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Poll: What did you think of the Oscars telecast?

March 7, 2010 |  9:10 pm
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Now that the 82nd Academy Awards are over, it's time to dish — or diss? — the show. The Oscars telecast had lots of high points. The audience seemed to like Neil Patrick Harris' big, Busby Berkeley dance opener and James Taylor's lulling underscore to the in memoriam montage.

But what should we think about that frenetic, hip-hop dance extravanganza? How do you think Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did as hosts?


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Way too long. And the Academy are too political for me. Avatar deserved Best Picture, even if Katherine Bigelow deserved Best Director. Most classy and beautiful women were Sigourney Weaver, Helen Mirran, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock.

I did not particularly appreciate the Salute to Horror Films. With all that gore, why was the telecast given a TV-14? Should have been rated TV-MA instead. I had to send my daughter out of the living room during that part of the show.


OOPS, didn't mean to be totally negative in my previous post. I must admit the telecast was a simply mahhhvelous commercial for TAX REFORM!!

Truly awful. Words to describe: wooden, pompous, overlong, humorless, contrived, ridiculous, dull, misguided, etc. The accolades for the already over-indulged male and female actor nominees was particularly obnoxious. The woman rushing onstage to usurp the winner of Best Short was Kanye West-esque. Leaving out Farah Fawcett, the epitome of arrogance. The lack of identification of John Hughes films, made me feel somewhat excluded, I hadn't seen all of them and would have been better served with his filmography. All in all, I felt non-entertained by the phoniest bunch of folks on the planet. The notable exceptions: Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges. I was impressed that he thanked his showbiz parents for the leg up he got in the action that is foreign to most of today's ascribed 'stars'. My recommendation for next year: get off your high horses, your successes are due to the faceless rabble; people like me and the rest of the viewing audience. If the industry is so full of unmitigated talent, they should be able to put on a show that's informative, entertaining and inclusive.

Mr. Bruce Davis should resign from his position on the Academy, leaving a well liked woman like Farrah Fawcett who had made more than a dozen movies and was nominated for a Golden globe off the Memoriam is shameful. If he included her he would have not only honored her but countless of other women out there that are suffering or dieing from Cancer. Yet they saw fit to include Jackson who made one movie and at that, not a very good one. If Mr Davis does not resign, he should be fired.

What was up Clooney's butt? Don't know who he thinks he is...but he isn't. Thought it was a good show. The dearly departed should have been given more thought and consideration. After all they're dead and that was the last awards affair they'll get to posthumously attend. Miley Cirus and her young cronies should have gone to Jr. Prom, making more time for Lauren Bacall, a real star. I drone on, I was entertained and and the gala was gorgeous.

I think the writers deserve a Razzie - it was painful to listen to the lame jokes. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are both competent professionals who surely blanched at the script.

The opening production was dreadful - lyrics especially.

This is supposed to be the entertainment capitol. Couldn't tell by watching the Academy Awards show.

The show was a bore. No fun performances. Jokes were lame. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were wasted. I felt like I was just watching a bunch of movie trailers. Very disappointing

Unlike past years, I was really looking forward to the Oscars this year. The recession has limited my extra-curricular spending to books and movies, so I'd seen a good number of the movies. I nearly turned the TV off after the opening number - too much saccharine curdles my stomach - but instead I muted it and picked up a book. (The book was Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Short Stories. Guess which music nominees I was rooting for). Every now and then I'd look up to see some presentation I was interested in, briefly un-mute, and go back to my book afterwards. Most of the jokes I heard were pretty lame. I guess the Academy has to keep a tight watch on the humour not offending sensitive souls, but it sure takes the edge out of them. And do those sensitive souls really care about movies anyway?

Where was Jack? Nicholson always sat in the front row in his sunglasses and exchanged smirks with the host(s). Instead we were treated to petulant pouts from George (Clooney). I hope George isn't Jack's heir apparent...

Hurt Locker one of the best war movies! Very realistic - non better and
NOT boring. My wife and I are going to see it again! Bigelow deserves
an A+.

I find it amazing that the most imaginative, awe inspiring (indigenous people prevail) and beautiful film did not win – but the one showing the gritty awful aspects of war and what we perpetrate on indigenous people does! How appropriate! Avatar was robbed!

Terrible show. Introductions too long (best actor/actress WAAAAY too long), acceptances too short. And whatever happened to the singer/songwriter performing their best song nomination? And did anyone else notice that whenever an African-American won an award, the camera would pan to other African-Americans in the audience (Sam Jackson, Morgan Freeman) that had nothing to do with the movie? Just plain awful.

The show was very boring...predictable winners...unnecessary segments...AND YES, MERYL WAS ROBBED OF YET ANOTHER DESERVED OSCAR!! Choosing Barbra Streisand to present Best Director was obviously screaming that Bigelow won the award. There wasn't much spontaneity or surprise moments...very run of the mill...and someone should have tripped up that Short Doc winner on her way to hog the mic away from the her co-honoree...she was dreadfully rude...maybe the Academy should have Ken Ehrlich produce the show (he produces the Grammys) and you'll see plenty of duets/pairings throughout the show I'm sure...

the show was a total bore, where were the stars, and do the young ladies not know how to stand up straight w/out stooping their shoulders? M. Cyrus dress looked like a long line bra attached to a lovely long skirt. What happened to the snappy writing? No one poked fun at Tiger Woods, the politics both dems and republicans, the jokes,the funny material, and again, where were the other stars???? The pace was slow, and the opening number worked great for the Tonys but not for Oscar. They also forgot a memoriam to Farah Fawcett, Bea Arthur, what happened???? I like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, but they had lame material to work with, oh, there were some funny things, like Ben Stiller, but when one, or two people are called out, let them come up onthe state, and quickly, not 5 or more people..

It really was quite a snoozefest this year. We turned the channel during the opening number (yawn) and then the TV off during the hosts' monologue. It just wasn't funny and the pace dragged on. We expected so much more from Steve and Alec.
It just seems like the Oscars have become a fashion show with the red carpet arrivals and the actually awards are now secondary in nature.
And Clooney's expressionless face shots came off as arrogant versus humorous in nature. Should have thought that one out a bit more.

Hurt Locker was not the best movie. It was boring and uninteresting. I kept waiting for something to happen that never came. I felt like I was watching a bad documentary. All other nominees for best picture were better movies, just by accident. Avitar stood head and shoulders above all but you seem not to give it, its just due. You know what you can do with your politics.....I won't be watching next year!!!

Too Bad it was another disappointment...I just find it so hard to believe that they are not capable of putting on a top notch show...every year I complain...but I tune in anyway and always 'til the bitter end!

Basically a good show, but one with several borderline talentless moments, like Neil Patrick Harris' opening number. It should have been cut. The time limit on acceptance remarks should have been modified to allow awards to multiple people to let all winners speak.

I was pleased to see the end of the "Oscar goes to" nonsense; the winners were winners again: about time!

The presentation on deceased talents was much too fast with images that were often too small. If you can't do these people justice, why not omit the feature. Some judicious editing (e.g. cut the opening number and give the dead artists more time) would have helped.

Too little Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin, too many pairs of unknowns.

Rushing through the event for honorees was a disgrace. That was an opportunity for real glamour tossed in the crapper.

2009 Awards were better when compared to this (almost) dud. I pray someone roll in the reforms to change the shows like Oscars, Bollywood Filmfare et al. Else, people like me surely gonna bin these awards by throwing 2 cents at them!!!

It was good to see some of the old stars on the Oscars. Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock did deserve the awards. The Hurt Locker deserved the Oscars also. We need constant reminders of World War 11. and the crazy people that are allowed to take control of others lives.

I loved the whole show. Best they have done in a long time, however, I do so dislike the arrogance of George Clooney. He is so full of himself.

LOVED Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

I was bored. I had not seen but a couple of the nominees. I just couldn't focus on the show. Sorry, Steve and Alec were NOT funny. I am disappointed that the war is so popular, which there really should have been a bomb afterall. That didn't take much imagination to make. Come on Hollywood, back to the B-grade movies? More war flicks. I did enjoy "Inglorious Bastards", but I know I need to rewatch it as it was a little boring, but kept me interested b/c of the historical background.

Forget these new teenie booper star wanna bees. Where was "old Hollywood"? Relegating Lauren Bacall to a separate event was distasteful. Who cares about short subjects, really. A few improvements worked, but overall nothing to crow about. Still a lot of tedious droning. Hugh Jackman gave it some punch but this year was rather mediocre.




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