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Fess Parker had that cool coonskin cap -- who needs an Emmy?

March 18, 2010 |  4:32 pm

Fess Parker never won an Emmy, but he was a player at TV's top awards.

Fess Parker died news davey crockett

TV academy voters couldn't ignore him when he emerged as a sudden superstar leading a national craze for Davy Crockett lore. The Emmys nominated Fess Parker for best new personality of 1954, but he lost to George Gobel.

Parker's TV show "Davy Crockett" wasn't a stand-alone program. It was comprised of several one-hour dramas that were part of "Disneyland," an anthology series that also included mysteries, family dramas and cartoons. One of its Fess Parker segments, "Davy Crockett and River Pirates," got nominated for best single program of 1955, but lost to Mary Martin's classic "Peter Pan."

The huge popularity of the "Davy Crockett" segments helped "Disneyland" to win best action or adventure series of 1955, beating "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Dragnet," "Gunsmoke" and "The Lineup."

Fess Parker's other hit TV series, "Daniel Boone," was never nominated for Emmys.


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An act of kindness I have never forgotten- as a child in Massachusetts my family took us kids to an amusment park which featured an appearance by Fess Parker. We actually met Mr. Parker later that same day by sheer coincidence- we were staying at the same motel; and we saw him at dinner. He came by our table and was as gracious and courteous as anyone would hope him to be.To this day I have never forgotten meeting him, and also how he conducted himself.

I loved the "Daniel Boone" show as a kid in the '60's..also the portrayal of Davy Crockett. Rest easy, Fess, and thanks for everything.


I was 14 in 1954 and of all the television shows I saw, I remember Fess Parker playing Davy Crockett best. I still can sing verses from the song from "Born on a mountain top in Tennessee" to "Died a-fightin' at the Alamo." Thanks, Fess, for a happy memory.

I did ever so enjoy Davy Crockett when i was a young one. Mr Parker was always a good actor and made his films enjoyable. He will always be remembered.

You were a mentor to my adventures as a kid in the tall grass and woods and my wooden fort the Alamo. God bless you Fess. Thank you.

"Daniel Boone" was my first celebrity crush as a kid. You can't imagine how thrilled I was when he sent me an autograph picture of himself. What a great guy!

I still have a photo of me in my coonskin cap preparing to attack the nearest thing to a bear, the family German Shepherd, with a rubber knife. And, I still remember the lyrics to the Davy Crockett theme song. Fess Parker was a great role model for a young boy. R.I.P., Fess.

My heart fell when I heard the news of Fess Parker's death, just as it did when I was a child and Davy Crockett died at the Alamo, right there on black and white TV. Fess Parker and his character are both permanently imbedded in my psyche, and I only wish our children could have something even only nearly equivalent. Good bye once again ol' friend. Thanks for all you have been.

Met Fess Parker at a rodeo my parents took me too. He rode around and shook most kid's hands... my arm just wasn't long enough though.

Grew up watching him, Gentle Ben, Flipper, lassie, few other good shows long gone. God Bless you Fess, you are missed.

I will always remember the hero Davy Crockett played by Fess, going from
frontiersman to congressman to the one of the defenders of the Alamo.
What an amazing story. I long to see that fully dramatized again

I loved my coonskin cap! Unfortunately the tail got lost at some point and it became more of a coonskin skull cap, but it was still cool. Farewell Fess, we'll miss ya.



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