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Is Sandra Bullock an inevitable Oscar champ?

January 25, 2010 |  6:34 pm

Attention, Jeff Bridges ("Crazy Heart") and Sandra Bullock ("The Blind Side"): You don't automatically have the Oscar in the bag just because you won both the Golden Globe and SAG Award. Several lead stars pulled off the same coup and lost at the Academy Awards: Julie Christie ("Away From Her"), Renee Zellweger ("Chicago") and Russell Crowe ("A Beautiful Mind").

Golden Globe SAG Award Oscar news

Jamian Edward Bailey posted some comments at Facebook in response to some of my reportage on SAG Award winners that are appropriate to this topic, so I'd like to share them here. Words and stats below are Jamian's:

There are several actors who won the Golden Globe and not the SAG, but they went on to win the Oscar. They were Jessica Lange (1994), Mira Sorvino (1995), Hilary Swank (1999), Jim Broadbent (2001), Chris Cooper (2002), Nicole Kidman (2002), Sean Penn (2003), George Clooney (2005).

Instances where actors won the SAG, but not the Globe and went on to the Oscar were Susan Sarandon (1995), Frances McDormand (1996), Cuba Gooding Jr. (1996), Robin Williams (1997), Roberto Benigni (1998), Kevin Spacey (1999), Michael Caine (1999), Halle Berry (2001), Catherine Zeta-Jones (2002), Morgan Freeman (2004), Cate Blanchett (2004), Sean Penn (2008).

And quite a few actors went on to win the Oscar without the Globe or SAG and they were Kevin Spacey (1995), Juliette Binoche (1996), Judi Dench (1998), James Coburn (1998), Marcia Gay Harden (2000), Denzel Washington (2001), Adrien Brody (2002), Alan Arkin (2006), Tilda Swinton (2007), Penelope Cruz (2008).

It should be noted that Arkin, Swinton and Cruz did win the BAFTA in their respective years.

Photos: Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., Screen Actors Guild, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

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