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Poll: Do you prefer Sacha Baron Cohen as Oscar host?

February 26, 2010 |  1:25 pm
Oscars Academy Awards host news

Sacha Baron Cohen is sure a good sport -- he just laughed off the news that Oscar chiefs nixed the request of telecast producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman to have him host. He's agreed to appear as a presenter.

That reminds us to wonder: Was the Academy wrong to shoot down an anti-establishment rascal like Cohen in favor of two old establishment veterans like Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin? Don't the Oscars want to spotlight the razor edge of today's sharpest talent? What are they afraid of? That Cohen might dress up as Bruno to bestow the costume or makeup awards?

Face it. Martin and Baldwin seem like a rather ho-hum alternative, don't you agree? I'm optimistic that they'll do a good job and I'm looking forward to seeing them take the stage, but I'm disappointed that we got cheated out of seeing what Borat would've done if he'd gotten his crazy clutches on Hollywood's sacred cow. He would've strangled it, of course, but he'd probably give us one of the most outrageous -- and brilliant -- Oscarcasts ever. A shame. The Oscars exist as a celebration of artists who take racy chances and rattle the status quo. Why can't Hollywood's Golden Boy do that himself?


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Photo credits: "Borat" (Universal), Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

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Sacha Baron Cohen is funny, edgy, and disrespectful: precisely what this overblown ego-trip called the Oscars desperately needs. To hell with Cameron's precious ego and his tedious and derivative 'Avatar'. Hollywood and self-anointed aristocrats like Cameron should be forced to deal with Ali G, Borat, and Bruno on a daily basis. It would remove a great deal of stuffing from their $200 silk shirts.

Sacha Baron Cohen all the way.

If you get into the whole 'let's celebrate films, not have a Sacha show', then everyone might as well not even watch it and just read which films got awards in the newspaper.

The point is to have a show, and the better the show is, the better the success of the entire event in general. Who can make a better show than Sacha Baron Cohen?

I don't believe SBC could control himself to stay in the confines of a script that is required for a show like the Academy Awards. The show is live, and the temptation to be massively irreverent, I think, would be too irresistible. I agree with the other comment that he would be a distraction and an inappropriate choice.

My initial response is YES!!! but I also think that the two producers have a point that he would be a bit of a distraction. As big of a fan as I am, the night is to celebrate the films of 2009, not watch another Sasha Baron Cohen show.

I think a happy medium would have been for Cohen to do the opening movie the way that Billy Crystal used to do it.



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