was no tie, when in 80's there was at least one tie every year. You know a lot about these stuff so you should look it up. Thanky you.



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