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Beyonce and Kings of Leon did NOT pull off Grammy 'upsets'

January 31, 2010 | 11:09 pm

Reuters is among the media outlets labeling Kings of Leon's Grammy Award for record of the year for "Use Somebody" as a "surprise," but that's hogwash. Many sources believe that Beyonce pulled off a jaw-dropper in the Grammy battle over best song — or else they think it's shocking that she won there for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and not in the corresponding category for best record for "Halo." (Often those Grammys get bestowed as a matching pair.)

Kings of leon beyonce grammy awards news

You know that's nonsense too — if you've been following the expert Grammy dish here at Gold Derby.

Our forum moderator, Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch, and I predicted Kings of Leon would triumph for best record. We also thought it could prevail for song of the year, but I warned that Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" had a strong chance to be the spoiler.

As Darrin notes during our discussion, the prize for best record often goes to rock tunes with a lush musical sound like "Use Somebody." Consider recent past champs "Clocks" by Coldplay, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day and U2's "Walk On."

Theoretically, "Use Somebody" should've won best song too — the separate awards for the recording artist and songwriter usually line up about 50% of the time. Furthermore, the victory in the best-song race by a dance tune like "Single Ladies" is a rarity. But as I explained, Beyonce screwed up her Grammy submissions this year. "Single Ladies" is her strongest tune — so hip and catchy that it might've won best record too if Beyonce had entered it in competition. She didn't. She submitted the ho-hum "Halo" in the best-record race instead and placed "Single Ladies" exclusively in the songwriters' contest. Why? You can check out our theorizing in past discussions, but basically put, she blew it.

But maybe it's not a total disaster. You can look at the Grammy outcome this way. At least Beyonce finally has won one of the top three awards. (Record, song and album of the year are considered the holy trinity.) In the past, she had won 10 Grammys, but they were all in the second-tier slots. She had lost  record twice ("Irreplaceable" in 2008, "Crazy in Love" in 2004), song once ("Say My Name" in 2001) and she never before had been nominated for album.

It's just that the award for song doesn't have the same glamor as record. Beyonce is a queen. She's overdue for that crown or the one for album.


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Photo: Kings of Leon (WireImage)

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Beyonce is great, didn't KOL, win? So what your beef? Beyonce is a great artist, so just lay off. Beyonce is beautiful and you are just jealous. How long have KOL being touring 5 years, beyonce have be touring 2 years so why should she go away?

The only thing "overdue" regarding Beyonce is a LONG BREAK! None of her songs are worthy of Grammy wins, especially "Single Ladies," which might as well be a nursery rhyme. Kings of Leon should have won in both categories.

Considering people like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley never won Grammys in their lifetimes, I don't want to hear crap about someone has soulless and manufactured as Beyonce being "overdue" for Grammys when she has 16. I don't care if they are "second tier" or not. Her Grammys are evidence of just how badly the industry sucks right now. If she's considered "Queen," we are in a serious rut for raw talent.

Loved the Grammys. But Gaga is defiantly my favorite. She is the coolest. Man everything she does is just magic. And you know in a million years I could never imagine here music style working with Elton John’s but it was just great. But I think beyonce won too much, I don’teven like the song “single ladies”. It’s kinda dumb really.
This was interesting though.

Charles, the award isnt just for lyrics but also for constructing the melody, and given the crazy viral videos, spoofs, cultural references it was genius (that and the choreography).

Tom I have to disagree with you, I think it was a stroke of genius because by pretty much committing award suicide in one of her categories voters really pulled for her on this one. They were never going to vote for her in Record of the Year, i mean its just too prestigious and Single Ladies for the old rockers is just too hip hop dance diva. But songwriters, its prestigious, not as much and they would just vote for her there.

I thought this years Grammy.s were boring.Too many ballads,Mary J Blidge screaming to hit the notes next to Bucchelli was just awful.Beyonce,s weave interfered with her head spinning dull performance of an awful song.Amd dare I say ENOUGH! already with the Jacksons,they have milked it long enough.If I see anothe tribute to thiat man and his music I will scream!

The only way I consider Beyonce's Song of the Year win a surprise is that it was for a song with four songwriters that only has three lyrics in the whole song! I love the song, but for a songwriter's award? Really?

Oh, come on! Use Somebody was the only really good song I heard this year. It blows Single Ladies and Halo out of the water, and totally deserved Song of the Year too.

beyonce is the best artist. i love her

With 16 Grammys, Beyonce is not overdue for anything. She has been overrewarded for years. Her 6 wins this year is disgusting. Thanks Kanye West!



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