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Tom and Pete dish Oscars: Does Sandra Bullock deserve to win?

March 5, 2010 |  8:57 pm

My Envelope colleague Pete Hammond (Notes on a Season) and I recently hooked up at the Hollywood Museum to dish some of the hot Academy Award topics of today against the backdrop of Oscars of yore.

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Among the items in the museum's collection, for example, are the shoes and pocketbook of Bette Davis, who won two Oscars for the wrong movies ("Jezebel" and "Dangerous") instead of her classics "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and "All About Eve." Davis' old Oscar nemesis Katharine Hepburn once warned that you usually win for a role "that doesn't rate it." Hepburn ought to know. Oscar's biggest winner claimed four, only one for a truly socko performance ("Lion in Winter").

So does that view apply to this year's lead-actress race? If Sandra Bullock wins for "The Blind Side," will she deserve it? Is this the film she should be remembered for? Some Oscar-watchers don't think so, but Pete disagrees and defends her performance strenuously.

By the way, one of Bullock's "Blind Side" costumes is on display at the Hollywood Museum. Read more here about everything on view in our award-season exhibition and how you can see items from "The Hurt Locker," "Julie & Julia" and "Gone with the Wind" up close. Check out Pete and my video dishfest on the question: Are the Oscars biased against sci-fi movies like "Avatar"? See Pete and my Oscar predix here.

Video by Steve Nycklemoe

Photo: Robert Freeman (Hollywood Museum)


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