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Daytime Emmys narrow down field with pre-nomination ballot

March 2, 2010 |  1:25 pm

Daytime Emmys The list of performers who made the semi-final cut for consideration for the Daytime Emmys has been released. As per the announcement from the TV academy: "A preliminary drama performer ballot containing each of the six performer categories was assigned to all registered, eligible peer voters from NATAS and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. This ballot contained the full list of all entrants submitted from each show and each voter was entitled to select as many candidates as they believed worthy of Emmy consideration. The candidates below who received the highest number of votes for each show in each category now advance to the final at-home screening round. This round, due to be conducted in March and April, 2010, will determine both nominees and winners." See the list at WeLoveSoaps.

However, it turns out the nominating process was even more complex than detailed above. Our good pal Nelson Branco pens a column for TV Guide Canada devoted to daytime dramas and what follows are his initial comments on the nominating process:

Game change, much? Every year, NATAS changes their controversial rules in order to ensure the most accurate results, but it appears one modification may have actually -- egad! -- worked in the Academy’s favour this time. While some, if not all soaps, still bloc-voted in some manner (a few actors told Soapgeist they were unaware of the rule changes and only voted in their in-studio pre-nom vote and not the real ballot -- d'oh!), the majority of show runners were shocked to see who made the industry approved pre-nom ballot after the reveal Friday.

As we all know, certain agendas, politics, and personal issues interfere with nominating the most deserving of performers (for example, Eric Braeden and Trevor St. John), but it was a different story this year when the soap business voted and not just the individual show casts.

Nelson then delineates the differences between the individual show votes and the industry-wide one using "One Life to Live" as an example. He concludes:

By letting the industry vote, it’s clear which pre-nominees have the best chance of earning final nominations without getting anyone’s hopes up unfairly. It’s too bad Trevor St. John, who consistently failed to win the support of his cast come Emmy time, didn’t throw his name in for contention because he’s highly respected and loved by other soaps.

However, this “new” rule doesn’t always work for everyone. Over the weekend, Soapgeist learned that Y&R king Eric Braeden did submit himself for Emmy consideration but failed to show up on the pre-nom ballot.

Below are some reax from our forum posters. See more here.

OLTLfan: Happy to see both Kish boys, Smith, VerDorn and Woods and Kirsten. I can't believe Eddie Alderson didn't make it. And how'd Slezak make it in over Lozano and Strasser without any material?

EmmyLoser: Overall, I really like these! Great to see Sharon Case make the cut in lead for "Y&R," and I think Haiduk and Mitchell are the right choices in the tough battle for supporting actress slots at "Y&R." I'm also happy Minshew is competing in lead. Betty White is on fire, and I'm loving it.

East/west: I would've not prenom Thorsten. John Aniston is a surprise and if tradition is correct he’ll be nominated, b/c so far a veteran "Days" actor has been nom here …. Florencia Lozano should've been here instead of Erika Slezak … Jeanne Cooper needs to stop.


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Photo: Emmy Awards statue. Credit: NATAS

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