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More pundits dish: Can 'Inglourious Basterds' pull off an Oscar upset for best picture?

February 18, 2010 | 11:22 am
Inglourious basterds oscars news

More prominent Oscarologists dish with Gold Derby about the possibility of "Inglourious Basterds" pulling off an upset for best picture. Check out other views from top experts here plus our overview of how the upset can happen.

BOB TOURTELLOTTE, REUTERS: Anything's possible and never say "never." The gap between guild awards and Oscar ballots has been long enough that voters are re-thinking their past decisions. That gap has made both "Hurt Locker" and "Avatar" vulnerable as front-runners, leaving plenty of room for a movie like "Inglourious" or early favorite "Precious" to slip in with a victory.

ERIK DAVIS, CINEMATICAL: "Basterds" is the film that deserves to win, and I think a lot of people realize that, but as the academy proved with "There Will Be Blood" and others, what you think deserves to win doesn't always take home the statue. I'd like to think this is Tarantino's year, but we've learned by now to never underestimate a James Cameron film.

GREGORY ELLWOOD, HITFIX: "Yes, it can" doesn't mean "yes, it will." There is a big difference. Anything is possible with a long break in between nominations and deadline day, but I don't believe Johnny Weir's ice skating routine or Lindsey Vonn winning gold is going to distract Oscar voters enough to jump on the 'Basterds' bandwagon. Now, if the Weinsteins had been smart enough to ditch "Nine" when they knew it was a dud at the beginning of November and really focused on "Basterds" the chances were much more.


Pundits pipe in: 'Yes, "Inglourious Basterds" can pull off an Oscar upset'; 'No, "Basterds" will not win best picture'

Beware: Here comes an 'Inglourious' upset at the Oscars

Photo: Weinstein Co.

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Chill Cisco,

All the other sites push their favorites a lot, and all the Tarantino detractors are having a field day saying "he wouldn't be here without the ten." Besides, this isn't even necessarily favoring Basterds, just saying he thinks its going to be the winner. Obviously a writers prediction is going to be whats most written about, its who they think will win.

Personally not only would I love a Basterds win, but I think its extremely possible. Especially with this recent momentum. It has humorous scenes, some sad character oriented scenes, exceptional writing, an epic scale, its beautifully shot, and chock full of "movie moments". It truly is, as the FYC ad states, a reminder of why I love movies. And I think its reminding other people as well.

What is with this anti-Tom sentiment? The man makes a living as a critic. Obviously he's going to have his primary faves and be rooting for them, just like every other darn critic and mere mortal like the rest of us. You have your faves, Tom has his. He has a frigging blog that he can express that. Plus he has his lists of who he wants to win versus who WILL win (HUGE difference). Get off his case, you look like idiots.

Plus, this is a "dark horse-underdog" article. The front-runners have been Avatar and Hurt Locker. More buzz has been growing around IB, even when you take Tom out of the equation. With 10 nominees and a preferential ballot, anything goes. Tom is speculating and prognosticating a real possible dark horse here. He's just doing his job.

Keep on keeping on, Tom.

Is Roger Ebert having orgasms for IB? Seems like some people on this post are...Hopefully there will be a major upset win by either District 9 or everyone can moan and groan the next will be a major big ole b*t*hfest...woo-hoo!

If HURT LOCKER is gonna win, Jeremy Renner should win -- the movie would not have worked without Renner. Can you imagine any other actor pulling this off? Plus having to endure 110 degrees in an 80 pound suit?????? I just saw Bridges in Crazy Heart and there is nothing oscar worthy in his performance and I like jeff bridges.

I honestly cannot see how the academy cannot see that Inglorious Basterds is the better film here, unless they didn't watch it, expecting a blood fest like kill bill -- which it totally is not. It's such an inventive, well made, well acted and above all superbly directed film.

Does Cameron deserve a second oscar -- did he top himself in Titanic to get another one? NO WAY. He even said it himself, that he already has an too many oscars.

Tarantino should win, Basterds is far and away his best film and the best film of the year. Bigelow is good but Tarantino really deserves it.

If Christoph Waltz is certain to win -- think of the reasons why he is so good -- a great script and direction by Tarantion and a great picture.

Is it me or does anyone else feel that Tom & Co. are really pushing for an IB Best Pic win...Is the L.A. Times campaigning for IB? Don't you find it odd that all you see posted here is about IB? or Sandra Bullock...Is the Times pushing an IB and Bullock win?...Please stop that now!!



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