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Why the Golden Globes didn't tent against the rain

January 17, 2010 |  7:41 pm

Usually, award shows are prepared for rain. Tents are pitched over red carpets the minute there seems to be a serious threat of the wet stuff dropping on expensively coiffed superstars. The last time it rained at the Golden Globes there was a tent over the red carpet. So why not today?

Rain golden globes

Turns out that the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. prepared for the downpour. It was ready to put up the plastic, but the decision was made at 9 a.m. today not to proceed because the weather forecast they consulted said that the wet front was moving away from Beverly Hills.

At least the Globes saved lots of money. It costs about $100,000 not just to throw up a tent, but to raise up the red carpet to accommodate drainage.

There was a tragically funny scene that occurred at the "Entertainment Tonight" platform, which is the first stop on the red carpet. As the rain fell harder and harder, the platform's ceiling started to droop lower and lower, threatening to splash on some unsuspecting stars.

"When we had a break between interviews, we pushed a pole up against the ceiling to push the water out," E.T. reporter Mark Steines told Gold Derby. "It ended up spilling on a poor security guard nearby! We felt terrible!"

Photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal by Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times