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Poll: Will Megan Fox, Beyonce or Miley Cyrus 'win' Razzie for worst actress?

February 2, 2010 |  5:15 am
Megan Fox Razzies Miley Cyrus Beyonce news

Poor Sarah Jessica Parker. She probably doesn't have a prayer of beating such formidable foes as Beyonce, Miley Cyrus AND Megan Fox to claim the highly coveted, gold paint-sprayed Razzie Award as worst actress of 2009.

All of the latter three divas are good examples of women who've "won" in the past. Fox has serious hope of prevailing because Razzie voters adore brassy sexpots like past champs Paris Hilton ("The Hottie and the Nottie") and Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct 2," "Intersection," "The Specialist"). Beyonce and Miley Cyrus might need to get an acceptance speech ready because voters also love songbirds like past victors Madonna ("Swept Away," "The Next Best Thing," "Body of Evidence," "Who's That Girl?" "Shangai Surprise"), Britney Spears ("Crossroads") and Mariah Carey ("Glitter," of course).

Then there is Sandra Bullock, who is having a banner awards year because she's a front-runner to nab a golden boy on academy night. One night earlier, could she be lucky enough to add a golden raspberry to her treasure trove?


Razzie Award nominations: Can Sandra Bullock win worst AND best actress?

Quiz: Who's the only star to appear in Oscar's best picture and Razzie's worst picture in the same year?

Quiz: What roles were nominated for both a Razzie and an Oscar?

Photo: Megan Fox in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Credit: Paramount

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The Razzie should of went to Miley Cyrus. She deserved it. The only reason Sandra Bullock "won" is because she is such a good sport about it and said she would show up. Miley would have stayed home with her duck lips and horse teeth and pouted and sulked. Don't worry miley, i bet for sure you will be nominated next year for The Last Song--and win your RAZZIE! You will never win an Oscar.

Beyonce does not know how to act. That fat whore can barely sing and copies Lady Gaga all the time. Copycat and a bad acress is what she is

Megan fox always does that stupid face when she stats talking it pisses me off because you just start thinking she is only there because she has the "body"

come on people magen fox is beautiful why are you picking on her to be the worst actress ?
and same go's for miley cyrus

It's totally going to Sandra. She's going to show up if she won anyway, like Halle Berry for Catwoman. She's "won" in the past more than the others, and her movie is nominated for Worst Picture. Megan Fox is really not bad, just overexposed. If you hated the movie(s), that's one thing, but they're not showcases for bad acting. "Steve" on the other hand gave Sandra a really unappealing character. Add the Oscar into the mix and they just can't resist her (just like the Academy).

Is it the acting or the writing?

Megan Fox plays the same throwaway love interest in Transformers that most actresses are given in supposedly more exquisite pieces of art product.

I'm all for acting past the cartoon you've been given to become but I'm sure being a part of these mega-productions is no different from being the President.

Sure, you want breakout performances but you also want to hit your marks and deliver everything in a controlled, if not dull, manner.

I'm just asking what is worthwhile about this or many awards shows?

How are they shaping the state of the art for the better?

Now, if there was an award for a performance and character that is better than it could be- I'd be interested.



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