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Gold Derby nuggets: Gabourey Sidibe's film future? | Exploring 'The Cove' | Steve Pond ponders Oscars

March 11, 2010 |  3:51 pm

Gabourey Sidibe Oscars Precious • In a provocative piece, Luchina Fisher asks, "Will Gabourey Sidibe's size limit her career?" Building off of Howard Stern's criticism Monday of the lead actress Oscar nominee for "Precious," Fisher interviewed, among others, New York casting director Bernard Telsey, who said Sidibe's size is both a plus and minus as well as Greg Kilday, film editor for The Hollywood Reporter, who said Hollywood will have to think creatively to find roles for Sidibe. By the by, Sidibe already has wrapped another film -- "Yelling to the Sky" -- and has just inked a deal to appear as a recurring character on the new Showtime series "The C Word."  ABC NEWS

• Five-time Emmy champ Kelsey Grammer is headlining the upcoming second Broadway revival of the 1984 top Tony tuner "La Cage Aux Folles." Initially Grammer will play the more sedate role of George opposite Douglas Hodge, who is recreating his Olivier-winning performance as the cross-dressing Albin. However, as Grammer told the New York Post, "In six months, I switch over to playing Albin. It really means I must memorize the whole show." PLAYBILL

• In a countdown of the top 10 Oscarcast jokes, this one by Jimmy Fallon topped the list: "Did everyone watch the Oscars last night? Or as I like to call it James Cameron’s own personal hurt locker." MEDIAITE

The Cove Oscars • On Tuesday, Louie Psihoyos, director of the Academy Award-winning documentary "The Cove" was interviewed by New York Times science scribe Andrew Revkin at the Asia Society in Gotham. The former National Geographic photographer "predicted that Japan would be more likely to shut down the seasonal capture and killing of thousands of dolphins because of the human health implications of eating dolphin meat -- which the film shows is laced with high levels of mercury -- than because of complaints about cruelty in the killing of the marine mammals." NEW YORK TIMES

• In anticipation of Betty White's guest-hosting appearance on the May 8 installment of "Saturday Night Live," the Daily Beast video crew has compiled 11 clips of the still sassy octogenarian in some of her most memorable TV moments, including two of the roles that won her Emmys: Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and Rose Nylund on "The Golden Girls." THE DAILY BEAST

Drew McWeeney is delighted that Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood ("Unforgiven," "Million Dollar Baby") has made a biopic of one-time FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover his next project. Dustin Lance Black -- who has penned the script -- won an Oscar last year for his original screenplay for "Milk," another true life story. HIT FIX

• In advance of Sunday's premiere of "The Pacific," HBO gathered 250 WWII vets in the nation's capital to salute their service. Among those praising their heroics were series producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg who wanted to make a companion piece to their 2001 Emmy-winning "Band of Brothers," which focused on the war in Europe. AP

OscarsSteve Pond shares nine lessons learned from this Oscar season, including this observation: "You can’t force populism on this batch of voters. If ever there was a year when the Academy was nudging voters to go for something popular, this was it. But the Best Picture winner hasn’t been a widely popular film since 'The Return of the King,' and voters refused to take the hints dropped by the expanded slate of nominees and the mass-appeal Oscar-show bookings. These voters like what they like, not what the public likes." THE ODDS

Amy Kaufman reviews the tweets of rookie Oscarcast producer Adam Shankman and discovers that he thinks the show was a rousing success. Among his recent tweets was this one -- "I'm spool tired stilli cnt believe I just produced 1 of the most successful Academy Awards of all time. Humbling." And on the subject of a return engagement as producer, Shankman tweeted: "I loved ths years #oscars. Best experience of my life. I'd just do things differently if I did them again 2 surprise ppl. dont wanna repeat." 24 FRAMES


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Top photo: Gabourey Sidibe at the 82nd annual Academy Awards. Credit: Mark Boster / LAT

Middle photo: "The Cove" poster. Credit: Lionsgate

Bottom photo: Academy Award statues. Credit: AMPAS

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The roles that await are for morbidly obese women.That is called type casting or a one trick pony.Flashback to the winner of the Best Actor Oscar for "the Killing Fields" -,Dr.H.S.Ngor .a civilian no less That was a tremendous feat.He was perfect because he actually lived it.I would like to see if she can really act -as in morph into different personas. If she indeed has the ability, then it would benefit her to lose the unhealthy extreme of body mass so that we may look forward to her next role .Finally,what in truth will bring people back to the cinema will be the assurance they won't be assaulted for asking for a cell phone conversation to be taken elsewhere

Howard Stern's comments on Gabourey Sidibe just confirm what a nasty, mean-spirited person he is.

Stern is now trying to dig himself out by saying he was showing concern for America's obesity problem when he brought attention to Sidibe's weight. I agree that too much talk about how Sidibe is fine just as she is may send the wrong message, since it suggests that really severe obesity is not a problem. But Stern was in no way talking about that, implicitly or explicitly, on his show.

Listen to the clip of Stern talking about Sidibe on his radio show on YouTube. There's not an ounce of concern about Sidibe's health or the obesity problem in America. Stern just plays the whole thing for his usual sneering humour where everyone is a target of his contempt. He just makes fun of Sidibe, and her weight, and her name, and her future as an actress -- it's all for laughs, and for the fun of demeaning an individual. What an evil person.

Mr. Shankman...YOU'RE FIRED! Academy get someone else to produce next year's show....

It's nice to see that REAL Hollywood insiders haven't written off Gaboury Sibibe yet. Howard Stern is still operation on the notion that the ONLY women who deserve to be famous are those who are thin, blond, blue eyed, under 35 and tall. It's time for that paradigm to be shaken up. There's room for all of us, and we should ALL be reflected on the silver screen not just the "perfect" ones. Hollywood needs to stop being so risk aversive and afraid of creativity...then they just might start winning back audiences who turned out because we're tired of the steady diet of movies that cater to only one demographic. If "art imitates life" then show it, I say!



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