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Pssst … wanna know why 'Avatar's' James Cameron will win DGA Award?

January 29, 2010 |  6:46 pm

I'm surprised that the vast majority of pundits we polled (20 out of 29) predict Kathryn Bigelow ("The Hurt Locker") will win the Directors Guild of America award over her ex-hubby James Cameron ("Avatar") on Saturday night. I don't think Team Bigelow is taking into account some crucial details about this guild that strongly suggest Team Cameron will prevail.

Avatar James Cameron DGA Directors Guild of America news

"The Hurt Locker" juggernaut sweeping the Hollywood film industry and America's movie critics right now may be largely isolated to those groups. DGA is comprised of more than 13,000 members who are scattered across the U.S. and don't necessarily work in the feature film biz. Most, in fact, work in television, direct commercials, music videos, etc. We must assume that many members probably didn't see "The Hurt Locker" at movie theaters, where it reaped only $12 million. Summit set up lots of industry screenings, yes, but if members missed those, they may have missed the boat entirely. According to guild rules, studios aren't permitted to send DVD screeners to DGA members.

Lots of DGA members who work on music videos and other commercial fare have a strong appreciation for the special-effects wizardry in "Avatar." Another key point: The fanatic national buzz over "Avatar" peaked two weeks ago just as DGA members received their final ballots — right about the time "Avatar" won the Golden Globe for best drama picture, which gave it a hefty awards bump. By the time "The Hurt Locker" pulled off its shockeroo victory at the Producers Guild of America, most DGA ballots were probably already filled out and mailed in.


Who will win the DGA award: 'Avatar's' James Cameron or 'The Hurt Locker's' Kathryn Bigelow?

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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Trust me, the Academy is going to award BOTH Avatar and The Hurt Locker, even though the producer of The Hurt Locker sent massive emails to keep from Avatar from winning. Katherine will win Director, but Avatar will win Best Picture, it's only fair.

Gawd! I thought The Hurt Locker was the most overrated film released since, well since Little Miss Sunshine. A Great film? Not even close to great films as Avatar and Inglourious Basterds.

The Hurt Locker is completely original. Diffusing bombs has never been in a movie before.

Well I guess you didn't see THE HURT LOCKER Tom or you would have easily seen that it's the YEARS BEST directed film. And it finally took a female to get a war movie right... Kudos Katherine. Tom, you need to stop going with the flow. So who cares who the Globes picked? Who are the Forign Press anyway and who cares what they think. Its the Guilds and the Academy Awards that count!!


looks like you called that one waaaay off

Epic fail....

Nice try though

Pssst, Tom: Oops. time to wipe the egg off your face. Kathryn Bigelow just won the Director's Guild Award.

Pssst...wanna know why you are wrong.

Oops.. you have wrong pick again Tom!
Bigelow won DGA! now she's the one to beat at Oscar next month.
btw, do you still stick up for your pick Sandra Bollocks? Better you change it now as it would be your wrong pick again! ha ha

And... you were wrong.

Nice try, but Kathryn Bigelow did take it home tonight. Well deserved too.

Anyone who has not heard about The Hurt Locker must not really pay attention to the media. I'm from Toronto, and The Hurt Locker posters were at every other movie theatre. I have heard interviews about the film on countless radio shows and there are reviews all over newspapers, radio, and especially the Internet prior to the award buzz of the new year.

I highly doubt that the members of DGA did not watch every feature film nominated. There are only five of them. As members of the DGA, I would think they are highly interested in directorial excellence. A nomination would suggest just that.

Cisco: Since the inception of the DGA Awards, only six (of about 60) winners did not go on to win the Oscar. While it is not guaranteed that the director will win, it sets the probability pretty high.

I believe that Cameron should win this one. I know it would be great to see Bigelow win the award and subsequently the Oscar but Cameron did more work.
For Avatar he created his own camera that was soo tricky to work he had to film most of the footage himself, no one but him.

That's hard work when you have such a long movie. That's why he deserves this award.

Avatar is the best film of all time... of all time!

Do you actually think that Director's in their field wouldn't watch five movies in order to make a well informed vote? That is pathetic if it is the truth.

What is getting a DGA award have to do with gender or the fact that one gender hasn't got an award in ages so it should win? What nonsense, the person with the best film wins, that should be all there is to it, otherwise it's not impartial, which makes the award have no credibility, no substance...."oh she won coz she was a woman, it's a woman's turn" rubbish! I've seen both movie's and I felt, with The Hurt Locker, I was watching a re-hashed Documentary I had seen on tv, even Jarhead came to mind, it wasn't anything special (IMO you can disagree if you want). Avatar was enthralling, it was entertaining, it did what movies are supposed to do for it's audiences and it didn't take an eon to sink in.

Juno didn't win the Academy Award for Best Picture though a previous comment lumped it in with Slumdog Millionaire, Crash etc.

I'll believe it when I see it. The same or similar arguments could be made for Avatar winning the PGA. Not that I don't think Cameron could win it, but I just don't feel that he will.

Chandrian is right all the way this isn't about men vs women in the academy awards its about movies. I never even heard of the hurt locker until the awards started coming around. Everyone says AVATAR is not original well neither is the hurt locker! Who cares about Iraq. People are sick and tired of hearing about it. Same goes for inglorious bastards tired of another NAZI MOVIE which has been done before too! What was that about being original? Oh yeah just like the people who say AVATAR has been done before referencing dances with wolves so has the hurt locker and Inglorious Bastards! The only difference is AVATAR 1.9 billion and counting. Hurt Locker well supposedly 16 million. I don't have any problem with Cameron's ex wife or her movie, but the fact is people like AVATAR and want to keep seeing it is that the sign of a damn good movie? You tell me! Oh and no I don't believe AVATAR should get an Oscar for the most money at the box office, but popular movies still have to be recognized like the Dark Night which didn't receive anything what a shame. So to sum up it's time for the Oscars and everyone else to start recognizing Sci Fi films once and for all because there is acting there too!!!!

That's fine if Cameron wins the DGA award but it doesn't always guarantee Oscar gold. If he does win indeed, then more than likely Bigelow will come up the winner come Oscar time. Besides I think it's not only long overdue for a woman to receive an Oscar for directing but I think the Academy will feel that Cameron already had his big moment when he won for Titanic and that should be reward enough...

A lot of people support Bigelow only because she is a woman, so what? This is not a war of genders of something like that.
I think Cameron deserves the price. Avatar is truly a gem, not because of its bugdet, box-office and special effects, but because there is so much effort, so much talent and a lot of heart on it.
In my opinion, it should win this prize, and the Academy Awards. To me, the Best Picture award should belong to a movie that will be remembered many years later. In a few years, no one will remember "The Hurt Locker", anyone remembers "Crash"? Or "Juno"? "Slumdog Millionaire" anyone?
I think it's silly to give a prize to a movie only because it's "indie" or didn't have a 100 millon dollar budget.
But hey, I won't be angry if Bigelow wins, or cry like a fanboy.
May the best man (or woman) win.

Hurt Locker is available on DVD - was the number 1 rental the week it came out, is available on demand and has been heavily discussed in various media outlets.

Your argument suggests that these people live under rocks, don't watch television and don't read. I think this argument isn't that well thought out.

What I find "amusing" is this backlash over Cameron's box office.
I wonder how Bigelow's camp would have felt if her film had grossed even a tenth of Avatar's?
I still believe that Bigelow will win, both the DGA and, the Best Director Oscar.

If Cameron wins the DGA Award over Kathryn Bigelow, I'll be more than a little P-Oed. Bigelow delivered a taut, suspenseful film on a fraction of AVATAR's budget and without near the hype. Cameron's film is good, but I don't think it is great. In fact, you take away the visual effects and you are left with a few fine performances (Zoe Saldana, CCH Pounder and Sigourney Weaver in particular) and a less than impressive story. Bigelow's movie is timely, incredibly performed and magnificently directed. Not only is a woman winning the DGA honor and Oscar long overdue, but Bigelow is most definitely deserving as well!

I get your point Tom, but even if James Cameron wins the DGA I still believe Kathryn Bigelow will get Best Director at the Oscars.




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