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Poll: Will George Clooney or Jeff Bridges win the Golden Globe for best drama actor?

January 4, 2010 | 10:18 am

George clooney up in the air jeff bridges movie news

The Golden Globe battle for best drama actor is a slugfest pitting odds-on-favorite Jeff Bridges ("Crazy Heart") and George Clooney ("Up in the Air") against Colin Firth ("A Single Man"), Morgan Freeman ("Invictus") and Tobey Maguire ("Brothers").

Predicting the outcome is a head-scratcher. Most pundits are betting on Bridges or Clooney, which is probably right, but no one should wager too much on the Globes. They're predictably unpredictable. Sometimes voters like to take a surprising art-house turn, which would favor Firth now. Just like the Oscars, Globe voters are often suckers for famous actors who portray other famous people, which would benefit Freeman as Nelson Mandela. Maguire shouldn't be written off because he's done something impressive of late, crossing over from portraying a popcorn superhero like Spider-Man to doing an edgy role as a bedeviled ex-soldier in "Brothers."

Bridges and Clooney have all the buzz, though. In Bridges' favor is the fact that he's got the emotionally showy, gritty, brooding kind of role that often triumphs. Think of the last two champs: Mickey Rourke ("The Wrestler") and Daniel Day-Lewis ("There Will Be Blood"). Bridges not only plays a boozer like Rourke's role, but a chap who really ties one on -- like Nicolas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas," for which he won the Globe as best drama actor of 1995.

However, voters adore Clooney. He's won twice — for "Syriana" and "O Brother, Where Are Thou?" His role has emotional gravitas too, as his character, a sly corporate cat, searches the friendly skies for love and a meaning to life. It probably helps that "Up in the Air" is a front-runner to win best drama picture. "Crazy Heart" isn't nominated.

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Left photo: A scene from "Up in the Air." Credit: Paramount

Right photo: A scene from "Crazy Heart." Credit: Fox Searchlight

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Rourke won last year, and Bridges WILL win this.
Susan Sarandor handed very gracefully a "deserved" Globe to Rourke last year, and I´m hoping to see a Classy Actress to do the same for Jeff this year... Kate maybe? i love to see Meryl...

i think that clooney doesnt deserve 2 win it his already won academy awards in the past its time for someone else to shine, morgan freeman is the same he doesnt need any more awards he is already an established legend, either Jeff Bridges or Colin Firth to win and since he is the most overdue actor for an award ever, Jeff bridges will win.

I didn't see Jeremy whoever on the list, so I don't understand the comment here. I do wonder about how helpful it is to make all these predictions in advance. I think it does a disservice to the artists though, as it pushes too hard on the public to come to a conclusion, rather than letting us discover the performances. Does that make sense? Also it distracts from the celebration of the arts, which is really what these "competitions" should be about. It should be a showcase of great work, an acknowledgment of fine performances, which it is, but that gets lost sometimes. Really, there are no losers here. Everything and everyone on the list deserves to be there.
That said, Clooney's performance was subtle, vulnerable and heartfelt. I hope the hype and marketing does not eclipse what was truly a joy to watch. The buzz started very early, because the film stood out. But too early, maybe, and may have oversaturated the public. I hope that does not happen. I think he deserves to win.

Actually I think Clooney hasn't got a ghost's chance in hell. It's that guy Jeremy something or other from "The Hurt Locker" who will provide the competition to Bridges.



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