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Oscars quiz: Which star did not win best actress for her film debut?

February 7, 2010 |  4:41 am

If Gabourey Sidibe ("Precious") wins the Oscar on March 7, she'll become the fifth performer to prevail as best actress for her film debut. Of the previous four, one was Shirley Booth ("Come Back, Little Sheba"). The three others are pictured below. Who does not belong in this group? To see the answer, click on the "Continue reading" link underneath the photos.


ANSWER: When Julie Christie won best actress of 1965 for "Darling," it was a big year for the neophyte film star since she also had the lead female role in "Doctor Zhivago," which won five Golden Globes (a record that still stands), including best drama picture. But it was her other role in "Darling" that earned her early notice on the awards scene when she was voted best actress by the New York Film Critics Circle in early December. Thereafter, that kept her chief awards focus on "Darling." She lost the Golden Globe to Samantha Eggar ("The Collector"), but rallied at the Oscars, where she beat Eggar, Elizabeth Hartman ("A Patch of Blue"), Simone Signoret ("Ship of Fools") and even Julie Andrews, star of best picture champ "The Sound of Music." But Julie Andrews had just won the previous year for her screen debut in "Mary Poppins."

Christie's prior screen exposure was meager: "The Fast Lady" (1962), "Crooks Anonymous" (1962), "Billy Liar" (1963), "Young Cassidy" (1965).

Photos: Embassy Pictures, Walt Disney, Paramount, Columbia


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