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So what did we learn from this year's Oscars?

March 13, 2010 | 10:18 am

Our forums moderator Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch asked this post-Oscars question in our message boards, eliciting comments below. Let's start with one of the lessons that Darrin says he learned from this derby season. See more reax in this forum thread.

DoubleD: It's a rarity, but sometimes the Academy does ignore the precursor awards. How else do we explain Precious' shocking screenplay win? Did the Reitman/Turner backlash hurt their chances? Did the critics, Globes, WGA, BAFTA, etc. only award Reitman/Turner b/c they figured they'd win the Oscar? Did "Up in the Air's" buzz really die in January?

Neil Patrick Harris Oscars Academy Awards

Iskolar: I've learned that Adam Shankman is a terrible Oscar producer and must be banned from producing all future Oscar shows.

Sasha: You can't be too arrogant because then you might lose -- i.e. "Up in the Air" screenplay.

742: I think people are being too alarmist about Meryl Streep's Oscar chances. She came closer to winning this year than she has in years, and "Julie & Julia" is hardly one of her best performances. She'll win another one eventually. Having two Oscars would usually hurt someone's chances, but for the Greatest Actress Alive to have only two wins out of sixteen bids, she has transitioned from the always-awarded Streep to the never-awarded-enough Streep, and she's managed to transition back around to overdue status. And she's become a major box office draw, so she'll have no shortage of chances.

Zembia: Stop with the influx of young stars who have not proven themselves: Miley, Zac, Taylor, Kristen, etc. Bring in the real stars.

LonePirate: The five friends introductions for Best Actor and Best Actress need to be scrapped. The show is too time consuming as it is.

GloFish: It gets more and more predictable every year. Having so many awards shows creates the momentum of a giant freight train. Mo'Nique, Waltz, Bridges, and even Bullock couldn't be stopped because they won so many awards and all consecutively.

Sam L: If "Titanic" never existed, this year's Oscars might've been very different.

Buster: The Best Supporting Actor category is going to be the place for murdering villains to win in -- Javier Barden, Heath Ledger and Christoph Waltz.

flaming tail: That the National Board of Review awards are not to be taken seriously. I mean, Clooney & Freeman for Best Actor? Eastwood for Director? Please. Up in the Air started off strong here with a Best Picture win only to peter out halfway through the race.

TWC: Having Neil Patrick Harris was taking it too far. I mean, the guy hosted the Tonys and Emmys, and it was as if they were saying, you aren't good enough to host the Oscars, but let's milk you for all you're worth anyway and have you do a surprise song and dance number to introduce the "Real" hosts.

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