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Poll: Is Brad Pitt dodging award shows because he's mad they're snubbing him?

January 27, 2010 |  6:09 am

Now that the reps for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have denied rumors of a bust-up and TMZ has reported that Brad — well, at least his beard — is back at home with his brood, there goes the theory that he's snubbing award shows because he's embarrassed about the collapse of his romance.

He didn't show up at the Golden Globes or Critics Choice Awards where "Inglourious Basterds" was nominated for best picture — and won for best supporting actor (Christoph Waltz). Brad didn't show up at the Screen Actors Guild where — surprise — he was among the winners when the "Basterds" cast claimed the ensemble award. "Basterds" also won best supporting actor for Waltz, but Brad wasn't nominated for his own, separate award.

Inglourious basterds 15

Is it possible that he's privately upset that he hasn't generated solo kudos buzz this derby season? Last year, Brad was generously available to promote "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" when it was up for best picture at the Oscars, Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards and he was nommed for best lead actor at all of those award shows. When "Babel" was a top player one year earlier, Brad made the kudos rounds as he received sporadic nominations such as a bid for best supporting actor at the Golden Globes. So why is he M.I.A. now? Is it just a coincidence that he hasn't scored any solo nominations?

A source within the Weinstein Co., who asked not to be identified because she wasn't speaking officially on behalf of the firm, told Gold Derby, "We're all baffled. When people ask us, 'Where's Brad?' we honestly don't know!"

Gold Derby contacted the office of Brad's rep to ask why he's been missing from award shows, but we did not receive a response to our inquiry.

It's not far-fetched to believe that celebrities might skip award shows where their films are lavished with nominations just because they personally didn't get a bid. Remember when "Titanic" sailed into the Oscar history books without its lead male star on board as its team accepted 11 record-tying awards at the Shrine Auditorium? Rumor had it that Leo DiCaprio was so irked the he wasn't nominated for best actor that he stayed home.

The Directors Guild of America has announced that Brad will attend its awards gala Saturday as a presenter, but a DGA rep says he doesn't know if Angelina Jolie will be with him. Of course, Brad's probably showing up to support his pal Quentin Tarantino. Not being a contender himself at DGA, Brad has no beef with the guild. However, it's possible that he's snubbing the other award shows because they snubbed him.

If true, will he snub the Oscars next? E! Online reports that Angelina Jolie will not attend the Academy Awards because "Jolie will be heading to Venice at the end of February to start production on 'The Tourist,' a remake of a French thriller costarring Johnny Depp in which Jolie plays a vengeful Interpol agent." But what about Brad?

Photo: the Weinstein Co.

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Maybe he wants to spend time with all those kids he has now? Didn't Angelina just give birth to twins? Maybe he's spending as much time as he can at home with his babies?

I've been snubbing Brad. I haven't seen a Pitt or Jolie film since they got together. It's just my small way to contribute to supporting monogamy, and Jennifer Aniston. I Boycott all Pitt and Jolie films. Simple, really.

To add to my comment: Does anyone think it mey be hard for Angelina right now. Isn't it the anniversary of her mothers death. Maybe that is why they aren't out partying.

Maybe he just doesn't want to go. Also he probably knows what will be said if Angelina isn't joined at his hip. It said that Angelina is heading to Venice to shoot a movie, don't they usually travel together with the kids. "While one works the other keeps the kids".
I read somewhere else that they were looking at clothes for the Oscars. Planning their outfits.
Who knows.

You guys are all dumb. When Brad was nominated at the SAG awards for BABEL he didn't go or when Babel was nominated for BEST PICTURE at the Oscars he didn't go either.

Now that he doesn't go to an Awards show one time, crap hits the fan. Honestly. And Brad and Angie don't go to Award Shows if they're not nominated. That's all.

I always thought Angelina was the better actress and better half of this duo....Brad stepped up when he got with her, however, his acting should mature along with him...there are way too many pretty boys out there to compete with.

Give me a break. If he went to the Golden Globes and the SAGS then all of the haters and "news" outlets would call them media whore stealing the spotlight from the actual nominees and the cast and that they always make it all about them! If they don't go then they are breaking up or snubbing the awards for not being nominated. It is beyond ridiculous. Why would they go when neither is individually nominated and every time they go anywhere it is mayhem and people scrutinizing every photo for signs of stress or criticizing the Lost City of Z beard? Enough. Enough. Enough. Give it a rest.

Maybe he's out shooting pool with my nephew in Orange County...if you think I'm making this up...Nope! It happened once 3 years nephew actually shot pool with Brad Pitt and got drunk with him. He got a couple of autographs from him for his sister and mother (my sister). And on top of that, he followed my nephew home to make sure he got there safely since they were both intoxicated.

I don't understand.

Queen Latifah did not attend the SAG Awards last year when she was nominated (and won) for Life Support.

Albert Finney did not attend the Golden Globes, the SAGs, and the Oscars when he was nominated for Erin Brokovich.

Sean Penn did not attend the Oscars when he was nominated for Dead Man Walking, Sweet and Lowdown, and I am Sam.

Judi Dench has NEVER attended the Golden Globes, the SAGs, and the Emmys in spite of being nominated hundreds of times.

The list goes on.

Why SHOULD Pitt attend award ceremonies if he is not even nominated.

I think this is really not a big deal. The guy must have other commitments. He also has six kids, for crying out loud. That must be one of the reasons he plans to stay home. Who knows?

Maybe he thinks award shows are moronic.



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