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Oscars poll: Will 'Avatar' or 'The Hurt Locker' win best picture?

February 3, 2010 | 10:24 am
Avatar The Hurt Locker Oscars Academy Award nominations news

"Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" are tied for the most Oscar nominations (nine), which suggests what we pundits already knew: that the battle over best picture is between those two. Over the last 20 years, the movie with the most Academy Award nominations has won best picture 15 times.

It's a classic David versus Goliath fight, pitting the most successful movie in world history ($2 billion at the box office) against a little indie that, arguably, lost money. ("The Hurt Locker" cost $11 million to produce. It grossed $16 million worldwide, but how much of that was net? Now tack on marketing costs.) Both films received hosanna reviews from critics.

Oh, yeah: This smackdown also pits Goliath (director James Cameron) against former Mrs. Goliath (Kathryn Bigelow). A perfect made-in-Hollywood drama!


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Photos: "Avatar"; credit: 20th Century Fox. "The Hurt Locker"; credit: Summit.

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It is true the avatar movie didn’t make to Oscars, but now it was totally un-covered that the upcoming movie AxteleraRay which is about new world, new superheros, new technology, will make its way to the Oscar in the coming time. The movie coming with the best of the best future technology which is never be seen or even dreamed off. From the very beginning, December 2009, When the movie pop-up from the bock pages into the reality, and challenging the film technology in the coming year of 2012. In the end of February 2010 the movie open its doors to the entire world by giving the young talents, a chance to become the next superhero’s and they also open there dowers to the Producers, companies, Marketers etc to join them threw there contact details on their website

I was stunned so many awards have gone to Hurt Locker (starting with America guild, BAFTA and now Oscars); which is not worthy enough because in the recent years many deserving movies made on Iraq and Afghan war themes were either dumped or ignored. Why suddenly tons of love was flooding?

At couple of forums I've stated that The Hurt Locker is also an over-rated film. Any sane individual could comprehend on why the Awards were graced on this film - only to brush off The Avatar (slap on its anti US/UK war machine).

As usual, like we've seen in case of Winter Olympics (anti Russian results), there was a kinda conspiracy for sure. They played it badly (fiddling & politics) with the well deserving movies such as Avatar.

Many think "Generation Kill" was 100 times better compared to Hurt Locker because it was based on over 90% *real* incidents (embedded reporter). Hurt Locker wasn't! Point is, did Generation Kill win any major non-film award? NOPE.

Then, why only Hurt Locker :)

Am with "Name Withheld" - Goodbye to the Oscars!!!

If Avatar doesn't win Best Picture, I will officially stop watching the Academy Award, as well as my friends. That's all their is to it.

Hey my name is Rick! you may have read some of my older comments on this page my most reccent comment was me being ignorant and claiming that Avatar would not win best picture. Well i have come to the conclusion that Avatar will win best picture for this reason. Allof the online betting websites have Avatar as the leader in the race by a huge margin, i doubt all of these hardcore betters would bet som much money on this film if they didnt expect it to win. I would like to say that i am sorry for being stupid ant not worshiping Avatar. You see Avatar is simply the best film of all time in my opinion, and i truely wish i could be a Na'vi it is for this reason that i sing:

Avatar today!
Avatar for life!
Avatar in almost every way!
In Ewa's eyes were all the same
someday we'll all have perfect cues.
Avatar! Avatar for life! Avatar for the rest of my life!
and as my final words of my speech. I SEE YOU JAKE SULLY!
can i get a Real D 3D!

I have seen ' The Hurt Locker" and 'Avatar' and in my opinion 'Avatar' was the over all better film. After watching 'The Hurt Locker" i honestly couldn't remember the main characters name, also the script isnt anything worth bragging about! The Hurt Locker was just a film about the same thing happening again and again, torwards the end of the film there was almost some sort of motive for the main character which i wont spoil, but that sub plot is droped after ten minutes. Avatar's scripr while borrowing the Dances with wolves plot was still a better story, which is why the film was more compelling. While Avatar was a great film with a great story i do belive that it relied very heavily on it's special effects, but whats wrong with that? Avatar had the effects so it should show them off. When as many people have seen Avatar i really do think that it deserves the best picture oscar for the changes and the money it has given the film industry. Also there seems to be some online trolls that say: " Avatar didn't change anything, there have been digital 3D films before it!" Avatar never claimed to be a gamechanger because of it's 3D, but because of its realistic animation, not only where the Na'vi and avatars animated but also much of the plant life, there was also a lot of great technology that went into the film as well, I think all of this is enough to justify a best picture win!

I loved both The Hurt Locker and Avatar. It's going to be a bitch for the majority of people when they find out Avatar loses.

I'll be honest here, I think Avatar was the best movie experience of the year. But, The Hurt Locker is the best film of the year. I've never felt the way I felt watching Avatar. Pacing was good, visuals were good, and while the story was very derivative, you were still able to make that emotional connection to actually care for the characters. The 3D was by far the best I've seen in any film. The Hurt Locker is an Academy movie. The editing is there, the acting is there, the directing is there, it is everything the Academy wants to present as the best of the industry and it is certainly deserving.

It is unfortunate however that this Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker argument has sidelined the other nominees.

I vote for Avatar. I thought The Hurt Locker was a great film - excellent special effects, some good emotion. But in the end, the story was a bit on the facile side - a typical hero film underneath it all.

Avatar, by contrast, had every bit as much of the immersion in an alien world that The Hurt Locker did. Remember the view from within Pandoara? The feeling of walking through real bioluminescence instead of just CGI? But it added a much more complex and powerful story and did not go for the facile resolution.

I was deeply moved by Avatar in a way that I was not moved by The Hurt Locker. It's no knock against what The Hurt Locker has accomplished, but this year I would be very disappointed if Avatar didn't win Best Picture.

"Avatar trumped Hurt Locker. Honestly, the only slightly sufficient reason that Hurt Locker is even nominated for Best Picture is because it didn't make any money. The acting was terrible, the way the story was presented was even worse - due to Bigelow's directing (so she shouldn't be nominated). Although, the movie was fantastic, but we can all agree that it will reap in awards for that. But it should NOT win Best Picture. AVTR should win because the movie really made the audience feel as if they were in Pandora - it kept you on edge constantly - and it's realistic. It was infinitely better than The Hurt Locker."

I agree, wholeheartedly, with her on all this, but I would add that Avatar was beautifully acted, particularly the two leads, AND it was VERY well written.

The only flaw that Avatar has is the stupid fans, but I blame that on the studio, which released the movie 2D, and instead of just the amazing 3D, they allowed it to be marketed as a dumb movie (which it ISN'T, it looks dumb, but it could have easily been marketed to make it look cool.)

Avatar is a great picture. The Hurt Locker is mediocre at best, it has no heart, no soul, some acting, but nothing more. If you want another great sci fi movie, see District 9, a movie that also has (but not nearly as close to Avatar's) GREAT FX, excellent writing, and acting, but only $30 million good.

My 2 cents :-)

ill probably throw something if hurt locker wins, i already did when it was nominated. the coolest would be if avatar won because it would make hurt locker look lame, but i dont care what wins as long as it isnt hurt locker.

A typical war film like hurt locker can't even hold a candle to Avatar!

Avatar completely changed the way of films... I already saw the movie twice (once on regular 3-D and once in IMAX-3D, but I can't believe my eyes that I felt like living on another planet.

I am definitely going to see it once more (this picture doesn't bore no matter how many times you see!).

Not only that James Cameron, gives us a very important message of how we perceive things (like the military, wars and stuff), and shows how it effects the others.

a typical war-film like Hurt Locker can't even hold a candle to Avatar!

James Cameron should win the best director and Avatar the best picture.

Being immersed in a world of life and danger, of tribe, of loyalty to a life worth living, of yearning for connection. That damn movie is calling me back to it. I hate this damn cubicle and this poluted yet sanitary world we're creating.

Avatar is a call to wake up and make a place for the world of life that is dying yet outside of our notice. Yes they used massive special effects to assist in that wake up call but they made it. They made what is the most important wake up call in human history.

Will we live alone on this earth with our lawn and our pets and our cows and no other species? The time is now and moving onward.

To have a movie make people feel emotion about what our lives lack the way Avatar does on such a massive scale is too important to let go of.

I have not seen Hurt Locker. I'm sure it's nice. If so few are paying attention to it though, how much impact is it really having? What call is most important?

People need to wake up before we're all alone and ashamed and feeling dead like we all do most of our days at work in these cubicle asylums while all the life that matters is slowly being destroyed and turned into products to litter the ugly earth for millenia.

We need to make more room for life. Cut down on the sprawl and figure out how to get people living along with life instead of civilizing us all to a boring half death.

I will tell you right now...the hurt locker, its amazing. If you haven't seen it, i suggest you go rent it NOW :)

It's that good. I hope it beats avatar out, always gotta love some underdog stories.

nudelman, you can do that with just about any movie. There are enough movies out there that, yes.. there are going to be similarities. At least Avatar got it all right.

Avatar was good, but it was quite derivative. You take plot elements of "Fern Gulley," "Pocahantas," and "Dances with Wolves Out," you're left with a mere 3D video game.

ill probably throw something if avatar wins, i already did when it was nominated. the coolest would be if up won because it would make avatar look lame, but i dont care what wins as long as it isnt avatar.

OMG!! Avatar will win the oscar the hurt locker isn't worthy to win the oscar I prefer to win Inglorious Bastards I don't understand the hurt locker is bored....but avatar avatar has change the cinema james cameron is a genious of the cinema the hurt locker is the typical war film....but avatar I've never seen anything so impressive as an avatar and I believe that all of comment on this post when you saw it you have put the willies. Avatar must be win the best picture and james cameron best director

Avatar is the best

Avatar as a movie tells us the most important message which the world needs it today, i.e. not to be blindly materialistic at the cost of others' lives. A good example would be when U.S. went on war with Iraq justifying it on Weapons of Mass destruction cuz it needed oil. Before we feel proud about being American, English or whatever, cuz our men as soldiers try to "supposedly" protect us on others' land, how many of us would have even thought of the number of Iraqi men, women and children being raped or tortured, shot, burnt or buried? Please Keep that into consideration when you talk about the movie "The Hurt Locker".
The message in Avatar also, i think,not to destroy the environment around us cuz these all are necessary in the long run for our own protection. so it will be very ridiculous to say Avatar has got nothing but only viusal effects. Each and every scene tries to convey the concept of "save the planet".
Avatar is Awesome. It should get oscar

When I watched Avatar, for 3 hours I was a gonner, 3D was a bit uncomfortable at the start, but in 3 mins I realized that I don't need to focus on things that director kept out of focus, I just went with a flow. At one point Jake was walking at a branch and looked down, I felt that tingling feeling (I am not fond of height), and at that very moment I returned to myself and said this guy (J.C.) is bloody good if he could fool me . Maybej3D just made a last drop final trick for me to forget that I was in the movie theater, maybe more of my neirons were participating in the whole spectacle.
To me it was simple, for 3 hours I was on that planet in a distant future and my brain gave me a gift of letting me to believe in what I saw, the planet was Pandora, the year was 2154 all actors were real people, and as long as it was real then just like in real life it was not all perfect (I mean plot).
To me Avatar was one of my best moviegoing experiences to date, comparable to my best experiencies in real theaters where real actors perform.

You know what, Frank? You are absolutely right about The Hurt Locker. It hasn't a story, Jeremy Renner's character lacks an arc, and it does end rather abruptly, but that doesn't make it worse as a film. Why does a character need to have an arc? What about his character having an arc would make the film better? For a person in a story to have an arc does not make the story better or worse, but rather, it's a story that has a character, who changes. If anything, it's more original to have a main character that is more static than dynamic. As for its lack of a plot, what about having a story would make it better? If anything, I wouldn't imagine being a solider had much of a story to it. The film is supposed to be about a day (or days) in the life of people that defuse bombs, among other things. And its abrupt ending was just fine. It doesn't take away from the film. It doesn't take much to evaluate Jeremy Renner's state of being when he's home. It takes few words for him to convey he's happier in a lethal situation. Just because this film has an unorthodox way of telling a story, doesn't make it good or bad. It makes it different. It changes the formula for how a narrative works.

For Avatar to win would be a farce. This is supposed to be "Best Picture" and Avatar is only doing so well because of its amazing visual effects. If the academy awarded films on the basis of how cool they looked, Transformers would have been nominated for Best Picture. Avatar may have revolutionized film making, but the film is crap when put in front of its competitors. Just take away the computer generated (albeit breathtaking) scenery, and Na'vi, and all you have is Dances With Wolves (or Smurfs.) Hell, The Blind Side holds up better (note: this is not a slight to The Blind Side, but an insult to Avatar.) The winner should be The Hurt Locker, or Inglourious Basterds. Those would be the right, and cool choices. If The Hurt Locker takes WGA (which it will) and BAFTA (which is pretty unlikely) then Avatar hasn't got a fighting chance.,

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for T"he Hurt Locker" to take home the Oscar statuette for the Best Feature Film. I've never seen a war film that's so credibly realistic, offering viewers the experience of pain, fear, enormously unsuspecting tragedies, faced by American service people in the early post-Iraq War, yet not forgetting these soldiers' willingness and duty to serve their country. This film made me want to stand up, at the end of the film, just to salute to our American Troops, dead and alive.

I do like "Avatar", too, for it incorporates so many themes to remind us that colonization or occupation or wars can destroy cultures, families, and, is also haphazard to environment.

Both films do have timeless themes, as war and occupying another nation never seem to ever end. And they are films people would, not only be very likely to see by later generations, but the very sort film schools would make reference to. These two are the sort of films that would be considered as classics, decades from now. But it's every scene in "The Hurt Locker" still remains so memorable hat I would recommend every American to watch it. It is a film that will remind us to honor and be so thankful to every service person, dead or alive, for their services to our country.

I must mention "Up In The Air" for I'm still scratching my head why anyone could possibly see it as the best film of 2009. It's a light comedy on a very serious issue - employee-firing.'.It's like Jason Reitman is clueless of the suffering of the fired and the jobless. I really think this film is very insensitive in showing those fired looking so unpleasant in physical appearances to insinuate the firing of unpleasant looking employees is funny. And that those doing the firing are to be seen as gorgeously attractive as George Clooney. This is the sort of film you'd be prepared to see today, but gets easily forgotten decades later. .

Also, I agree with Carrie and I'm in the military.. there are subtleties in this movie that I don't think anyone could pick up on unless they've been to war.. and I typically don't like war movies. This film really tugged my heart strings because it embodies so much of what is happening right now without sucking in a political view from the creator's standpoint. Most people in Hollywood have no idea what's really happening in the Middle East.. this director surely does.. definitely best picture of the year.

@ Paul

Who cares if it's the lowest earning BP Winner of all time? This is an award for the Best Picture of the year, not the highest grossing. Go gush somewhere else.




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