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Oscar nominations -- who got snubbed: Clint Eastwood, 'Star Trek,' Tobey Maguire ...

February 2, 2010 |  6:39 am
Academy Awards Oscars nominations snubs news clint eastwood

Even with 10 films in the race for best picture at the Oscars, there was no room for Golden Globe champ "The Hangover," BFCA and PGA nominee "Invictus," BFCA, Globe and SAG nominee "Nine" and PGA nominee "Star Trek."

Clint Eastwood -- who won two of his four Oscars for directing best picture champs "Unforgiven" (1992) and "Million Dollar Baby" (2004) -- was snubbed for his helming of "Invictus" despite his win with the National Board of Review and a nod from the Golden Globes. Eastwood had also contended at the Oscars for his directing of best picture nominees "Mystic River" (2003) and "Letters From Iwo Jima" (2006).

The all-star cast of "Nine" was loaded with past Oscar winners headed by two-time champ Daniel Day-Lewis but only previous supporting actress champ Penelope Cruz ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona") merited a mention in the acting races.

Also missing from this year's Oscars ballot are Globe drama actor nominee Tobey McGuire ("Brothers") as well as all the leading men who contended for the musical/comedy Globe. Globe drama actress nominee Emily Blunt ("The Young Victoria") failed to make the cut as did all the musical/comedy Globe actress contenders save for winner Meryl Streep ("Julie & Julia").

"The Hangover"
"Julie & Julia"
"The Messenger"
"A Single Man"
"Star Trek"
"This Is It"

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, "A Serious Man"
Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, "Up"
Clint Eastwood, "Invictus"
Tom Ford, "A Single Man"
Rob Marshall, "Nine"
Lone Scherfig, "An Education"

Sharito Copley, "District 9"
Matt Damon, "The Informant!"
Daniel Day-Lewis, "Nine"
Robert Downey Jr., "Sherlock Holmes"
Ben Foster, "The Messenger"
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, "(500) Days of Summer"
Hal Holbrook, "That Evening Sun"
Tobey Maguire, "Brothers"
Viggo Mortensen, "The Road"
Michale Stuhlbarg, "A Serious Man"

Emily Blunt, "The Young Victoria"
Abbie Cornish, "Bright Star"
Marion Cotillard, "Nine"
Penelope Cruz, "Broken Embraces"
Audrey Tautou, "Coco Before Chanel"

Alec Baldwin, "It's Complicated"
Anthony Mackie, "The Hurt Locker"
Christian McKay, "Me and Orson Welles"
Alfred Molina, "An Education"
Peter Sarsgaard, "An Education"

Diane Kruger, "Inglourious Basterds"
Melanie Laurent, "Inglourious Basterds"
Julianne Moore, "A Single Man"
Samantha Morton, "The Messenger"

"(500) Days of Summer"

"Fantastic Mr. Fox"
"Julie & Julia"
"The Road"
"A Single Man"


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Photo: Clint Eastwood directing Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in a scene from "Invictus." Credit: Warner Bros.

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The supporting actress nominees have left me so diappointed. I'm sorry but the Up In The Air actresses were completely unremarkable and are overrated. The only actress deserving to be there is Mo'nique I'm afraid. I cannot believe they snubbed Kruger, Laurent and Moore. Their performances were SO GOOD.

Also Tilda Swinton for Julia - she gave one heck of a performance.

cant believe that you snubbed "Last Station" from your snubbed list,,,Best movie of 2009

District 9 but no Star Trek?! These awards are always a joke. I mean common, No Country For Old Men?! The movie sucked! I wasn't the only one snoring through that whole movie but somehow it won. It's usually random crummy movies winning the awards. Now I don't think Star Trek should win the award, especially when going up against great movies like Avatar and Up, two of my favorite movies of 09 and all time. Though I do think it should get the nom over District 9. I enjoyed District 9 but Star Trek was amazing. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It was just epic. Definitely a disappointment that it wasn't given a nod.

How did Penelope Cruz get in that supporting actress category? I've heard Nine is horrible. Diane or Julianne should've been nominated instead.

MOON! BEST ACTOR-SAM ROCKWELL. The Oscars are a joke! I can't believe his performance was snubbed. He was fantastic!

How is everyone missing the snub of Watchmen for best picture?

Robert Downey Jr. for best actor? As John McEnroe would say, "You cannot be serious." The whole film was a joke. Overdone from start to finish. My wife's succinct review, "Horrible." I could almost see Jude Law for a supporting actor nomination (but not award), but Downey? NO!

Also, what about The Road getting snubbed for Best Picture? You honestly think The Hangover deserved it more than The Road???? I'm lost. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone or something.

I don't get it. Do people really think The Hangover deserved a Best Picture nomination? Yeah, it was kinda funny, but BEST PICTURE?! Um, no. And thank God it wasn't nominated. I'm all for comedies being nominated, but not if they're stupid ones that still rely on bathroom humor to make jokes. No, just no.

I am still in shock: The Blind Side for best picture??? In what alternate world could this happen? Julianne, Diane or Melanie should be nominated instead of Penelope, come on!

In the Animated Film Category, what was the Academy thinking when they snubbed "Ponyo"? Apparently, they never saw the movie, or they have short memories. The animation was certainly among the top 5 achievements of the year in that category--one of the most beautiful films ever made.

Ditto Sam Rockwell!! I'm so happy to see other commenters making the same recommendation. He gave one of the best performances I have ever seen. Just remarkable. I have actually watched that movie three times now, simply because I keep seeing more depth and nuance to his performance every time I watch it.

Diane Kruger, especially, and Melanie Laurent both deserve to be in. Star Trek, too. And I agree with the Moon comments.

I think Tobey Maguire did a great job in Brothers. I think he is exceptional for the actors in his age group. My 11 year old daughter and I are hoping that he gets to play Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit. That would be so cool to see Tobey playing a hobbit.

Don't forget about "Moon." That was an amazing film and Sam Rockwell was outstanding.

For those of you who think Tobey Maguire was NOT snubbed you have no idea what you are seeing. The picture The Brothers was just not pushed enough to begin with. Tobey was very authentic in that movie.

@Paul: "The Hurt Locker" had more of a script than "Avatar"; that's why it was nommed. (You apparently confused it with a documentary.) Oh, and "BOS" usually means Best Original SONG, not Screenplay--though you'd probably say "Avatar" wuz robbed there too, even though replacing Celine Dion with Leona Lewis is NOT a good recipe for an ORIGINAL song.

Moon! Man, Moon got snubbed big time. This was certainly a top 5 in my mind and not ONE nomination.

What about Colin Firth?!!!

How can Marvin Hamlish's great score from Informant be left out?

Thank you Annielou for expressing exactly what I was thinking.

"Has a movie ever won best pic without any acting noms AND without a screenplay nom?"

Not since Grand Hotel 77 years ago. Gimme a f'n break with The Messenger in original screenplay. That's the scandal today; because that stole a BOS nomination from Avatar. Hurt Locker had a script? If you say so, Oscars...

You were joking about "Avatar" for most original screenplay weren't you? Please tell me you were. Avatar was a lot of things that were good, but most original screen play? That's just laughable. It certainly gave me a laugh. I will choose to believe you were choosing to amuse us with that.

I did not have an expectation that (500) Days of Summer would get a screenplay nomination but it sure deserved it. I'm hoping that it receives the Writers Guild award.

For supporting actress, I would have preferred the four "snubees" and Monique to the others that were nominated, especially Melanie Laurent. She was amazing in "Basterds".




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