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Poll: Who should be forced to return their Oscar?

January 9, 2010 |  7:10 pm

Before academy members commit new Oscar felonies, let's examine some past crimes. To keep things simple, we'll only look as far back on their rap sheet as 1990.

Obviously, Nicole Kidman has no right to hold onto an Oscar for wearing a plastic nose in one hambone scene in a train station in a movie called the worst of the year by Time, Newsday and the NY Daily News. But she still hasn't returned that chunk of gold she swiped for "The Hours."

The hours

That's my favorite victory to gripe about. I asked our forum posters to voice their outrage. Below, sample responses. See more in our forums here. Then give us your opinion! And don't forget to watch this video of me and Michael Musto riffing on Oscar's worst outrages!

Blacktie: "Reese Witherspoon. Her Oscar has Felicity Huffman's name written all over it."

Musicboy: "HELEN HUNT!!! Her Oscar has to be in Judi Dench´s home."

Brickme: "Kim Basinger can give hers to Julianne Moore."

DoubleD: "Russell Crowe won for friggin' "Gladiator"; he shouldn't have even been nominated for that dreck. Make him give it back!"

jw79bull: "Angelina Jolie needs to hand over hers to Chloë Sevigny. Holly Hunter stole it from Angela Bassett!"

Sasun V.: "Renee Zellweger should get her Oscar and deliver it to Shohreh Aghdashloo in a limousine. Reese Witherspoon should send hers with apologies to Felicity Huffman."

FGTfan: "Jessica Lange should give both of hers to Teri Garr and Winona Ryder."

Jason Travis: "Kim Basinger did absolutely nothing to deserve even an Oscar nomination in 'L.A. Confidential.' She stood around looking pretty and had sex with Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce. Big deal."

Kelemenmarc: "Sean Penn needs to give it to Frank Langella."

Photo: Miramax