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So what did we learn from this year's Oscars?

March 13, 2010 | 10:18 am

Our forums moderator Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch asked this post-Oscars question in our message boards, eliciting comments below. Let's start with one of the lessons that Darrin says he learned from this derby season. See more reax in this forum thread.

DoubleD: It's a rarity, but sometimes the Academy does ignore the precursor awards. How else do we explain Precious' shocking screenplay win? Did the Reitman/Turner backlash hurt their chances? Did the critics, Globes, WGA, BAFTA, etc. only award Reitman/Turner b/c they figured they'd win the Oscar? Did "Up in the Air's" buzz really die in January?

Neil Patrick Harris Oscars Academy Awards

Iskolar: I've learned that Adam Shankman is a terrible Oscar producer and must be banned from producing all future Oscar shows.

Sasha: You can't be too arrogant because then you might lose -- i.e. "Up in the Air" screenplay.

742: I think people are being too alarmist about Meryl Streep's Oscar chances. She came closer to winning this year than she has in years, and "Julie & Julia" is hardly one of her best performances. She'll win another one eventually. Having two Oscars would usually hurt someone's chances, but for the Greatest Actress Alive to have only two wins out of sixteen bids, she has transitioned from the always-awarded Streep to the never-awarded-enough Streep, and she's managed to transition back around to overdue status. And she's become a major box office draw, so she'll have no shortage of chances.

Zembia: Stop with the influx of young stars who have not proven themselves: Miley, Zac, Taylor, Kristen, etc. Bring in the real stars.

LonePirate: The five friends introductions for Best Actor and Best Actress need to be scrapped. The show is too time consuming as it is.

GloFish: It gets more and more predictable every year. Having so many awards shows creates the momentum of a giant freight train. Mo'Nique, Waltz, Bridges, and even Bullock couldn't be stopped because they won so many awards and all consecutively.

Sam L: If "Titanic" never existed, this year's Oscars might've been very different.

Buster: The Best Supporting Actor category is going to be the place for murdering villains to win in -- Javier Barden, Heath Ledger and Christoph Waltz.

flaming tail: That the National Board of Review awards are not to be taken seriously. I mean, Clooney & Freeman for Best Actor? Eastwood for Director? Please. Up in the Air started off strong here with a Best Picture win only to peter out halfway through the race.

TWC: Having Neil Patrick Harris was taking it too far. I mean, the guy hosted the Tonys and Emmys, and it was as if they were saying, you aren't good enough to host the Oscars, but let's milk you for all you're worth anyway and have you do a surprise song and dance number to introduce the "Real" hosts.

Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


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I think awards presentations, including the Oscars, should be reduced to a 30-minute press conference. I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed an awards show. All of them have become over-staged, over-produced spectacles of self-congratulation that real people just can't relate to. And eliminate the red carpet crap entirely. How many of us really care who's wearing what?

I don`t think Meryl Streep is heading the same direction as Kate Hepburn did. Times have changed and it`s more difficult for an old woman to win an oscar nowadays. Take a look at the last ten years. Helen Mirren is the exception. They prefer to crown young women. It`s sad, but true.

hey, streep will always have that movie and her performance, which were perfect when it was about Julia, not to mention her record number of nominations

that little piece of metal is not awarded by God

and they just get a little more right than they get wrong -- like our politicians and newspapers

I'm playing the world's smallest violin

Spelling correction for Buster's line: Javier "Bardem"

I want to see real stars at the Oscars, not a bunch of look-alike tweenie stars who'll likely be forgotten in 5 years. Where were the clips from Lauren Bacall's career? Instead we had a maudlin and flat clip-fest for John Hughes and his teen angst movies. Gag.

Did anyone else noticed that Not one person mentioned "God" except MoNique; She said a very timid "God Bless You" as she left the stage.

We won't be watching the Oscars again. No Freedon of Speech there.

Put the "Best Songs" performances back in, and dump that horrible, vulgar opening musical number! Dump the whole 1/2-hour "Red Carpet" special; who CARES what label people are wearing? Stop nominating Streep for merely breathing. I actually LIKED the interpretive dance sequence; Best Score is usually forgotten about completely. I also loved the intros by friends (but why Oprah? Why not one of her other co-stars, like Lenny Kravitz?)

Thank goodness Sandra won. Outside of that, the Oscars is no longer relevant to me in any way. It's boring. It's long. And it's bereft of any acknowledgment that average Americans are giving good times to Hollywood even while suffering in desperately bad times at home.

Perhaps the real "thank you's" should go to the movie-going public.

The hurt locker didn't deserve it,Avatar was better by far.Merrill Streep cannot be compared with Bullock.Merrill is a real actress & a legend that can teach Sandra how to act.Bigelow's Hurt Locker won cuz the Stars were afraid that they they loose the millions of dollars they get paid if digital effects gets the upper hands.Period.And why oscar keep bringing those lil bitty rookie actors like Miley into this.This is not their place!!!

I hope the oscars remain in March because I think more suspense and the chances of surprises happen -- and if they are going to continue with the 10 nominees and the fact that 600 votes came on the last day only goes to show that more time is needed to see the films and rank accordingly.

I liked it when they had the best actor and actress at the beginning -- also liked that they showed more than one scene so that we can really see why an actor was nominated.

Gaby Sidibe should have won for that incredible performance...there was no one else who could touch her. Sadly, unlike Sandra, Gaby will never get another role like that because it was so tailored to her physical type. You know she's never going to get any other legitimate role because hollywood doesn't know how to write for a 300lb young woman. What other part can she get other than abused fat black girl, mean fat black girl, or funny fat black girl. The fat will always play into the character and role because Hollywood doesn't know the life of fat people. it's not glamorous or it doesn't bring people in to see the movie. This oscar race for lead actress was a popularity contest....that's why Bullock won. Same reason why Julia Roberts won...that woman has the same mannerisms in all her movies.

How about locking in producers for a five year contract so there is uniformity between broadcasts (with the added bonus of not giving too much power to any individual producers in any given year--did we really need to lose the original song performances only to sit through some bogus "dance" interpretations for original score--which happened only because one of the producers is involved in a dance reality show?)

The Oscars are for movie lovers. Movie lovers want to see movie stars -- regardless of the age(of the viewers or the movie stars). The greatest moments in the history of the Oscar telecasts have surrounded the appearance of movie legends - Chaplin, Cooper, Wayne, Niven, Davis, Stewart and the Hepburns (Katharine and Audrey). The day after this year's Oscars, nobody was talking about the stars -- because there weren't any (except Streisand and Streep) If there's any doubt that we still want to spend time with living legends, take a look at all the internet hoopla over having Betty White host "Saturday Night Live." A star is a star is a star. While Baby Boomers constitute the biggest population in the U.S. today, it's amazing that this year's Oscar producers don't recognize the fact that if they announced appearances by Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia DeHavilland(and Joan Fontaine!), Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney,Joanne Woodward, Sophia Loren, Julie Andrews, Warren Beatty, Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, and Leslie Caron,the ratings would be higher than they were for ....uh.... the casts of "Twilight" and the latest CGI effort. You want audiences? Show us movie STARS !

Are you kidding me? Meryl Streep has deserved a lot of the Oscars she has been nominated for. I don't know what's going on with Academy.. They're just all blind. She's a miracle.

New producers for starters....set a rule that all other movie-related awards (Producers Guild, Writers Guild, Eddies, Annies, Spirit, Indies,etc.) be given after the Oscars with the Golden Globes and critics awards being the exception. All these awards are becoming spoilers for the Oscars. Thank goodness the Emmys, Tonys and Grammys don't have pre-awards spoilers...seriously I would not call the American Music Awards a spoiler to the Grammys...the AMAs always have bad choices in the nominations and's basically the People's Choice Awards of the music biz and that's not a good thing...

Actors continue to win for insanely mediocre performances: cough, cough, sandra bullock, cough, cough.....

To Tvmovielover: True, dance interpretation sucks from a TV angle.

If Oscar wants to stop being predictable, they will hold the awards in January, before all the other awards shows.

And I might add, the voters gave Kate her "Guess" Oscar only because her usual steely New England resolve was seemingly mixed with sorrow over a dying Spencer Tracy.

I agree with the Meryl Streep explanation. She's a lot like that other "Greatest Actress", Katharine Hepburn--both won early in their careers, then were later snubbed. The Great Kate made up for lost time by winning three of her record four Oscars late in her career--even though of those, only "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was even close to her great mid-career performances the Academy ignored. Meryl's heading in the same direction.

Please get a new director and producers for 2011 !!!

Please, please keep the very unfunny Ben Stiller off all Oscar shows. Did anyone out there actually laugh?

1-Academy members are still mad at "King of the World" James Cameron.

2-Dance interpretation does not work for any category.



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