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An Emmy for Claire Danes in 'Temple Grandin'?

February 8, 2010 |  3:17 pm

Kevin Lewin of World Entertainment News Network was so knocked out by viewing "Temple Grandin" that he wrote this piece for Gold Derby readers to warn them of major Emmy love ahead. In the TV film now airing on HBO, Claire Danes portrays a real-life autistic woman who became a leading scientist in humane livestock handling. Words below are Kev's:

Claire Danes Temple Grandin

Wow! And I mean WOW!!! Claire Danes had better hit the hardware store and pick up a
good-sized wheelbarrow because she's going to clean up at all the TV awards ceremonies this year. All bets are off!

I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a performance in a TV movie and HBO's "Temple Grandin" just blew me away — so much so that I feel compelled to tell everyone in blogland that you HAVE to see this piece of magic. And who knew Ms. Danes was the new Streep? Maybe playing the great one's daughter in "The Hours" rubbed off.

Don't get me wrong, Danes isn't exactly terrible — I loved her in "Shopgirl" and a handful of other roles, but I raised an eyebrow when I first learned she'd be portraying the brilliant Temple G. I now feel I must publicly apologize to the new Mrs. Dancy for doubting her. I truly thought this role would be a tremendous reach for her.
Sorry, Claire.

Obviously, I'm not an expert on animal husbandry, autism or Temple Grandin for that matter, but I know when I'm watching something of great worth, and this HBO gem would have been an Oscar contender in many categories if it had been a cinema release. Kudos to HBO again.

From Mick Jackson's expert direction and the wonderful support of Julia Ormond, Catherine O'Hara and the always brilliant David Strathairn, this is a TV movie you have to see. Just breathtaking.

And, again, apologies to Ms. Danes. I will now be at the front of the line for anything you do. Enjoy the acclaim.

Photo: HBO

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Dear Grace,
I hope you never-ever have an autistic child. I have an autistic child and it's not a phase, a naughty tantrum! I have a normal, well behaved son and KNOW the difference. I can't believe there is still idiots liked you out there!

I am the most jaded critic of film and TV that I know. But I was absolutely floored by Claire Danes' performance in "Temple Grandin". I can't remember the last time I was sucked into a story so completely. It was like watching Home Run Derby featuring Willie Mays and Micky Mantle. Truly, a once in a lifetime experience.

I absolutely cannot believe the insensitive comment from Grace here. You really need to walk a day in the shoes of a parent of a child with Autism. It is NOT the parent or child's "fault"...and there is NO EXCUSE for your idiocy.

Sorry, Jocelyn. When I see a kid throwing a fit I think it's the parents' fault - and the kid is a brat. The last thing kids need are more excuses.

I woud like people to realize that not every child with autism is like Temple or rain man. Most seem like very normal children and act like them most of the time too. Just remember the next time u see an 8-year-old throwing a fit in the store and u think they r bad kids or that they have bad parents the child may be autistic.

I have seen this movie. It is great. My son is 8 and has Asperger's and a lot of the things in the movie are sooo typical and are a lot like my son. I just wish ppl who don't have this in their life can learn to understand these children and their struggles with daily life.

I have always loved Claire. She has a uniqueness about her, voice maybe. And Dr. Grandin, yes is very brilliant. I have read a lot of her articles in reference to animals. I myself found the information to be a lot of help in dealing with stubborn livestock, and knowing why they behave the way they do. Claire did a wonderful job, and I think she deserves many awards on many levels. Bravo to Claire, Dr. Grandin and HBO for this great film. I recorded it and watch it over and over.

I can't agree more with Kevin Lewin. Danes was brilliant in every scene. Her performance brought back memories of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

WOW!!!! I couldn't agree more! Claire Danes certainly deserves an Emmy for this amazing performance and bringing this story to us!! Temple Grandin deserves every reward life can bring her for her amazing insights into animals!!!!! What a wonderful woman. FINALLY!!!! someone who sees animals for the people they are- they are so like us and deserve all the respect Ms. Grandin speaks of. I, too, cried throughout the movie b/c I LOVE animals and children and Temple Grandin's amazing insights have brought us closer to understanding, not only children w/ autism, but also the animals we love!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Temple Grandin and Claire Danes for bringing her story to light!!!!

This movie moved me. I cried throughout the entire movie ....... it may sound silly but I cried because it gave me joy. I have listened to Temple on NPR and I have read a book about her BUT this movie actually filled me with awe of her strength. Her mom .... I could feel her mom's emotions. BRAVO.....I will watch is again and again.

This is the best movie I've seen in a very, very long time. I had heard of her humane cattle handling designs and had applauded them, without knowing who to give the credit to!
I was moved by the devotion Temple's mother showed to her daughter. Her strength is one I hope to pass on to my own young daughter. I was moved to tears more than once when I saw the understanding some of the characters showed of Temple, and how they cooperated in making things work for her way of processing information.
Claire Danes is amazing in this movie and deserves huge recognition in her art as an actress. The entire cast was fantastic! I've recommended this movie to many people already, and hope to catch it again soon.

I am not aware of any people I know that are autistic or have children that are autistic...but WOW!!!!!!!! Im a 26 year old man who has never cried at a movie...not becasue I feel Im too "manly" but I just havent. I cried 5+ times, laughed a bunch. It was because we all get so caught up in our lives and I see that so many of us and our capabilities, actions, ect make this world but we are all so blind. It gave me hope with humanity and humbled me to show me the great life I have. This is the 1st movie in all my life, I told everyone, family, friends, emailed, facebooked, ect...SEE THIS MOVIE...I was amazed and have watched it 3 times in 4 days. Ms. Danes was amazing and I have since searched autism and Ms. Grandin for hours. AWESOME!!

I, too, watched this movie in amazement, not only for the incredible acting but for the message that was presented. Temple's mom deserves awards and kudos herself for pushing and pushing, for adopting the notion that Temple was different but not less. I watched the movie, pushed 'view again' and so far have seen it 4 times. I'll watch it several more times and would love to see Claire get the awards she so richly deserves. I've been to cattle handling classes in Kentucky and was so amazed to see a lot of Temple's ideas incorporated in their presentations. What an incredible person she must be, I can't get enough info about her.
Great job to the entire cast for making this wonderful movie, everyone who had a hand in it deserves to be recognized. I just love it.

My daughter has pervasive spectrum disorder. She has never had a diagnosis but she shows many of the behaviors as Ms. Grandin. I am blown away by this performance. Anyone who had the pleasure of seeing Claire Danes in My So Called Life should not be surprised at this amazing performance. My daughter will see this film and I will discuss it with her. The inability to accept hugs, pleasure from swinging, inability to look at others while talking to them and the excitement displayed when having a revelatory moment. This is my daughter but not as severe as Ms. Grandin. My daughter is also very smart and wants to study meteorology. Thank you all involved in this production and Ms. Grandin. The film brought tears to my eyes and put a face on this condition that many parents face. "Different but better".

My partner and I had saved this then finally last night watched Claire Danes ( as ) Templin.. WOW! Amazing. Bravo Claire- not only did you far exceed expectations but your emotional attachment to this portrayel had us both in tears. I always thought you were a great actress but this is Emmy winning material- hands down. And thank you for being a part of such a great movie and movement...

I was not familiar with Ms. Danes work before watching Temple Grandin last night but I must agree that we are looking at an actress with unlimited talent and we all might be looking at the next Ms. Streep !!!!
I hope she is able to be presented with great scripts in the future to show off her acting talent.
Good luck Ms. Danes, you're a winner and as one gentleman wrote...You better bring a wheel barrel to the 2010 Emmys.
Alan Saffer

Amazing performance. 'Nuff said.

I too was blown away. Having knowledge about Temple Grandin and seeing her talk, Claire Danes by far HAS to win every award owed to her! I laughed, cried and laughed again. You see my boy(9) has Autism. He is brilliant, though not as articulate as Temple. She thinks in pictures, my Jimmy has mathematical abilities and fortunately is very huggable! Temple's website has a piece on types of autistic abilities. God Bless her mother and aunt too. Those actresses' deserves awards too. To all of you who do not have family with autism, IT is That HARD! Pray and please donate to Autism Speaks and other charities . Most of all, whenever you come across someone who is "odd", please , have tolerance and kindness in your heart.

This was, by far, the best movie I have seen in years. Claire's performance was extraordinary. I truly hope she does "clean up" at all the awards show. Outside of the impeccable acting, everything else about the movie was great as well. One of my all time favorites.

A most unique, powerful movie. I had to look really hard to find Claire Danes, herself, in this performance. This attests to an immersed, meticulous acting job. A metamorphisis. I, too, have told everyone to watch this movie. It certainly gives hope.

Clair Danes just took the profession "actor" to a whole new level. This performance ranks up with the best Streep and Foster abilities. Actually better!

I had never heard of Temple Grandin, but I had nothing to do at 4 am so I watched the movie last night. I told my wife when she got up that she had to watch it. Without a doubt, one of the best movies I've ever seen. Claire Danes was brilliant. I came into work and googled Ms. Grandin to find out more about her. After watching video, it confirmed that Claire's performance will go down as one of the best of all-time.

At 1:30 a.m as the movie ended I was lying in my bed next to my husband sobbing. He quickly found the tissues for me. Our grandson was diagnosed with autistic syndrome 5 years ago. He will be 10 in May. He has progressed and is in a regular school room situation.
Even though I knew about Temple before the movie, watching Claire portray her just filled me with so much emotion: sadness, fear and above all hope for my grandson.
I have to admit when I first heard of the movie and saw Claire on David Letterman promoting it, I doubted the outcome.
Now, if it were in my power I would give her every award out there for acting. Her quality performance and the quality of the movie overall blows the current Oscar contenders out of the water.
Claire's performance deserves a new award for acting, "The Best of the Best" where all actors compete whether they are TV, Theatre, or Film.

beautiful song on itunes about autism: "All He Has To Say" by aika hirahara

Clare Danes is one of my favorites, but she really out did herself with this portrayal. She put such humanity, feeling and character into her role that it will help the audience to understand autism a lot more.




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