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Rumor-busting: 'Avatar' screeners WILL be sent to Oscar voters

January 15, 2010 |  8:36 am

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There's widespread belief across Hollywood that 20th Century Fox will not send out DVDs of "Avatar" because the studio and director James Cameron insist upon Oscar voters seeing it in 3-D on a big screen so they can fully appreciate its truly special effects. But a rep tells Gold Derby that "Avatar" screeners will be sent soon to academy members and — contrary to another rumor — prior to Oscar nominations being announced on Feb. 2.

"We prefer that voters see it on a big screen, of course, but we want them to have the DVD so they can enjoy watching it at home too," he adds. Here are listings of official industry screenings.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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Meant to be seen imax 3D?

Imax 3D version is cropped to 16:9 from 2.35:1. It uses linear polarization which still can give ghosting and not the best 3D. Avatar is recorded at 2K digital, imax version is an upscaled 70mm print which is no where near imax print quality of 10K.

I took 4 friends to see avatar on a 2K digital cinema with dolby 3D (spectral division) and they all said that the imax was really bad in comparison. The 3D was blurry and not as sharp. The 3D was better and picture was better.

Imax does have the highest quality film print available which is why it looks so good. But avatar isn't a 70mm print, its not even close.

I suggest if you want the best quality then see avatar at a good digital 3D theater with dolby glasses. I would like Dolby to make clip on lenses for spectacle wearers, but seriously u should see it in dolby 3D digital.

Why do you think the world premiere in london was 4 digital projectors (blended/stacked) with dolby 3d glasses.

I mean no offence to anyone but the imax version isn't as good as dolby digital 3D.

DVD!!?? hmm.. should be alright

but IMAX 3D would be perfect

The movie works no matter what format it is shown in. I for one find the 3d somewhat annoying and think the movie plays as well or better in 2d. I dont think the acting, story, editing, sound, anything for that matter are "better" in 3D. The viewing experience may be heightened for some, but it doesnt really make it "better" when judging how good a movie is. You could also argue its good to compare apples to apples. Shoot me.

February 2 my cornfield! The DVD arrived today via UPS. And in my humble opinion each package should have included a pass to see AVATAR the way in which it was meant to be seen -- in IMAX 3D.

Is absolutely right! It is the first fully 3D film. Rate 3D film according to how it looks in 2D is evaluated as a vacuum cleaner according to how maybe coffee



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