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Farrah Fawcett missing from 'In Memoriam' at Oscars

March 10, 2010 | 12:35 pm

Farrah Fawcett Extremities Oscars Academy Awards Though Farrah Fawcett's main claim to fame was television, the decision to leave her out of the "In Memoriam" segment of the Oscars has caused quite a stir. Fawcett appeared in 14 feature films in her lifetime. Although she was first featured as eye candy in box-office bombs like "Myra Breckinridge" (1970), she went on to earn a Golden Globe nom for her starring role in "Extremities" (1986) and reap an Indie Spirit bid for her performance opposite Oscar nominee Robert Duvall in "The Apostle" (1997). One of her final film roles was as the estranged wife of Richard Gere in Robert Altman's "Dr. T and the Women" (2000).

Among those overlooked by the academy in addition to Fawcett were Bea Arthur and Gene Barry -- also best known for their TV work -- and Oscar nominee Richard Todd ("The Hasty Heart"). Academy executive director Bruce Davis told People, "There's nothing you can say to people, particularly to family members, within a day or two of the show that helps at all. They tend to be surprised and hurt, and we understand that and we're sorry for it." And he said he thought it more appropriate that Fawcett had been honored for her "remarkable television work" by the Emmys last year.

It is understandable that the academy has to winnow a list of over a hundred possible names down to a manageable number -- 33 this year. However, that time constraint makes the inclusion of Michael Jackson -- who starred in just one film in his lifetime ("The Wiz") -- even more questionable. Surely -- using the same logic as with Fawcett -- the tribute to Jackson at the recent Grammys should have sufficed.

Our forum posters have pointed out this is not the first year for oversights in this Oscars segment. In 2002, Oscar nominees Dorothy McGuire ("Gentleman's Agreement") and Peggy Lee ("Pete Kelly's Blues") were left out while R&B singer Aaliyah, who starred in just one film -- "Romeo Must Die" -- before her death, was featured. And in 2004, Oscar nominee Martha Scott ("Our Town") was not included.


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Photo: "Extremities" DVD cover. Credit: MGM

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The comments to this entry are closed.


It was rhe worst segment of the Oscars. The beginning was muffled and the coreography of those that have passed was done by a 13 year old math whiz. STUPID!!!!

The Academy would clearly do itself a service and just cut some art director or writer or costume designer no one has ever heard of, even if it means that 1) someone who made a truly remarkable contribution to film is excluded, and 2) excluding such a person means a more famous, yet less artistically meaningful person is included. That way, there would be no uproar.

Second, please cut the Academy some slack. What with all the montages and killer monologues, there's only time to honor the passing of a select few.

You know I think the world of you Tom but Aaliyah also played a the titular role in Ann Rice's Queen of the Damned. Awesome costume she wore. Anyway Farrah should have been recognized particularly if Michael was. I mean movies weren't really Michael's thing.

I think it is time we all acknowledge what the academy really is --

a very small subset of the AARP.

Aaliyah was honored because she made a great impression when she performed "Journey to The Past", which had been nominated for an Oscar. Perhaps over looking Farrah was an accidental oversight? They're human, not invincible. Mistakes will be made. Honor Farrah by donating to cancer research, or something more energy deserving. It's a sad day for journalism when something like this causes an uproar.

Farrah, Bea and Gene should have been included in the memorial segment.

farrah is great actress with or without oscar she not never a oscar tha ceremony oscar is lie and superflua
farrah remenbering in the world

farrah never need a oscar she was a great actress
the ceremony oscar is a lie and boring

bruce davis does not produce the oscars but his influence is all over the place and he makes it difficult for the producers to do things that might make the show better for the public. This one was good but Farrah should have been included

Bruce Davis will say ANYTHING to get his way. Let's stop thinking of The Academy as though it were the Bible. It's a political entity; just like most things these days. Mr. Davis comes up with stupid excuses, that's for sure. Cut out all those film clips, the stupid so-called tributes from 'friends' to the acting nominees......oh so many things; and you'd have time to honour those who have made contributions.... no matter how small, or how many. Look at how they silenced Lauren Bacall and Roger Corman, in favour of having Mylie Cyrus and Kristen Stewart spit, cough, and stumble their way through their narrative duties.

Farrah Fawcett should have been included, no question about it. To leave her out was wrong, plain and simple. Her selfless sharing of her disease to educate others should've been enouogh to earn her a place of honor.

And while I'm here, I must make bring to your attention the fact that you are in error in saying that Aaliyah was in one film. She also had a strong role in Queen of the Damned, the movie she was filming at the time of her death.

Shame on the Academy for not including Farrah Fawcett.

not mentionong farah was a slap in the face. especialy since they mentioned the other "star"that died the same day.

Why are people so naive?? I keep hearing about fawcett's friends and fans complaining about her absence from the tribute and not accepting the Oscar committee's apology and so on...Michael Jackson not only starred in a couple films, he also created short films for his songs from Thriller, Bad and Dangerous, etc. Is that not a contribution to the film industry? He totally changed the face of the music video. He also worked with many big name directors like Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, Coppola, and George Lucas. I think that anyone who is trying to limit Michael to just 'the Wiz' (like Fawcett's friends who are publicly not accepting the 'apology') are trying to justify why Farrah should have been included. I think people should move on.

The oscar committee's response to the hoopla (although not a great justification) was that they wanted to avoid all the blogging that would be going on if they left out Michael in the tribute. Did they not consider the same to happen with Fawcett's fans? They could have easily stuck in one or two people (couple seconds of airtime). I think they're just making excuses. It shows a lack of character and disrespect for these people to justify her absence by limiting Michael's hard work. Why do they need to almost bring Michael down? As though the committee only added him in to avoid the backlash. Geez what's happening in this world

Farrah appeared in 14 feature films and was a member of the Academy for several decades. She should have been included. Most of the non acting people who appeared in that memorial montage....most of the public don't even know who the heck they are.

Bea Arthur should also have been included. Why Michael Jackson was included is baffling.

I've seen years where there's been more than 30 people shown in the In memoriam tribute. Second, Farrah Fawcett was an Academy member herself!
The Academy screwed it big time, and the sad part is that it's clear it wasn't a mistake, it was on purpose!

Lame production, very lame this year, Academy. All the money we the public help to generate to come up with this?

Oh, one more thing: Avatar or Inglorious Basterds are better movies than Hurt Locker. No pun intended!

The Academy is wrong and should at least admit it. Farrah was a great actress and should have been included, end of story.

Why is Michael Jackson’s inclusion in the Oscar’s In Memoriam, a reason for Farrah’s exclusion? Farrah should certainly have been included, but can anyone not see that it's highly illogical to suggest this is somehow Michael Jackson’s fault.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Michael is dead - he’s not making the decisions anymore!

As well as his contributions in The Wiz and This Is It, in 2009, the Thriller video was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, the first music video to ever receive this honor, for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant ” and will be preserved for all time.

This is clearly just another media created story to tag Michael's Jackson's name into some sort of face-off with Farrah, to garner hits and comments.

And guess what, it worked!

And Shane, excuse me? You obviously didn't get the memo about Gene Simmons being exposed as a liar by Jennifer Batten's recent rebuttal of his intentionally false statements. I should think most people would think being wrongfully accused for over 15 years by extortionists and opportunists - as being pretty much the definition of agony.

And since when, is 'pain' a competition for God's sake?

Disgusting excuses makes me not want to watch future Oscar telecasts. Get rid of those lame producers who don't even have class enough to issue a sincere apology. If there was a time issue, why did you subject us to that appalling interpretive dance instead of actually just playing the music with clips from the movies. The topic is music in movies, not dance. Oh, yes, but American Idol experience leads us to believe that dance is topical. Dump those turkeys.

To Farrah's family (and all those who were summarily ignored), we remember and share your outrage.

I think Farrah got more publicity than she deserved, it's sad she died but all she did was one season of charlies angels and a tv movie (burning bed).that's TV folks, Oscars are for movies. She did have a small part in Logan's RUn but I could see why they would leave her off the list, I don't see why Michael was included just for "the wiz". I'm more pissed that the EMMY's left off Ken Ober.

Is it as simple as: Michael Jackson-male Farrah and Bea Arthur-women? Gee that doesn't happen in Hollywood does it?LOL

Seriously the more excuses they make the worse they look! There is too much incompetence in Hollywood. Pathetic all the work and attention Farrah had to endure and no mention??? All the other great actors not mentioned.... I could see sound editors, directors and I am sure their are so many of them we don't even know they forgot but THAT IS THEIR JOB! Disgusting pathetic and they should be ashamed of themselves.....REALLY? Bea Arther REALLY??? Lazy people working the Oscars probably why Hollywood is falling apart bad ideas, fear and laziness! Ohh maybe we should do another ALREADY BEEN DONE TV show that is vapid and make it a movie.... A-team have we really lost that much originality??? I am sorry when did we start excluding TV stars from the memorium???? WOW and I bet it is hard to find ONLY TV actors who have NEVER been in a film.... WOW no wonder we are in the shape we are in these days! TRULY PATHETIC!

They should be more thorough when doing the memorium and not make excuses after the fact! All you have to do is google stars who have died there is no excuse for this except incompetence and that is hollywood! Pathetic and embarrased all who run the Oscar's should be..... REALLY?

St.Patricks day is now officialy "Up-the-Academy Appreciation Day".A day of recognition for all of those overlooked at the Awards.Don't know about you but on St.Patricks I am raising my glass in rememberance to Farrah Fawcett-actress,activist and humanitarian.Also Bea Arthur-that chick rocked.The Academy may conveniently forget but we,their public,will always remember.Cheers.

Enough Already!!! Where the hell was Roy Scheider who starred in one of the most popular films of ALL TIME 'JAWS' a

They need to get rid of that segment altogether. I'm sure it hurts many people to see their dead family member excluding from the segment, as if they weren't relevant.




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