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Sandra Bullock razzes the Razzies right back

March 7, 2010 | 12:27 am

"Something tells me you all didn't watch the film," Sandra Bullock said as she accepted the Razzie Award as worst actress of 2009 for "All About Steve" at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood on Saturday night. "I thought no one went to see this film, but I know that there are more than 700 members here. That means that the majority of the 700 cast their vote, so that means 352 …?"

As she arrived on stage, she pulled a wagon filled with DVDs, noting, "We brought everybody in the audience a DVD of 'All About Steve.' " She asked the audience members to watch it, rethink their decision and if they agree that she really wasn't that bad, "I will come back next year. I will give back the Razzie."

Razzie Awards Sandra Bullock news

Showing good humor, Bullock accused members of voting for her just because she promised to attend.

"I said I would show up and then I miraculously won!" she said, adding that her victory is further proof in Hollywood that "all you have to do is show up and you get an award."

"I brought the shooting script," she added. "I'm willing to go through page by page, read the line the way I did it in the film and, if anyone wants to give me a line read of how I could've done it better…. We can do this till about 4 o'clock in the morning. Or you guys can just watch the movie and rethink your decision, and I'll show up next year and we can go out for a drink afterward." The audience cheered and applauded.

Bullock also took issue with her second Razzie win, which she shared with "All About Steve" costar Bradley Cooper as worst screen couple.

"Again, if you had seen the film, seen it with your eyes, it's pretty much a film about a woman stalking a man," she said. "That doesn't really set up the premise for a loving couple. So giving us the worst couple award is kind of duh."

Bullock almost didn't show up because she had agreed to attend before she knew what date the ceremony was held. It turned out that she was busy Saturday night hosting "The Night Before," a charity event to benefit the Motion Picture Television Fund Foundation. However, she broke away to fulfill her Razzie promise.

See the full list of winners here.

Photos: Sandra Bullock in "All About Steve" (20th Century Fox) / Razzies

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Sandra bullock is like my favorite actress. Shes hot. She is one of the reasons i enjoy acting and singing. iLUVVVVVVVVVVVVV Sandra thanx sandra

She is a classy woman and a great actress. I love her Razzie acceptance speech. Go Sandra!!

Bullock: "if anyone wants to give me a line read of how I could've done it better…. "

Sorry, Sandy, I have way better things to do!

shame to bullock, the award should go to AVATAR, not these annoying obamaniac movies

Critics are saying that although Sandra Bullock’s new film is certainly a great movie, it is also really racial, and quite demeaning towards African American people at large.
Apparently the boy’s real mother is portrayed as so incompetent she couldn’t tell how many kids she had, or who their fathers were.
I think though that the real story is one of humanity, after all Leigh Anne played by Sandra Bullock seriously gave the boy “big mike” an unbelievable opportunity in life…Having read a bit about Sandra Bullock, you could say she is not so unlike the character she plays. I learned more about her here.

Is she bringing her Razzie to the Oscars? Get ready for Sandra to do the Halle Berry...

It's all about Steve Slepcevic! Having worked with multiple celebrities, it is always about the attitude and respect one gives. Way to go Sandra Bullock, we love her attitude!!! Keep up the great work!

Sandra you are a class act! Love most of your movies. Please make a million more.

I haven't yet watch All About Steve but I consider that Sandra Bullock is succesfull to play this character looking from other comments about her play in this movie. The point thing about her character is anoying person to Cooper character and she did, also for watchers. That makes me don't understand about "worst performance" thing in Razzie choice. Is that same with "worst actrees". It's little bit confuse

for sandra's speech I can't say better any word than give her my thumb finger for her respons to razzie. Razzie actually succesful make them "watched" and in same time they make themself "humiliated"

I do want to say that Sandra Bullock is my favorit actress that no matter what she does is just alright by me.she has been very entertaining and all people celeberties have their moments.To put them on a chopping block is wrong.Reviews work just fine,but an award to shame someone openly .shame on you...she is brave and shows class to show up for the award without faulering.Good for you sandra.

Will since the movie was a terrible one, which is why we cannot expect Sandra to act at her best.
We all know and must say she is great at her job. She is a fabulous actress.
She accepted that award with class and grace because she knows it is meaningless.

I also agree with Roy who posted at 7am. Will said. Shame on the MPTF!

i laughed until i cried.. sandra your alright!

LOL first class all the way! Totally agree All About Steve deserve the Razzie, but Sandra handled that with a lot of class. Movie had the worst script and dialogue so she's limited by the material. Bravo Sandra!

LOL! I had to share this on my Facebook page, I just think Sandra is so down to earth and real. I cannot help but love her. I think this blog is fabulous!

A deserving award, the movie is TERRIBLE and her acting in is also TERRIBLE, it's not a popularity contest you may like Sandra Bullock, but her acting is plain bad in All About Steve and just solid in The Blind Side not deserving even of an oscar nod, it will be sad see her winning tonight

Oh, someone's ego is showing. I think she's cute as hell, but vain as hell, also. She thinks she's a movie star -- oh, that any actor should. The most endearing actors are also humble.

I suppose she really thinks she's a serious actress, Oscar nomination, aside. The Oscars are a fickle, political, and sentimental venture. The football movie has interest because of the true life story of the player. Bullock is just along for the ride.

She should accept the award with grace or just not show up.

I saw this movie, wasn't impressed but really like Sandra Bullock's acting skills. She was in a not so good story line but played the part with humor and did have some laughs. not enough to make the story line succcessful but who else could have. Razzie and Oscar she does with style and grace.

Will be interesting to see what happens when she wins Best Actress tonight....

Great that Ms.Bullock keeps her promises. Too bad the Motion Picture & Television Fund doesn't keep its promises and instead is throwing out its mission and the elderly in its care. See
I doubt Ms. Bullock knows the money she helped to raise last night won't go to the most needy and infirm. Thank her and shame on the MPTF.

I was skeptical about "All About Steve" until I saw the movie. Then I told everyone I know to watch it. Good story, good acting = good movie. Heartfelt and intelligent and still made me laugh my head off. I would watch it over Crapatar any day.

this is why so many in 'the business' love her. she is genuinely kind, fun to be around, unpretentious, and sticks her neck out for the crews on her shoots, making sure they are well looked after. and finally girl, you took a chance and stretched yourself and now you're gonna probably get an oscar!

Haven't seen the movie but I love Sandra Bullock for showing up and making her case with class, grace and best of all with good humor. It takes a self assured grown up to be that kind of good sport. More power to her.

What a good sport. We love you Sandra, hope you walk home with that Oscar.

That's why I love Sandra. She keeps her promises and has a wicked sense of humor.

BRAVAAAA, SANDRA BULLOCK! Guess what, just CONFIRMED to the world that Sandra Bullock is going to win a Best Actress Oscar. You did the same for Halle Berry. q.e.d. (oh, i have an email called



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