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Dear Gold Derby: I've got a Tonys question

March 16, 2010 |  5:45 pm
Wicked Tonys

Gold Derby reader "Chris N" has a Tony Awards question we put to Howard Sherman, executive director of the American Theatre Wing. If you have a similar question about any showbiz award, you can reach us at First, Chris' question:

I am not sure if there has ever been an instance of this. Has an actor/actress ever been nominated twice for the same role? For example, Idina Menzel was nominated (and won) for "Wicked" during the time of its "Original" performance run.  If she was to star as Elphaba in the "Revival" ten years later, would she be allowed to be nominated for Lead Actress in a Musical again?
I would think that it would be more likely in a play than a musical, but then again I have no idea if it is even allowed. Thanks for you help!

Howard Sherman's response:

Fast answer is that if an actor has won a Tony, they cannot be nominated again for that role. If they did not win, or were not previously nominated, they are eligible to be nominated if they play the same role in a subsequent production.

Photo: George Gershwin Theatre

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