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Gold Derby nuggets: Owen Gleiberman makes an 'Inglourious' goof? | Online critics dare to snub 'Avatar' | Alec Baldwin promises 'greatest Oscars' ever

January 3, 2010 |  8:16 am

AwardsDaily has a trio of nifty posts. Forget who will win the Oscar for best actress for a sec. Who really gave the best performance in 2009? Poll results so far: Meryl Streep ("Julie & Julia") leads with 22%, followed by Carey Mulligan ("An Education") 18% and Gabby Sidibe ("Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire") (12%") and (ha! ha! — this will never happen at the Oscars) Zoe Saldana ("Avatar") 8%. In anticipation of the National Society of Film Critics unveiling winnahs today, Sasha Stone offers a smart overview of the august crix group here. Speaking of Sasha, she graciously invited me to contribute to her latest Oscar roundtable dishfest, but I spaced out and missed the deadline. Check out what other pundits have to say about whether it's key to campaign for an Oscar anymore and whether Mo'Nique's ungracious refusal to play the game may hurt her on March 7.

Avatar movie news oscars kate hudson-1

• InStyle declares Kate Hudson's gold Versace frock from the 2002 Oscars to be the greatest dress of the first decade of the 21st century. LUXIST

• "It's going to be the greatest Oscar broadcast in the history of the motion picture business," promises co-host Alec Baldwin. "That's what we're setting out to do – the most exciting, dignified, important, fantastic Oscar broadcast ever achieved." THE NATIONAL

• If you won't listen to me, dear Derbyites, then please pay attention to Guy Lodge, who tries to smack sense into Oscar watchers by asserting 10 good reasons why "Inglourious Basterds" will win best picture. "I happily submit that my idea may be wildly off-base, but it’s not underthought," he says. IN CONTENTION

• Memo to Guy Lodge: Hey, who volunteers to tell EW's Owen Gleiberman that he's missed the "Inglourious" Oscar boat? Owen tells readers he thinks, looking back at Oscars past, the derbies that have "the most drama are those in which the competition for best picture is dominated by two front-runners and each one of those movies stands for something radically different within the Hollywood cosmos." Then he insists that this year's race is between "Avatar" and "Up in the Air." Memo to Owen: You might want to read some alternate views on why "Basterds" is really ahead (my take here; click link above to get Guy Lodge's take). ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Oscars movies news inglourious basterds-2

• Owen might want to check out what some other journos think of film awards. The Online Film Critics Society just announced nominations: "Inglourious Basterds" leads with the most (eight). Other best pic nominees are "The Hurt Locker," "A Serious Man," "Up," "Up in the Air." Hey, where's "Avatar"? (Beware of fanboys' revenge!) Winners will be announced next week.

Pete Hammond dishes some rumors swirling about what we may see on the March 7 Oscarcast: "I've heard a few ideas thrown around and one is sticking -- a dance tribute to the five nominated musical scores." Beware: Could we be subjected to a "Hurt Locker" dance? NOTES ON A SEASON

Photos, from top: Kate Hudson in Versace gold. Credit: Getty Images. A scene from "Inglourious Basterds." Credit: The Weinstein Co.


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First of all, have any of you seen AVatar? It's not that great of a film. Visually its amazing, but its boring in spots and predictable. And honestly, Owen Glieberman is kinda known for being a moron. Anyone who takes a review from Entertainment Weekly serious should have their head examined. Inglourious Basterds, while it may not win any awards, was still the best pic of the year.

Someone explain to me why the Academy insists on subjecting the audience to song and dance numbers when every single person on he face of the Earth knows everyone hates them? Why? It's a mystery of immense proportions to me that people who make their living off of the entertainment industry don't know how roundly despised the Oscars are.

Why can't the Oscars take a few cues from the Golden Globes. Chill out, stop taking your little self fellating, self pleasuring night of mutual fellatio so seriously and act like everyone is there to have some fun. Instead, the Oscars are about as enjoyable as a music recital after your kid has played.

Please someone tell Tom to stop overhype Basterds....!!!

Is not gonna win the best picture oscar, period, he diminishes everyone who doesn't think the same thing that him, but its clear the a lot more people loves Avatar and Up in the air than IB

On (unofficial) behalf of the OFCS, thanks for mentioning our awards Tom! For the record, "Avatar" received three nominations from us--directing, editing, and cinematography--which seems fair considering that the film's merits lie primarily in its technical innovation. We have already barricaded the doors in anticipation of the fanboy blowback, and the governing committee has posted snipers on the roof.

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