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Again, Showtime ships first campaign mailer to Emmy voters

March 31, 2010 |  9:47 am

As usual, Showtime was the first pony out of the derby gate as Emmy season began. The shrewd kudos player shipped its campaign package to all 14,000 members of the TV academy in early March. The package is modest (and eco-friendly) in size and design, much like its campaign packages of 2009 and 2008. Its round box of 2007 was a much more ambitious approach.

Until recently, Showtime had trouble gaining traction at the award derbies, but it just had a breakout year with Toni Collette ("United States of Tara") winning the Emmy and Golden Globe and Michael C. Hall ("Dexter") nabbing the Globe and SAG Award. For the last two years, "Dexter" was nominated for best drama series at the Emmys, and last year "Weeds" snagged its first bid for best comedy.

In addition to shipping the DVDs of sample episodes to voters, Showtime posts all episodes of all of its series in competition at the TV academy's private website, accessible only to members. Showtime also has its own For Your Consideration site, plus the pay channel just launched FYC areas at Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a breakdown of the contents of the Emmy campaign mailer shipped to all voters. Note that, in the "Dexter" section, our forum posters really like the cheeky reference to last year's winner of best drama series: "All the 'Mad Men' You'll Ever Need." See more reax here.

The end of the eligibility period is May 31. Nominations are to be announced on July 8, winners on Aug. 29.

"United States of Tara" – Episodes 201, 202
"Nurse Jackie" – 101 (pilot), 110 ("Ringfinger"), 205, 206
"Weeds" – 501, 512

"Dexter" – 409, 410
"The Tudors" – 401, 403

"Californication" – 304, 308
"Tracey Ullman's State of the Union" – 301, 302
"Secret Diary of a Call Girl" – 301, 307

"Penn & Teller" – "Lie Detectors," "Organic Food"
"La La Land" – 101, 104
"Lock 'n Load" – "The Rockers," "Granny's Got a Gun"


Showtime Dexter Emmy TV news 1

Showtime Dexter Emmy TV news 2 



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Photo credit: Showtime

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