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Oscars' best-actress clawfest: Meryl Streep vs. Sandra Bullock

January 21, 2010 |  7:29 am

Oscars best actress meryl streep sandra bullock

We pooled the predix of the following pundits to get their take on the Oscars' best-actress derby: Scott Feinberg (AndTheWinnerIs), Pete Hammond (Notes on a Season, the Envelope), Peter Howell (Toronto Star), Steve Pond (the Odds, theWrap), Nathaniel Rogers (Film Experience) and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone). As the box below reveals, Meryl Streep gets four votes; Sandra Bullock, two. (The rest are ranked according to their likelihood of winning.) Check out how these Oscar pundits size up the best-picture contest here. See who they predict will win the SAG Awards here.

BEST ACTRESS Rogers Feinberg Hammond Howell Pond Travers
Meryl Streep, "Julie & Julia"







Carey Mulligan, "An Education"




Gabourey Sidibe, "Precious"





Sandra Bullock, "The Blind Side"





Helen Mirren, "The Last Station"




Photos: "Julie & Julia" (Columbia Pictures), "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros.)

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Let's not fool ourselves with these noms this year. Meryl Streep is obviously the winner here. Sandra Bullock has been nominated for a Razzie too!( For the worst actress in a motion pic) And her other flicks---- well let's put our fingers in mouths and regurgitate! Good Luck Meryl! You deserve it!

Look, let's see sense here people Meryl Streep deserves the oscar without a doubt in the world. I love Sandra and she was excellent in The Blind Side and many other things BUT she is not a patch on The Meryl Streep. I am not saying Meryl deserves it just because she is Meryl but she was flawless in this movie absolutley flawless. Of course I know the movie was only mediocre but it's the acting being judged here. I would have prefered for Meryl to win for some of her other like, Bridges of Maddison County, Silkwood, Out Of Africa ETC in my opinion she has been robbed of the oscar on numerous occasions just because she already has two doesn't mean she doesn't deserve another!
Meryl for the win.

sandra bullock deserves all the spotlight she's receiving! Have you watch any of her previous films? comar those performances to the blind side performance. STUNNING. so don't go all "meryl streep" on the oscars, cause she won't win. Sandrea deserves it. get over it! I preferred amy adams' performance in julie and julia than meryl's! sorry, but that's my point of view!

Agree with JeffG, why can't the actress with the best performance win the Oscar, if not it's completely violating the meaning of having Oscar. With best performance, then she wins, that is. For honor somebody's dedication to her career, give her the Honorary award. I don't mean to be mean to Meryl or Mirren, I love them and their performance, but it just to many "Honorary" Best Actress Awards in the past. Also awards should be based on actress' performance but not the actress herself. Otherwise the title should be "Best actress" instead of "Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role"!!!

Why was Bullock even nominated? Did they not watch her performance? It was mediocre at best. I don't think I'm watching the oscars this year. I'm not going to watch Streep get screwed out of another award.

I can't believe that Sandra Bullock has made it this far. I was wondering if she would get a nomination at all. Then she wins the Critic's Award? But they have done this before, tying a younger performer's role with Meryl Streep and then the Academy just ignores the younger's chance at Oscar glory.

I haven't seen Blind Side and I don't really want too. I believe Sandra did a fair job but it looks like she overacts in it. And I've only seen segments.

Meryl was Julia Child. She deserves her first Oscar in 20 years. If Sandra is really such a great actress she will have her chance later

Bullock doesn't deserve the Oscar. Period. MTV Movie Award I'm okay with.

It should be between Streep, Mulligan, and Sidibe. I'm sick of politics. Let's please give Oscars to the best performance, not as rewards for interesting careers or box office hits. I will gain so much more respect for Hollywood is Bullock doesn't win any more awards. No one was praising her performance like this until she mysteriously received the Golden Globe. None of the critics awards across the country nominated her and all of sudden her Golden Globe nom leads to this outpouring of praise and honors. Makes no sense.

If there is any sanity left in the Academy, Streep will get it. Mulligan and Sidibe deserve it as well for their incredible work (My favorite performances of the season came from Sidibe, Bridges, Waltz, and Mo'Nique).

I didn't say that being the top box office draw would discount Sandra solely because of that, I said that she shouldn't deserve to win BECAUSE of it and only that. Someone gave it as their only defense as to why Sandra should win, no other supports. I pointed out that the argument was facetious or even incomplete, at best.

As for my Michael Bay comparison, I do know that it's apples and oranges, but again, this was for the "huge box office, so she deserves to win" defense to demonstrate how their argument was just as insipid as it was. As for the "get over it" directed to me, I am not obsessed with this. Each response only took me a minute of my time and I still have a life, plus I see I am not the only one who shares my opinion, or even so much HAS an opinion. Jeez.

Listen, I LOVE Chariots of Fire and feel it wholly deserved its BP Oscar, but there are people out there with vitriolic hatred for it and I accept it and understand that it IS a difference of opinion. Maybe YOU should get over this.

Re: Jess: The Blind Side is FAR different from Michael Bay. People don't see Michael Bay's movies because of his direction, they go for the special effects. However, the success of The Blind Side can be placed squarely, and rightly, on Sandra Bullock's shoulders. She is the reason the film did as good as it did. She is America's new sweetheart and [mostly] everyone loves her. Get over it.

Everyone is entitled to not think Sandra Bullock is worthy of an Oscar. But, why does the fact that she is the top box office draw of the year preclude her from an Oscar victory? Meryl is terrific. She can recite the phone book better than any actress. Some say, "The Blindside" was an ordinary film, but "Julia & Julie" was not Meryl's finest film either. She was half the film's story. Sandra Bullock carried all the weight in "The Blindside." Meryl already has two Oscars and will surely win another in her wonderful career and receive countless nominations in the future. If they cannot share an Oscar victory as they did the Critics Choice award, then I would prefer to see Sandra receive Oscar gold. For those who disagree, there have been far more offensive winners in the past.

Its nice to see many being supportive of Sandra Bullock. Sorry for those who keep saying Box Office is far different from deserving an Oscar. Simply because Sandra is the biggest box office draw of this year does NOT mean her performance in "The Blindside" is to be disregarded. Meryl was great as Julia Child, but I don't feel "Julia & Julie" was her best movie. Let face it, Meryl Streep can do anything and she will have many great roles ahead of her and no doubt more Oscar nominations and victories. Simply because some feel she should win because she is our best actress ever, is no reason for her to win a SAG or Oscar over a great performance by Sandra Bullock.
I agree with giving the award to Sandra. New and deserving blood.


Re: Anti-Sandra people having to shut up: Um, no. Box office is FAR different from deserving an Oscar. Michael Bay has made a ton of money, does HE have a Best Director Oscar in his future? Hell no. Your argument does not hold up.

I hate to say this but Meryl Streep won't win because she's Meryl Streep. I'm not saying Bullock will win but Streep is too good for Best Actress.

Tom enough with "clawfest" its unfunny at best and insulting at worst. These two women respect eachother's work why characterize an exciting race in these violent terms?

Sandra Bullock is a mediocre actress in a mediocre movie called blind side. If she gets SAG or even Oscar, then the SAG & AMPAS are mediocre as well.

For those of you who are trying to still bash against Sandra Bullock for winning the Oscars, you all need to stop. I HAVE followed her career since she was first known in "Speed" with Keanu Reeves. Back then, most of us, Sandra fans only knew she was great at romantic-comedy roles. This year, she has surprised ALL of us, Sandy fans with three diverse roles although the first two were slightly similar, be it "The Proposal" and "All About Steve". I'm a die-hard Sandy fan, alas, I watched all three movies. I wouldn't think twice about her movie; once she's in one, I would go. The only one I didn't really like was her in "Premonition". I don't generally like scary movies, so no ties for Sandy and Meryl. Meryl has already won. I would love to see someone fresh and new, an American comedy-actres turned serious actress win, please.

@ Michael Butts. Apperently you have not seen Infamous yet. Or 28 Days at least.

The main challenge Sandra has is that she's extremely popular. Most people tend to first think of her rom-com works before realizing that she is indeed a fine actress. The academy has seen a glimpse of that in Crash. Hollywood was ready to present her as a serious actress by giving her "best supporting actress" at Hollywood film fest. Sadly no one was ready for that and Infamous did not do well at the box office.

The same goes for Meryl Streep. The first thing that comes to our mind is 'the best of our time'. Her body of work is excellent but it is not flawless. People seem to have forgotten Dark Matter or Lion for Lambs, for instance.

Let's not compare these two actresses. Their usual crafts are largely different. One is a trained actress; the other is more comfortable with pratfall comedy. But that should NOT translate into an impossible Oscar chance for Bullock. Her work in the Blind Side is far from "made-for-TV mediocrity". As a tough as nails Republican, she was fiery and yet vulnerable. And it's really helping that most people love her ($230 m!!) and are happy to see her latest tranformation. Her character works like the central core of the mother-son relationship narrative and her performance lifts the whole movie.

Streep is, again, regal as Julia Child. Pitch perfect performance. It's too bad that movie is only half-good. Julia was hardly the 'center' of the movie. Back in summer, It was packaged as the 'other half' of the two stories. This has been recalculated, of course.

Mulligan and Sidibe are talented newcomers who give great performance in their respective movie. But that's it, that's the only thing most people can speak of both actresses. As we all know, Oscar is everything but "performance-only."

And the fifth nominee is the fifth nominee. Mirren and Blunt are not even nominated by BAFTA.

Does Meryl still win the Oscar if Bullock takes SAG? There still seems to be conflicting views on this...

I'm so sick of the anti-Sandra Bullock bloggers -- give it a rest! No female actress has been able to put out two movies that have grossed more than 160 million in one year, no actress has headlined a movie that has grossed more than 200 million EVER. Audiences love her and she deserves the recognition that she is getting -- she gives a no holds barred everything but the kitchen sink in her portrayal in the blind side. I love Meryl to death but I will be thrilled if Sandra Bullock wins it all.

It would be nice to see Sandra and Meryl share the SAG and Oscar as they did the Critics Choice Award. They were great on stage together. Not sure why the dislike by some for Sandra. She can give a fine performance. Remember "Crash." Simply because she does mostly light comedies and has never been in a movie that has lost money is no reason to overlook her performance in "The Blindside." There have been worse Oscars given out in the past. Remember Renee Zellweger in "Cold Mountain?" Very Hillbilly.

I would love Meryl and Sandra to tie for the SAG and Oscar as they did for the Critics Choice Award. They were great on stage together. Sorry so many feel Sandra was acting in a "made for t.v. movie." Quite the contrary. I'm not sure why people get so worked up over a Sandra Bullock Oscar win. How did you feel when Renee Zellweger won playing a hillbilly in "Cold Mountain." That was a ridiculous win. Sandra Bullock has done fine work in the past, but simply because she has chosen to do comedic roles and actually make movies that earn money does not preclude her from shifting gears and giving us a great performance, as in "Crash" or "The Blinde Side." Oscar has rewarded far worse. And always terrific Meryl will win again...and again in the future.

"Gabourey's performance is fine in Precious but not exactly strong enough against Meryl's towering take on Julia Child"

You must be on crack! Gabourey >>>>>> Meryl. It just goes to show that these awards are all about politics because the race should be between Carey and Gabourey, not Meryl and Sandra! Give me a break! Meryl is a legend but she's given much better performances than this one and it's sad that she's gonna be reward her 3rd oscar for such lightweight work!

Streep was better. Far far better.

I still say, remember the 1981 Best Picture race. Meryl is "On Golden Pond", while Sandra is "Reds"; in the end, they'll just cancel each other out. Just like "Chariots of Fire", either Carey or (my preference) Gabby will win.




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