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Prediction: Taylor Swift will grab Grammy crown for best album of the year

January 26, 2010 | 10:35 am

While our forum moderators Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch and David "Guru" Schnelwar disagree strongly on who will win the Grammy Award for best record of the year on Sunday (CBS, 8 p.m. ET/PT), they're in perfect harmony on who will claim the crown for best album: Taylor Swift.

Check out what we all think about these Grammy battles: best record, best song and best new artist.

Taylor swift

"I Am ... Sasha Fierce" -- Beyoncé
"The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)" -- Black Eyed Peas
"Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" -- Dave Matthews Band
"The Fame" -- Lady Gaga
"Fearless" -- Taylor Swift — Guru, DoubleD

GURU'S COMMENTARY: As I predicted, this is the third year in a row that each nominated album is from a different genre field:  Beyoncé (R&B), Black Eyed Peas (pop), Dave Matthews Band (rock), Lady Gaga (dance) and Taylor Swift (country).

The third time was the charm for Beyoncé and the Black Eyed Peas finally to be nominated for album of the year, but I do not think they are going to win.

Lady Gaga's meteoric success has continued to get bigger and bigger lately. It will be interesting to see if the Grammys finally honor dance music in the top categories.

The Dave Matthews Band is a strong possibility to win, but it failed to receive expected nominations for best rock song and best rock performance by a duo or group with vocals.

Taylor Swift's "Fearless" was the biggest-selling album of 2009 and will in all likelihood win this.

DOUBLED'S COMMENTARY: Despite its multiple hit singles, the Black Eyed Peas won't be winning such a prestigious category. Their album received terrible reviews across the board.

Gaga is out too; voters usually don't award lightweight dance/pop in this category (and new artists rarely win here anyway).

Beyoncé could be a threat here since she has a leading 10 nominations, but I suspect voters will go with the veteran (Dave Matthews Band) or 2009's biggest star in music (Taylor Swift). I think the multiple accolades, eight Grammy nods, the Kanye backlash and the multi-platinum sales will push Swift over the edge here. NARAS could give this to Dave Matthews Band as a "career Grammy," but the band was snubbed in the pop and rock fields with the exception of a rock album nod. Then again, few nominations didn't stop Herbie Hancock from winning here a few years back.


Will Taylor Swift or Kings of Leon reign at the Grammys?

Will the Zac Brown Band or Keri Hilson win the Grammy for best new artist?

Grammy battle over best song: Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Kings of Leon?

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we are going to look back on this year as the year the grammys died. lady gaga was robbed, the world needs to see that, and luckily, many do. im not putting up with that mess anymore. taylor swift isnt even nominated for best album at the brits, and gaga is the favorite to win, at least someone has it right. get your act together, grammys. you had better give gaga what she deserves next year.

susan boyle sold over 8,000,00 (million) copies i like close to 4 months not a year 4 months ! ! !! !

Are you crazy or what @Kia. Ok Talyor may have sold a lot of ablums, but Beyonce by far did too. Plus Beyonce has and had a song that was so out there both here in the US and out of state (Single Ladies) even went to tv (snl) so with that not only should she win most of her 10 nonimations but she should win at least 2 of the top awards. She can sing,dance and act. Talyor can't sing,dance. Carrie underwood is a better singer than Talyor for sure. Talyor is getting pity awards and her sales was boost up after that dumb Kanyee interruppting her speech,period. Top 2 awards for Beyonce should be Ablum and Song of the year,period and she should than recieve at least 4 more awards.

Wrong, Taylor swift does not deserve the award for best record. Gaga sold 5.8 million copies of her album in the world this year, only second to Susan Boyle with 6.2 million copies. Taylor swift sold 4.2 million copies worldwide. No offense to Swift, but Gaga had the best album, and you can not debate it. The number of albums you sell internationally is more significant than number you sell just in the U.S. Dont even and try to debate that. Gaga also had the number 1 song worldwide with Poker face. So, you are wrong. Gaga is more deserving of the awards more than Taylor just based on numbers. But if you actually include the talent, Gaga is even more deserving.


OMG!! There soundn't even be a Grammy's this Year! They shoud just Give all the awards to Taylor Swift...

No one and I mean No one deserves more Grammy's this year then her.
(( And I know that they're not going to do that, But they should))-- T-Swift works harded then Obama. And I like Obama.. Country Singer or not.. She's the best... Better then Beyonce and Britney spears put together, and Im not saying that because I dont Care for them Im Saying that because It's true. That's why everyone Hates on her so much.. And no matter what award that she doesn't get but Deserves... Taylor Swift will Always be on top.

If the Grammys want to honor artistic achievement, then the Dave Matthews album is the only choice...and really the only choice that won't embarrass NARAS. If it wants to honor commercial success and appeal then the other 4 fill the bill. Even though the Lady GaGa and BEPs sold a lot of CDs, the Grammys are not kind to dance music (Madonna's Ray of Light is a prime example) and the BEPs music is just plain awful really. So for a middle of the road choice, Beyounce is a sure that has broad appeal like Stevie Wonder's. But for a safer choice...teen queen Taylor will prevail because it's country music with touches of pop that had crossover success with teens and adults alike...sure it's mediocre and bland...but hey, Grandmas and Grandpas enjoy it also, que no?



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